Friday, April 27, 2012

Light Rail Accidents, Crashes, & Deaths

 Notice the number of times the light rail operator couldn't stop the train.

Light rail trains have three stopping mechanisms: standard braking, emergency braking, and track braking. Did they use any of them? Light rail is light on safety. Is the cause an at-grade (street-level) implementation-design flaw?

2015 March 26
Metro Transit Workers: Safety Culture Doesn't Exist (Washington DC)
Congress Delays Train Safety Deadline (Washington DC)
In a heated union meeting, WMATA transit workers said the Metro lacks a safety culture. And Congress delayed mandating positive train control (PTC) technology for five years.

2015 March 26
Light Rail Drags Woman (Malvern, Australia)
A light rail tram closed its doors on a woman's hand and dragged her down the Malvern platform for several meters before falling onto the tracks. Commuters yelled at the tram operator who hit the emergency brake at 8am. The Melbourne rail franchise “system of bonuses and penalties has created 'perverse' incentives for Metro to sometimes skip stations and cut services short, inconveniencing passengers, in order to stay on time.”

2015 March 25
Train Hits Man (Boston, MA)
A northbound MBTA red line train struck and ran over a man at the downtown crossing station at 2:25pm. Firefighters used jacks to lift the train off the conscious man. A witness reported, he was covered and taken away in an ambulance not rushing to get him to the hospital.

2015 March 25
Light Rail Hits Car (St. Paul, MN)
A green line light rail train and a silver 4-door car crashed in the intersection of University and Raymond avenues before 8:15am.

2015 March 24
Crash Stops Light Rail (St. Paul)
A black Toyota 4-door car with Texas plates crashed through a fence and became stuck on the green line light rail tracks near University and Pascal at about 4pm. The crash delayed light rail trains.

2015 March 23
Man Stabbed On Light Rail (Los Angeles)
On a blue line light rail train, a man was stabbed at 8:40pm near the Fifth Street platform.

2015 March 23
Train Kills Man (Herne Bay, UK)
A Southeastern rail commuter train struck and killed a man between Birchington-on-Sea and Herne Bay at about 9am.

2015 March 23
Train Kills Woman (Melbourne, Australia)
A Metro Craigieburn line commuter train struck and killed a woman near the Craigieburn terminal shortly before 7am. Buses have not yet taken over for trains.

2015 March 23
Dead Man On Train (Chicago)
A dead man was found on the CTA blue line train at O'Hare airport at 1:35am.

2015 March 22
Train Kills Person (San Francisco, CA)
An eastbound BART commuter train struck and killed a person at the Balboa Park station at 12:30pm. The person reportedly jumped onto the tracks, was hit by the train, run over, and died on the tracks.

2015 March 20
Light Rail Hits Man (Gresham, OR)
An eastbound TriMet MAX blue line light rail train hit a man at NE 181 Avenue at 10:50am. The man was knocked unconscious, sustaining head and pelvic injuries and was taken to the hospital.

2015 March 20
36 Killed, 150 Injured As Train Derails & Crushes (Bachhrawan, India)
The Janata Express 14266 commuter train was switched off the main track at the Bachhrawan station at 9:15am, due to an oncoming Ganga-Gomti Express train. The track switch and 70 kmph speed of the Janata Express train caused its derailment and crushed a 24-meter coach down to 8-meters.

2015 March 19
Subway Hits Woman (Washington DC)
A WMTA green line subway hit and run over a woman at the Greenbelt station at 9:57am.

2015 March 19
Train Kills 15 Sheep (Carmont, Scotland)
A southbound First ScotRail (Aberdeen to Edinburgh) commuter train struck and killed 15 sheep.

2015 March 18
Light Rail Hits SUV (Denver, CO)
An RTD green D line light rail train hit a black SUV at the intersection of Welton and 29th streets at 4:30pm. Two children were sent to the hospital with injuries. The light rail train was decorated with State Farm Insurance advertising. Some say RTD light rail has “many fans... just not many riders.”

2015 March 17
Light Rail Hits Bus (Rome, Italy)
A light rail tram (5 or 19) hit a bus at the intersection of Via Prenestino and Via Erasmo Gattamelata. An elderly passenger was injured and taken to the hospital.

2015 March 17
Small Cuts Made To UTA Executives Salaries & Bonuses (Salt Lake City)
The Utah Transit Authority board of trustees has cut some UTA executive salaries and bonuses, amidst public criticism and mistrust. Critics say the salaries and bonuses are too high and that UTA should not be a publicly-subsidized, private corporation with secretive land deals and eminent domain tricks. UTA CEO Michael Allegra makes $402,187 annually + $30,000 bonus, making 82% more than the UDOT executive director. Retiring general counsel Bruce Jones will receive a pension of $90-100,000 per year after ten years at UTA.
TRAX light rail assault
TRAX passenger
• TRAX blue line trains smell like rotten cheese.

2015 March 17
Trains Stop For Man On Station Roof (Berlin, Germany)
Over 70 S-Bahn light rail trains and more than 50 commuter trains were stopped for several hours due to a man on the roof of the Friedrichstrasse station. He was shirtless and afternoon temperatures were below freezing.

2015 March 17
Toddler Falls Between Train and Platform (London)
A 3-year-old girl fell in the gap between the underground Tube train and the Baker Street platform, injuring her head, and was taken to the hospital.

2015 March 17
Overhead Power Lines v. Possum (Brisbane, Australia)
A possum was blamed for knocking out the overhead catenary power lines for the Translink and Queensland Rail commuter train system. The 5am possum on the power lines near the Bowen Hills station caused 25,000 volts to arc and knock down the power lines. The possum passed on, and Translink handed out bottled water to stranded passengers.

2015 March 16
Train Kills Man (Lisle, IL)
BNSF Metra eastbound train 1272 struck and killed Jeremy Marriott, 41, just east of the Lisle station at 4:08pm.

