Thursday, April 5, 2012

News Coverage of Gateway Corridor

Kaitlyn Eagan of the East Side Review News covered the March 27th Gateway Corridor meeting in St. Paul:

Heated words were exchanged between residents and community representatives at the Gateway Corridor Commission's first public open house Tuesday night.

The only East Side open house, held at the East Side Community Center March 27, attracted about 150 concerned and curious residents, as well as many community representatives, including community council and board members.

Chuck Repke, executive director of the District 2 Community Council and the North East Neighborhoods Development Corporation, was less than thrilled with Tuesday's open house.

Repke charged that Ramsey County Board commissioner Jim McDonough "hijacked" the open house and used it as a town hall meeting to "tout" his preferred option for the proposed transit corridor. He also accused McDonough of skirting the possible condemnation of substantial amounts of private properties to make way for the construction of the transit line.

Technically, Chuck Repke and many others were "less than thrilled" with the proposals.

Micheal Foley and Patty Busse of the Hudson Patch covered the April 4th Gateway Corridor meeting in Hudson:

Members of the Gateway Corridor Commission held an open house and presented information, including concept images of Hudson transit stations, to the Hudson community Wednesday afternoon at the St. Croix County Government Center.

Lyssa Leitner, planner with Washington County Public Works, and Stephanie Eiler of CH2M Hill presented the information, which includes eight transit alternatives that are currently being studied and considered by the commission.

Among those options, bus rapid transit (BRT) is emerging as a top option for mass transportation in the Interstate 94 corridor from St. Paul into Wisconsin. The process has been underway for some time and this was the commission's third open house in Hudson since the process began.

One option, Alternative 7 (Commuter Rail), was eliminated last month. Two options, Alternative 3 (BRT) and Alternative 8 (BRT Managed Lane), were ranked "high," and two options, Alternative 2 (Transportation System Management) and Alternative 5 (Light Rail Transit), were ranked "medium."

All four of the high-to-medium options call for a park-and-ride bus station in Hudson near I-94 and Carmichael Road. Late last year, the commission eliminated the possibility of commuter rail or light rail crossing the St. Croix River on I-94.

It doesn't sound like the Gateway Corridor Commission mentioned Alternatives 4 and 6, which would meander passengers through residential St. Paul and are still on the drawing board.

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