Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gateway Corridor - The Train to Nowhere

The Gateway Corridor is a plan in need of a goal.

The original plan for the Gateway Corridor was a high speed rail connection to Chicago. That was not going to happen. Amtrak has the Empire Builder from Minneapolis - St. Paul to Chicago. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said no to a train connecting Madison and Milwaukee.

The next plan was a light rail connection to Eau Claire, Wisconsin. That was stopped by Wisconsin.

The next plan was to connect to Hudson, Wisconsin. That was stopped.

The Third Street and Minnehaha Avenue neighborhoods rejected the trains.

The Seventh Street neighborhood has also rejected their front yards becoming rail yards.

The Gateway Corridor is currently a gateway to Woodbury. Wow. Woodbury to St. Paul.

And for that, they want $3 million dollars of study money.

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