2015 March 16
Train Kills Man (San Francisco, CA)
A BART train hit a man who jumped in front of the train at the Civic Center station at 2:27pm. The man was run over and killed. Suicide hotlines: 1-800-273-8255 (1-800-273-TALK) or 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433).

2015 March 16
Light Rail Stopped For Stuck Truck (Charlotte, NC)
Lynx light rail trains stopped for a truck stuck on the Lynx tracks at East Arrowood Road (and South Blvd) at 2pm. No collision.

2015 March 16
Amtrak Smashes Car (Moorpark, CA)
A slow-moving Amtrak Pacific Coastliner train could not stop in time from smashing into a Honda Fit and tossing it 50 feet into a telephone pole. The crash occurred at 10:30am near Los Angeles Avenue and Grimes Canyon Road.

2015 March 16
Amtrak Smashes Car (Oceanside, CA)
The southbound Amtrak coaster line 452 train blew its horn for an estimated 30 seconds and applied its emergency brakes before smashing into a silver Cadillac sedan at the Cassidy Street crossing at 8:12am. The car was pushed 100 yards. It took rescue workers half an hour to free the 47-year-old woman, who was airlifted to the Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla. Amtrak executives get bonuses for losing only $214 million.

2015 March 15
Light Rail Station Stabbing (Jersey City, NJ)
At the Hudson-Bergen light rail Richard Street platform, a man was stabbed twice and robbed of his wallet at 8:30pm.

2015 March 15
Light Rail Knocked Out By Wind (Portland, OR)
MAX blue line light rail trains were stopped due to winds knocking down catenary power lines in the area of the Millikan Way station. Red line light rail trains were also stopped. Buses took over for trains.

2015 March 15
Amtrak Kills Man (Alton, IL)
A northbound Amtrak Texas Eagle train #50 hit and killed Henry "Hank" Bloodsworth, 80, in his pickup truck at the Humbert Road crossing at 9:30am. The silver truck was wrapped around the locomotive and twisted debris trailed along the tracks. [photo]

2015 March 14
Train Kills Woman (Irving, TX)
An eastbound Trinity Railway Express (TRE) commuter train struck and killed a woman at the Nursery Road crossing at 4pm. A westbound freight train was passing at the same time.

2015 March 13
Light Rail Hits Man (Dallas)
A northbound DART light rail train hit a man sleeping between the tracks just north of the Forest Lane station at 1pm. The light rail train was just speeding up but still couldn't brake in time. The tracks are elevated in that area so the man was not badly injured.

2015 March 13
Light Rail Hits Bus, Injures 17 (Gothenberg, Sweden)
A Göteborgs Spårvägar light rail tram hit a stationary bus, injuring 17 people.

2015 March 12
Transit Police Kills Man On Tracks (Washington DC)
A WMTA transit police officer shot and killed a man on the tracks near the Potomac station at about 9:10pm. She didn't say why. [Update: Bobby Gross was killed for rushing the transit police with a tree branch.]

2015 March 12
Train Kills Man At Crossing (Hackensack, NJ)
A Pascack Valley line commuter train struck and killed Jack Engle, 55, at the Atlantic Street crossing at about 8pm.

2015 March 12
Train Hits Woman At Station (American Fork, UT)
A FrontRunner commuter train hit a 23-year-old woman at the American Fork station at 1pm. The injured woman is expected to live.

2015 March 12
Woman Dragged By Train (London)
A 28-year-old woman was dragged beneath a London Underground Tube train at the Clapham South station at 8am and suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries. Her coat was caught in the train's door, causing her to be dragged for 60 meters.

2015 March 11
MTA 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, F, L, & M Trains Delayed Or Missing (New York)
The 1 train was stopped due to a switch problem.
The 1, 2, & 3 trains delayed due to electronic gap filler problems.
The 4, 5, F, & M trains were stopped due to signal problems.
The L was stopped due to mechanical problems.
The Gothamist reports on bad subway behavior and one backpack puppy.

2015 March 11
WMTA Trains Delayed Or Missing (Washington DC)
The red line was stopped due to an equipment problem.
The silver line was stopped due to a door problem.
The orange, silver, & blue lines were delayed due to a mix of problems.

2015 March 11
Commuter Train Kills Man (Dudley Port, UK)
A northwest-bound Virgin commuter train struck and killed a man at noon.

2015 March 10
3,000 Skeletons Moved For Commuter Train (London)
Rail construction has unearthed 3,000 skeletons from bubonic plague at Bedlam cemetary. The dead are being moved for Crosslink commuter trains.

2015 March 10
Mechanical Issues Stops Commuter Train (Odenton, MD)
A MARC penn line train disabled with mechanical issues added to delays caused by an Amtrak train that damaged tracks on March 9th.

2015 March 10
Light Rail Signals Crossed (Ottawa)
The five mile, five station light rail O-train was shutdown at 6:30am due to a signal problem. Signal problems also shut down the light rail train on March 2nd, March 3rd, and March 4th. A door problem shut down light rail on March 5th.

2015 March 9
Mechanical Issues & Police Activities Stop BART Trains (San Francisco)
A police chase around the Glen Park BART station stopped BART trains at about 5:30pm. Mechanical issues, including smoking brakes, stopped multiple BART trains including one stalled over the I-880 highway.

2015 March 9
Light Rail Stops Due To Electrical Fire (Singapore)
A fire in the Senja station electrical room damaged circuit breakers (power tie-breakers) and shut down the problematic Bukit Panjang light rail train system starting at 5:45pm and continuing into the next day. An earlier problem caused commuters to leave a disabled light rail train and walk the elevated tracks to the Pending station.

2015 March 9
Light Rail Stopped Due To Truck (Portland)
A jackknifed truck at Fenwick & Interstate avenues stopped MAX yellow line light rail trains from noon to 1:20pm, with delays until 3pm. Buses took over for trains.

