Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gateway Corridor Nevermore

Quoth the raven: "Nevermore"

After that squawk, the raven continued:

"Nevermore will there be Gateway Corridor"

Take my front yard
turn it to a railroad yard
Take my front door
drop it as a station floor

Make my neighbor a convenience store

Buy off another as an ambassador

Commission a planning fool

To lay tracks small feet from school

tracks cross paths those small feet roam

and run by small feet from homes

Don't you know this means war

It's not like the trolley that came before

That was never a school class war

The gore, the gore, the gore

The train wasn't to blame, you underscore

It can't stop or steer; it's not responsible for

Four dead on the school bus; there might be more

The grief outpour...

Is that what you deplore?

Is that what you abhor?

Is that what you're sorry for?

Gateway Corridor.

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