Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hiawatha Line costs

Minnesota's Hiawatha Line has a few costs involved, which will be multiplied as more light rail lines are added.

The construction cost has been estimated at $715 million.
The final cost has not been published; the original cost was $480 million.
The annual operating cost is $25,727,471  (for 2010).
The annual fares received is $10,361,080  (for 2010).
So, the annual loss is           $15,366,391

However, the Hiawatha Line is not operating in the red.
They receive $2,121,351 from the motor vehicle sales tax and $5,174,001.00 from Minnesota appropriations.
So the Hiawatha Line has a net income of  $218,249 (according to Metro Transit).

What a money maker!

►  Hiawatha construction costs were $715 million (estimate). Northstar cost $317 million. Central Corridor started at $957 million and back in February was $11 million over budget. Southwest Corridor is starting at $1.25 billion, the Gateway Corridor zigzag will be $1.3 billion, and Bottineau will be $1 billion. The Rush Line Commuter Rail would top out at $959 million. Red Rock is $366 million. The eight trains total $6.875 billion to start.
Operational costs in other cites.

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