2015 March 9
Amtrak Hits Truck, Injures 55+ (Halifax, NC)
A northbound carolinian Amtrak train slammed into a tractor-trailer stuck in the tracks at the intersection of NC 903 and US 301 at 12:15pm. The Amtrak locomotive landed on its side and part of the train derailed. The curve of the tracks at the bad geometry intersection would have made it difficult for either the train operator or the truck driver to see each other. [video]

2015 March 9
Light Rail Hits Elderly Man (Manchester, UK)
A southbound Metrolink light rail train hit an elderly man near the Wythenshawe Civic Centre at 10:12am.

2015 March 8
Man Pushed Into Moving Light Rail Train (San Francisco)
A fight between two men led one man to be pushed into the side of an oncoming Muni light rail train at the Civic Center station at 9pm. The pushed man suffered critical head injuries. General Hospital doctors were able to get him to stable condition.

2015 March 7
Light Rail Derails (Norfolk, VA)
A Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) Tide light rail train derailed along York Street at about 7:20pm. Hydraulic lifts were used to put the Siemens avanto train back on the tracks.

2015 March 6
Light Rail Train Powerless In Tunnel (Pittsburgh)
A northbound red line light rail T train became disconnected from the overhead catenary power lines in the Mt Washington tunnel at 7:30am. Then a northbound blue line light rail T train also became disabled.

2015 March 6
Light Rail Hits Bicyclist (Dallas)
A southbound DART blue line light rail train hit a male bicyclist at the intersection of Bryan and Pearl streets at about 8:40am. The injured man was taken to the hospital.

2015 March 6
Nine Stabbed At Train Station (Guangzhou, China)
Two assailants with knives stabbed nine people at the Guanzhou railway station. One of the two was shot; the other was captured. A police officer injured his thumb. On May 6, 2014, six people were stabbed at the same station.

2015 March 6
Buses Replace Light Rail Permanently (Perth, Australia)
The stalled light rail plan has been replaced by a bus rapid transit plan for half the cost.

2015 March 5
Frozen Light Rail Traps Passengers For Hours (Dallas)
A DART green line light rail train was stuck on icy rails for more than two hours near Love Field. A bus eventually was sent to replace the stuck train, taking the passengers to Carrollton.

2015 March 5
Light Rail Hits Pickup Truck (Mt Vernon, VA)
An MTA light rail train struck a Ford pickup truck at Madison and Howard streets at 11:39am.

2015 March 5
Model Light Rail For $11,320 (Canberra, Australia)
A cardboard promotional train, with no motion at all, cost $11,320.

2015 March 4
Light Rail Hits Man (Denver)
A young man was critically injured after being hit by a northbound RTD light rail train at the Alameda station at 3:30pm.

2015 March 3
Light Rail Station Stabbing (Charlotte)
One man stabbed another at the Lynx light rail station at Archdale Drive.

2015 March 3
Light Rail Train Hits Light Rail Train (South Salt Lake City, UT)
A northbound TRAX blue line train and an eastbound TRAX green line train, turning north, crashed at 2pm near 2100 South and 300 West. One injury was reported. A frozen switch was blamed for the crash.

2015 March 3
Light Rail Hits Car (Salt Lake City)
A TRAX light rail train hit a car near the Courthouse station at noon. The driver of the car was injured and taken to the hospital.

2015 March 3
Light Rail Station Stabbing (Calgary, Canada)
At the westbound light rail C-train city hall station, a man was stabbed at 4:50am. The Calgary light rail station stabbings of 2014 include: Heritage station on Feb. 28, Marlborough station on May 13, and Crowfoot station on Dec. 4.

2015 March 2
Light Rail Kills Woman (Houston)
A MetroRail light rail train struck and killed a 23-year-old woman at Main Street near McGowen at 7:15pm (picture).

2015 March 2
Light Rail Stabbing (Melbourne, Australia)
On light rail tram 16 in St. Kilda, a man was stabbed for looking at the stabber at 3:30pm.

2015 March 2
Light Rail Shuts Down Due To Ice (Baltimore)
The Maryland Transit Authority shut down MTA light rail trains due to ice on rails and overhead catenary power lines.

2015 February 27
Light Rail Hits Car (San Jose, CA)
A Santa Clara valley light rail train hit a car at the intersection of North Capitol Avenue and Ohlone Drive at about 10:50am. No injuries were reported.

2015 February 27
Car Hits Light Rail (Baltimore, MD)
A car hit the side of an MTA light rail train on the 2200 block of Kloman Street at 10:22am. The driver of the car was listed in serious but stable condition. Thirty passengers on the train also reported injuries.

2015 February 26
Light Rail Trains Run Red Lights (Los Angeles)
Los Angeles County light rail and subway trains ran 83 red lights in four years. Two-thirds of those violations were from blue line light rail trains. Los Angeles announced (2-17-2014) the implementation of Positive Train Control, which would stop trains that run red lights. Is that working?

2015 February 26
Train Issues - Power Outage, Urination, Customers on Tracks (New York)
The crowded 4-5-6 line had issues. Other trains were dumped in the ocean.

2015 February 26
Light Rail Catches 13th Car in 3 Months (Manchester, UK)
The 13th car became stuck on the Manchester Metrolink light rail tracks in only three months. The previous one was February 19th. Design flaws.

2015 February 26
Train Pantograph Breaks (Rosalyn, PA)
The pantograph snapped on a SEPTA regional commuter train at Bradfield Road between the Warminster and Glenside stations at 8:12am. The 500 passengers were kept on the train until the area was checked for downed power lines. The passengers walked through the snow to another train.

2015 February 25
Train Hits Tree (Tawa, New Zealand)
A northbound Kiwi kapiti line commuter train hit a fallen macrocarpa tree, a type of cypress native to California. Seventy passengers were trapped on the train for half an hour, surrounded by live power lines and small brush fires. In New Zealand, macrocarpa can grow to be 40 meters tall and 3 meters in diameter, much larger than in California.

