Thursday, May 24, 2012


Gateway Corridor is a light rail plan which may put a light rail train (or high speed buses) on residential streets like East 7th Street & White Bear Avenue.

Front yards should not be rail yards. The $1.2 billion, 25+ ton “light” rail train would run through residential neighborhoods, very close to several schools and hundreds of homes, and cut access to streets and businesses -- zig-zagging from Union Depot to E. 7th St. to White Bear Av., then down to I-94 and out to Woodbury. 

Putting a train on the streets doesn't leave room for traffic, parking, school buses, truck access to businesses, and puts a giant barrier across the Eastside of St. Paul.

Please sign a petition opposing Gateway Corridor (below).
►   If you like to walk or drive the neighborhood or have kids that walk across that path to school
►   If you are a business in the area and have heard what the Central Corridor has done to businesses
►   If you are concerned about light rail accidents when the train is placed in direct contact with homes and schools

Your information will be used for a petition opposing Gateway Corridor. It will not be sold or spammed by RIP Gateway Corridor.

  • Petition -- Opposing Gateway Corridor

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Thanks to everyone who has signed.

New!  Here is another Gateway Corridor petition.

Spread the word. Here's a flyer:

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