2015 February 24
Train Hits Truck, Derails, Injures 51 (Oxnard, CA)
An eastbound Metrolink ventura line commuter train smashed through a Ford F-450 pickup truck at 5:45am, pushing and crumpling the truck 300 feet and derailing the train. All 48 passengers and three crew on the train were injured, as well as the produce truck driver. Lives were saved by the use of the emergency brake. Also, three of the four passenger cars were newer Hyundai Rotem crash-absorbing, steel-beam reinforced cars. [Update: train operator Glenn Steele, 62, died of his injuries on March 3. NTSB report.]

2015 February 24
Light Rail Hits Pedestrian (Denver, CO)
An RTD light rail train hit and seriously injured a pedestrian near the Belleview station at 12:30am.

2015 February 24
Light Rail Loses Air Pressure & More (Pittsburgh)
One T light rail train lost air pressure, disabling the train. A frozen switch kept trains from getting around the dead train. And the pantograph from another train became entangled in the overhead catenary power lines.

2015 February 22
Light Rail Kills Man (Inglewood, CA)
A Metro green line light rail train leaving the Crenshaw station struck and killed a man at about 10pm.

2015 February 22
Smoking Subway Stations (Washington, DC)
A Metro green line commuter train with a mechanical problem filled the L'Enfant Plaza station with smoke at 11am. Later in the day, the failure of a third rail arcing insulator also caused smoke in the tunnel between the Foggy Bottom and Rosslyn stations.

2015 February 22
Train Caught In Its Wires (Brighton Beach, Australia)
The pantograph of a Sandringham commuter train became caught in the overhead catenary wires, pulling the wires down at 10:45am. Buses replaced trains during the seven hours of repairs.

2015 February 22
Autistic Man With Transit Pass Fined (Portland)
On a TriMet Max light rail train, the transit police fined a man with autism after the man showed his transit pass.

2015 February 21
Commuter Train Kills Woman (Boston)
A northbound MBTA orange line train at the State Street station struck and killed a woman at about 11pm.

2015 February 21
Streetcar Catches Fire & Sideswipes Vehicle (Washington, DC)
A streetcar caught on fire on the 1200 block H Street at 11:45pm (smoky photo). A streetcar also sideswiped and damaged a vehicle on the 500 block of H Street at 10pm. The streetcar is not operational. On Jan. 7th, a streetcar rear-ended a car stopped at a stoplight and on Jan. 3rd a streetcar hit a car in an intersection, which were the seventh and eighth incidents since October 2014.

2015 February 20
Red Line Station Armed Robbery (Chicago, IL)
At the Harrison red line station, a woman was robbed at gunpoint by a teenaged boy at 1:30pm.

2015 February 20
Bullet Train & Commuter Train Collide, Injuring 5 (Rafz, Switerland)
A northbound Interregio S22 bullet train was running late and passed through the Rafz station without stopping. The bullet train collided from behind and side-long into an RER S5 commuter train leaving the station at 6:43am. The bullet train derailed. Both trains were operated by trainees. A passenger on the commuter train said his train passed through a red signal light.

2015 February 19
Snow Derails Light Rail (Istanbul, Turkey)
A T4 Topkapı-Habibler light rail train derailed in snow between the Fetihkapı and Topkapı stations.

2015 February 19
Light Rail Catches 12th Car in 3 Months (Manchester, UK)
A Volkswagen Beetle was the 12th car to get stuck on the Manchester Metrolink light rail tracks in only three months. Design flaws.

2015 February 19
Light Rail Flips Truck (Chula Vista, CA)
A SDMTS blue line light rail trolley hit and flipped a silver truck at the intersection of Naples Street and Industrial Boulevard at 4:45pm.

2015 February 19
Six Trains Taken Out Of Service (Atlanta)
Mechanical problems due to cold weather caused MARTA to take six trains out of service, causing delays and cancellations. Also, Atlanta's streetcar costs more and has fewer riders than expected.

2015 February 18
Commuter Trains De-Icing (Montreal, Canada)
Twenty percent of Deux-Montagnes commuter train cars were taken out of service for de-icing. While the Agence métropolitaine de transport did not elaborate on the de-icing, they said the de-icing would last for 10 days.

2015 February 18
Light Rail Theft Of Cellphone Plan (San Francisco)
While riding a Muni light rail train, boy took a woman's cellphone and ran out at the Folsom Street and The Embarcadero station. A second boy tripped the pursuing woman. The woman was cornered by five boys, who were soon arrested.

2015 February 18
Light Rail Hits Car, Injures 2 (Philadelphia, PA)
A SEPTA route 10 light rail trolley hit a stalled maroon van at 12:30pm, injuring two people. The crash occurred at Lancaster and 51st, roughly where a toddler was killed by light rail on Feb 12th.

2015 February 18
Light Rail Used As A Plow, Derails (Boston)
An empty MBTA green line light rail trolley was being used as a plow on Huntington Avenue, when it derailed and hit a signpost at 12:15pm.

2015 February 18
Light Rail Wire Problem (Phoenix, AZ)
An eastbound Valley Metro light rail power problem led to a mechanical malfunction, which led to buses taking over for trains, starting at 6:30am. The power problem began at Jefferson and 9th streets.

2015 February 17
Light Rail Hits Another Chevy Malibu at Same Intersection (Denver, CO)
A southbound RTD light rail train struck a red Chevy Malibu at the intersection of Speer Boulevard and Stout Street before 5pm. The same intersection had a light rail train 301 hit a white Chevy Malibu on June 13, 2012. And the same intersection had a light rail train which killed Laura Triem on Nov 4, 2011.

2015 February 17
Runaway Light Rail Train (Sacramento, CA)
A southwest-bound SacRT blue line light rail train left the maintenance yard at 43 mph without an operator and travelled a mile and a half through 7 light rail stations. The light rail train stopped when it became entangled and pulled down the overhead catenary wires at Arden Way and Del Paso Boulevard at 4:50pm. Bus drivers took over for trains. A maintenance worker used a screwdriver to bypass safety features and stepped out to check an outside panel. One year ago today, Los Angeles announced the installation of Positive Train Control. Positive Train Control is technology that would stop runaway trains.
Original Story: Light Rail Wire Problem Stalls Train (Sacramento)
A SacRT light rail overhead catenary wiring problem stranded a blue line train at Arden Way and Del Paso Boulevard for hours starting at 4:50pm. Buses took over for trains.

2015 February 17
Burst Sprinkler Floods Substation, Halts Trains (New York, NY)
A frozen sprinkler at the Waldorf-Astoria garage burst and flooded a power substation, which halted commuter train traffic into and out of Grand Central Terminal, beginning at 4:30pm and lasting for 40 minutes. Trains were delayed for hours.

2015 February 17
Crossing Lights Not Activated As Rail Vehicle Hits Car (Hackettstown, NJ)
Robert Lewis, 54, was operating an eastbound New Jersey Transit high-rail vehicle on the Bergen Street light rail tracks. He slid through the Route 46 crossing and smashed into a 2008 Lexus driven by Luba Gulyaeva, injuring both drivers. The railroad track crossing lights were not activated by the high-rail vehicle. Lewis had applied brakes but they were ineffective on the icy rails.

2014 February 15
A Tree Falls, Light Rail Stops To Listen (San Francisco)
A tree fell at the corner of Page and Divisadero streets before 3pm, knocking down Muni light rail overhead catenary power lines and disabling light rail trains.

2015 February 14
Light Rail Risks (Minneapolis)
For three nights, people on Washington Avenue between Huron and Church have been "pretending to jump in front of or push others in front of trains."

2015 February 14
Light Rail Kills Man (San Jose, CA)
An empty, northbound Santa Clara Valley Ohlone-Almaden line light rail train struck and ran over Kevin Misawa, 29, on Blossom Hill Road between Winfield Boulevard and the Almaden Expressway (near the Westfield Oakridge Mall). The 35mph light rail train killed Misawa at 6:45pm.

2015 February 14
Red Line Train Kills Man (Boston, MA)
A northbound MBTA red line commuter train hit, ran over, and killed a man in his 30s at the Park Street station at 3:57pm.

2015 February 13
Light Rail Kills Man (San Jose, CA)
An empty Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority light rail train struck and killed a man on Blossom Hill Road between Winfield Boulevard and the Almaden Expressway soon after 6:45pm. The Ohlone/Chynoweth–Almaden (orange line) light rail train was closed during the investigation. Bus service would have been offered to passengers, if there were any.

2015 February 13
Light Rail Hits Car (Seattle, WA)
A northwest-bound Sound Transit central link light rail train hit a silver, 4-door car at Martin Luther King Jr. Way and South Dawson Street at 6:30pm. No one reported injuries. Buses took over for trains. Sound Transit has no barriers between cars and light rail trains.

2015 February 13
Light Rail Tracks Catches Two Cars (Southport, Australia)
An unmarked police car got stuck on the Sundale Bridge GoldLinQ light rail tracks at about noon.  At about 2pm, another car, a Toyota Corolla, also became stuck on the Sundale Bridge light rail tracks. The light rail tracks trapped other cars on March 13 and May 12, 2014 plus three prior.

2015 February 13
Light Rail Wires Down (Carlton, Australia)
Light rail trains were stopped and a woman was burned after a southwest-bound truck hit 500 meters of light rail catenary wires and traffic lights on Lygon Street between Elgin and Newry St at 9:15am.

2015 February 13
12 Killed, 150 Injured As Train Derails (Hosur, India)
Nine cars of the southeast-bound Bangalore-Ernakulam Intercity Express train derailed after hitting a boulder at about 8am, killing 12 and injuring 150. Deadly train crashes are common in India, due to poor maintenance and an absence of necessary safety measures.

2015 February 13
Man Found Dead On Commuter Train Tracks (Rye, NY)
A westbound Metro-North commuter train discovered a man's body on the tracks near Locust Avenue at 7:23am.

2015 February 12
Train Station Stabbing (Boston)
A 50-year-old man was stabbed at the MBTA blue line Aquarium station at 7pm.

2015 February 12
Light Rail Hits Man, Drags Body (Denver, CO)
A northbound RTD light rail train struck Naythan Cordova, 41, and dragged his body through downtown from the train's middle car. The light rail train eventually came to a halt at 3:15pm at California and 14th streets, where the man was pronounced dead. The disabled man had trouble walking and was described as a funny, loving man who lived a rough life. [funeral fund]

2015 February 12
Light Rail Kills Toddler (Philadelphia, PA)
A northwest-bound Southeast Philadelphia Transit Authority (SEPTA) line 10 light rail trolley honked its horn and tried to break but was unable to stop from running over a two year old boy at 1pm, who had broken free from his mother's grasp. The boy was dragged along Lancaster Avenue from 51st to Paxon Street.

2015 February 12
Trains Delayed & Cancelled (Boston, MA)
Snow and ice covered tracks and signals, a disabled train, and a downed light pole at the JFK station are a few of the reasons for MBTA delayed and cancelled commuter trains. Buses have replaced trains when available. On February 11th, passengers waited for two cold hours for a train. MBTA general manager Beverly Scott resigned.

2015 February 11
Light Rail Kills Man (Garfield, NJ)
A northbound NJ Transit bergen line light rail train struck and killed Wayne Patterson, 63, near the Garfield station at 2pm.

2015 February 11
Light Rail Hits Car (Portland, OR)
A southbound TriMet MAX yellow line light rail train struck an eastbound vehicle at the intersection of Interstate Av and Russell St N, injuring two. Riders expected delays.

2015 February 11
Light Rail Refuses To Couple (St. Paul, MN)
A Metro Transit green line light rail train refused to couple, causing 20 minute delays for morning commuting light rail trains.

2015 February 11
Shopping Cart Thrown At Commuter Train (Welwyn Garden City, UK)
Vandals threw a shopping cart off a railway footbridge in front a southbound Thameslink commuter train travelling at 100 miles an hour at 6pm. A £1,000 reward is being offered for information by British Transport Police on 0800 405040, or text 61016, referencing B12/ESUB.

2015 February 10
Light Rail Kills Man (Perth, Australia)
A westbound Transperth - Midlands line light rail train struck and killed a Public Transport Authority (PTA) worker near Guildford station at 10:35am. The 50 passengers were put on a bus to complete their commute. The man was working on a pedestrian crossing near Meadow Street.

2015 February 9
Powerless Commuter Train Stuck For 2+ Hours (Quincy, MA)
A southbound MBTA red line commuter train was stuck without power for more than two hours near the Water Street bridge and Bergen Parkway. The train lost power due to snow covering the third rail. The 48 passengers were put on a bus at about 9am.

2015 February 9
Fare Evasion = Terrorism (San Francisco, CA)
The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) is using Homeland Security counterterrorism money to fund Muni fare enforcement by police officers, the San Francisco Examiner reported.

2015 February 6
Historic Cable Car Hits Pedestrian (San Francisco)
A southwest-bound Muni historic cable car hit a pedestrian on 900 block of Market Street at 10:09pm. The injured man was taken to the hospital.

2015 February 6
Light Rail Hits Vehicle (Jersey City, NJ)
A New Jersey Transit Hudson-Bergen light rail train struck a vehicle near the Second Street station at 11am.

2015 February 4-6
Train Has The Measles (San Francisco)
A passenger with the measles rode the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) from Lafayette Station and Montgomery Station during the morning and evening commutes. Measles viruses can remain on surfaces or in the air for up to two hours.

2015 February 4
Man Found Dead On Tracks (Chicago, IL)
Keegan Walter, 23, was found on the CTA blue line tracks between the Chicago and Division stations at 10:23am.

2015 February 4
Light Rail Kills Woman (San Marcos, CA)
An eastbound Sprinter light rail train struck and killed a woman trying to cross the tracks at West Mission Avenue and Pacific Street at 6am.

2015 February 3
Commuter Train - SUV Collision Kills 7, Injures 12+ (Valhalla, NY)
The northbound Metro-North harlem line train 659 hit a Jeep Cherokee SUV on Commerce Street just after 6:30pm and plowed the SUV for 1,000 feet. The operator saw the SUV and pulled the emergency brake. The collision killed the SUV driver Ellen Brody and tore the third rail up through the first two cars of the train along with gasoline from the SUV. Fire and the third rail killed six train passengers (with blunt-force trauma and burns) and injured more than twelve.
Ellen Brody, 49, was a mother of three, a jewelry store bookkeeper, described as a beautiful soul.
Robert Dirks, 36, was a scientist at D.E. Shaw Research, born in Bangkok.
Walter Liedtke, 69, was a husband and a curator of European paintings for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Joseph Nadol, 42, was a father of three and a managing director of JP Morgan 's aerospace and defense equity research group.
Aditya Tomar, 41, was a kind man, a father, and a senior JP Morgan analyst, born in India.
Eric Vandercar, 53, was a quiet, generous father of two and a senior managing director at Mesirow Financial, with expertise in municipal funding.
The best way to avoid such accidents is to build bridges or tunnels that take the tracks out of the equation,” experts say. [Update: Malfunctioning railroad crossing gates found. (3-2015) NTSB report.]

2015 February 3
Light Rail Train Hits Man (Portland)
A TriMet MAX light rail train hit a man at the Northeast 82nd Avenue station in the early afternoon. The train operator sounded the horn and tried to brake the train but was unable to not hit the man.

2015 February 3
Shortage of Working Trains Cuts System (Boston)
A shortage of working trains closed part of the green line and caused the MBTA to ask passengers not to ride the red line. Also a green line track broke near Copley station. And a power outage stopped the red line the previous evening. And a quarter of the MBTA workforce (> 1,200) did not show up for work.

2015 February 3
Buses Replace Streetcars Due to Cold (Toronto)
The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) replaced all streetcars with buses due to cold weather. Buses perform better than streetcars in cold weather.

2015 February 2
Ice Stops Light Rail (Hudson County, NJ)
The New Jersey Transit Hudson-Bergen light rail system was shut down due to ice on the overhead catenary wires.

2015 January 30
Light Rail Kills Woman (Los Angeles)
A Metro blue line light rail train struck and killed a woman in her 40s at the intersection of East 24th Street and Long Beach Avenue at about 6pm.

2015 January 29
Under Pressure, Light Rail Promises Cleanup (Sacramento, CA)
SacRT light rail responded to business leaders demands for light rail cleanup, safety, and security in downtown in preparation for the new Kings Arena. Businesses from other areas cry foul, wanting cleanup and fixes too.

2015 Janaury 29
Light Rail Destroys Señor Fish - Atomic Cafe (Little Tokyo, Los Angeles)
Construction of the regional connector light rail line has demolished the Señor Fish restaurant, a cultural landmark that had also been the Atomic Cafe and the Troy Cafe. Metro plans to salvage bricks from the iconic building for a nearby light rail station.

2015 January 29
Commuter Train Kills Pedestrian (Mountain View, CA)
The southbound Caltrain 156 commuter train struck and killed a pedestrian at 4pm just south of the Mountain View station.

2015 January 29
Smoke Filled Train Evacuated (Boston)
An MBTA red line train was evacuated and a window was kicked out after the train filled with smoke near the Quincy station at 7:30am. The MBTA said a problem with the propulsion system caused the smoke.

2015 January 28
Man Runs Into Light Rail Doors (Portland, OR)
A man injured himself by running into closed doors of a MAX light rail train at the Mall-SW 5th Avenue station, located on SW Morrison Street at 5th Avenue at 6:12pm. The incident delayed blue line and red line light rail trains.

2015 January 28
Metro-North Derailment (New York)
At Grand Central Station's track 18, a Metro-North train derailed as it pulled out of the terminal at about 5:30pm.

2015 January 28
Bombadier Accused Of Corruption (Yongin, Korea)
Bombadier Transportation is accused of corrupting civil servants and politicians with gifts and fact-finding trips to Canada. The 37 trips included business class flights, luxury hotels, golf, and sightseeing. Ridership of their single car, elevated train was estimated at 183,000 passengers per day, "a ridership so inflated, we can say it's a joke," said city councillor Yoo Jin-Sun. The ridership is less than 10,000 per day. The 30 year, $3.5 billion debt has caused cuts in education and welfare programs, such as heating for seniors' community centers.

2015 January 27
City Hopes Employees Can Work From Home Due To LRT (Ottawa)
Expecting gridlock due to light rail construction, the city plan is to wish commuters into telecommuters. Phase 1 of the over $2 billion light rail construction is expected to be completed in 2018. If $3 billion of additional funding is found, phase 2 will continue heavy construction for a decade. ODLC president Sean McKenny said Workshift Canada suggests "current workplaces are unhealthy and employees will save money by working at home because they won't need to buy clothes. If the topic wasn't so serious this would be farcical."

2015 January 26
Toy Train Brakes Fail, KIlls 1, Injures 3 (Darjeeling, India)
The brakes failed on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR) toy train. The train slide down a slope in Kurseong. One passenger Moly Pal jumped to her death and three others were injured before the train apllied emergency brakes.

2015 January 26
Transit Police “Borrowed” Money (Minneapolis, MN)
A Metro Transit police supervisor admitted to KSTP 5 news that she took money from the evidence room with the intention of paying it back.

2015 January 25
Light Rail Fences Lead To Business Losses (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
Light rail trains have not yet started operations, but light rail fences are dividing streets where pedestrian crossings could occur anywhere. One business has a storefront on one side of the street and its factory on the other. The light rail fence divides the business and stops customers from placing orders. “The fenced rail does not provide adequate surface or underground passages. The turn arounds and over or under passes are very limited and too far from one another for pedestrians and motorists alike. In a sense, it literally segregates communities and disrupts business transactions.” - Daniel B.

2015 January 25
Commuter Train Kills Man (Palo Alto, CA)
The southbound Caltrain 802 struck and killed a man on the tracks at Charleston Road at 12:45pm. Buses took over for trains.

2015 January 25
Light Rail Hits SUV (Seattle)
A Sound Transit central link light rail train hit a red SUV at Alaska Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Way (near Columbia City station) mid-day.

2015 January 24
Light Rail Hits Man (St. Paul, MN)
An eastbound Metro Transit green line light rail train struck pedestrian Shah Nafis Alexander, 23, at the intersection of University and Lexington avenues at 10pm. The man was taken to Regions Hospital in critical condition.

2015 January 24
Light Rail HIts Car, Injures 3 (Charlotte, NC)
A southbound CATS Lynx blue line light rail train hit an eastbound blue Ford Focus at Camden Road and East-West Blvd at about 3pm. Three people were injured and were taken to the hospital.

2015 January 23
Light Rail Doesn't Stop For Dead Passenger (Amsterdam)
A route 5 light rail train operator refused to stop the train to allow emergency workers to attempt to resuscitate a dying light rail passenger. The train continued for 20 minutes with passengers pleading with the train operator. At the end of the line, emergency workers were unable to help the dead man.

2015 January 23
Commuter Train Kills Man (Van Nuys, CA)
The westbound Metrolink 119 Ventura County line train struck and killed a man at Sepulveda Boulevard and Raymer Street around 6pm.

2015 January 23
Car Hits Light Rail, Injures 2 (San Francisco, CA)
A white 4-door sedan hit the center of a Taraval line Muni light rail train on residential Ulloa Street at 14th Avenue reported at 4:28pm. The driver of the car and a 9-year-old child were seriously injured. The light rail train was derailed.

2015 January 23
Light Rail Power Outage (Portland)
TriMet Max blue, green, and red line trains were stopped due to a power outage at 6:55am. Buses took over for the trains.

2015 January 22
People Mover Train Derailed (Detroit)
The lightly used People Mover train derailed into the Times Square station platform at 10:10pm. No one was injured.

2015 January 22
Light Rail Shelled, Kills 12 (Donetsk, Ukraine)
A light rail tram, hit by a mortar shell, killed 12 onboard.

2015 January 21
Man Beat Teen on Light Rail (Philadelphia)
On a route 15 (Girard Av) SEPTA light rail trolley, a man beat a 17-year-old girl after her backpack hit him. Damon Oliver, 40, turned himself in one week later. [Update: Oliver plead guilty to assault.]

2015 January 20
Thefts on Trains (Sacramento, Chicago, & Calgary)
Sacramento Regional Transit reported smartphone and tablets were the most stolen items on light rail trains and at stations. Chicago Police reported they charged a teen boy with the red line CTA phone thefts of December 28 and January 14, but not the January 9 theft. In Calgary, a man boarded a Northwest line 201 light rail C-Train at 7:45pm and tried to rob a passenger using a knife and a can of bear spray. Three other passengers disarmed and subdued him.

2015 January 20
Light Rail Hits Man and Woman (Sofia, Bulgaria)
A Sofia Tramway 20 line light rail train hit a man and a woman at Sitnyakovo Blvd at 6:50pm. One of them was run over by the train, the other lay injured beside the train.

2015 January 20
Light Rail Hits Fire Truck (Boston)
The MBTA green line light rail 3624 trolley hit a fire engine at the doorstep of the Engine 37 - Ladder 26 (District 5) fire house at 560 Huntington Avenue at 8:30am.

2015 January 19
Gang Warfare At Light Rail Station (St. Paul, MN)
At the green line light rail central station, seven men of the Gutter Block Goons continued a fight that started in the Town Square skyway at 6pm. One victim's  tooth was punched through his cheek.

2015 January 19
Light Rail Hits Pensioner (Nottingham, UK)
A Nottingham Express Transit (Net) light rail tram hit a woman in her 70s at 11am between Forest and Wilkinson streets. she was taken to the Nottingham's Queen's Medical Centre.

2015 January 19
Light Rail Breakdown Stops System (Edinburgh, Scottland)
The breakdown of a light rail tram on South St. David's Street at 10am affected all service downtown.

2015 January 18
Amtrak Kills Pedestrian (San Clemente, CA)
The northbound Amtrak Pacific Surfliner 579 passenger train struck and killed a man just south of North Beach just before 3pm. Witnesses said they saw him sit and stare at the ocean before stepping in front of the train.

2015 January 17
Gang Warfare Starts On Light Rail (St. Paul, MN)
Riding a westbound green line light rail train from downtown, teenage boys in the Time For Money gang identified a 14 year old associate of the Shoota Boy gang at 11pm. All of the boys disembarked the train at University and Western avenues, where the Time For Money gang alledgedly beat their rival victim.

2015 January 17
Commuter Train Kills Actor (Burbank, CA)
Metrolink - Antelope Valley line commuter train 268 struck and killed actor and fitness model Greg Plitt, 37, at the Front Street crossing, north of the Burbank station at 4:10pm. Plitt was a West Point graduate who served as an army ranger for five years. As an actor he starred on the soap opera "Days Of Our Lives," the 2009 movie "Watchmen," and Bravo-TV's "Work Out." As a fitness model, he was on the cover of more than 250 fitness magazines in eight years.

2015 January 16
Broken Light Rail Train Stops Other Trains (Salt Lake City)
A northbound red line TRAX light rail train with mechanical problems was stopped at the courthouse at 6pm, stopping other red line and green line light rail trains in the area.

2015 January 16
Light Rail Kills 3-Year-Old Boy, Injures Grandfather (Delran, NJ)
A New Jersey Transit river line light rail train hit a car, killing a 3-year-old boy and seriously injuring his grandfather, John Mayo, at 4pm at the Chester Avenue crossing. Five of the 75 passengers on the train were treated with minor injuries.

2015 Janaury 14
Light Rail Hits Beer Truck, 3 Hospitalized (Melbourne, Australia)
The northbound Yarra Trams 205 light rail train hit a beer truck near the Melbourne Zoo at 11:30am. The tram was derailed and beer kegs covered the area. Seven people were treated at the scene, and three were hospitalized.

2015 January 14
Person Trapped Under Train (San Francisco)
Someone was trapped under an eastbound BART train at the Powell Street station at 7:45am. Update: Ruqin Zhang, 77, was run over and killed after jogging toward the train and jumping off the platform, according to witnesses.

2015 January 14
Car Left On Light Rail Tracks (Norfolk, VA)
Someone parked their car on the Tide light rail tracks near the intersection of Brambleton and Colley avenues. It was towed away at 6:15am.

2015 January 14
Light Rail Hits Car (Minneapolis, MN)
A blue line light rail train hit a car on 34th Avenue near the airport's terminal 2 at about 6am.

2015 January 13
Light Rail Hits Car (Houston)
A southbound Metro light rail train hit the driver's side of a black Honda CRV at the intersection of Main and Cambridge streets in front of the Memorial Hermann Hospital of the Texas Medical Center. The crash occurred just before noon.

2015 January 12
Subway Fills With Smoke: 1 Dead, 84 Injured (Washington DC)
The 6-car WMATA yellow line Metro subway 302 stopped 800 yards after the L'Enfant Plaza station at 3:25pm and filled with smoke after electrical arcing off the third rail. One person died, 84 were injured with two remaining in critical condition two days later. The woman who died was Carol Glover, 61, of Alexandria, Virginia. WMATA reported 86 smoke or fire incidents in 2013 and 85 in Jan-Aug of 2014. [Updates: NTSB report, DC report, & ignore train operator to survive says Charles Mayer. Fifteen Metro employees seek medical treatment due to smoke.]

2015 January 10
Commuter Train Kills Boy (Millbrae, CA)
The northbound Caltrain 423 train struck and killed Max Heffernan, 15, at 9:10am at a spot 0.8 miles south of the Millbrae station. Heffernan was a talented BMX rider with a YouTube channel, Max Heff BMX Productions.

2015 January 9
Light Rail Hits Boy (Hillsboro, OR)
A westbound MAX blue line light rail train hit a 16-year-old boy at the Willow Creek station near SW 185th Avenue and Baseline Road at 6:26pm. The boy was taken to the hospital with a head contusion.

2015 January 7
Streetcar Rear-Ends Car (Washington, DC)
The northbound DC streetcar 102A rear-ended a silver Lexus stopped at a stoplight on the 1400 block of H Street (photo). The previous incident was Jan. 3rd.

2015 January 7
BART Train Stuck in Transbay Tube (San Francisco)
A BART train with brake problems became stuck in the Transbay tube at 5:15pm with a cloud of brakepad dust. The operator went through the train to find the problem brake. Half an hour later, the problem brake was found and manually released.

2015 January 6
Light Rail Power Lines Fall (Norfolk, VA)
The Tide light rail overhead catenary (OCS) power lines fell west of the Ingleside station at 4pm, knocking out light rail service for the rest of the day.

2015 January 6
Light Rail Problems For 13 of 18 Workdays (West Midlands, England)
Breakdowns of some of the new Urbos 3 light rail trains from Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF) are one of the causes of recent disruptions of Midland Metro light rail service. The light rail trains have been halted for points failure, electrical fault, traffic signal problems, last minute repairs, overall technical issues, as well as waiting for an ambulance.

2015 January 6
Light Rail Station Stabbing (Dallas, TX)
A woman was cut on the face at the DART light rail Pearl Street station at 5:30am.

2015 January 5
Light Rail Window Shatters (Manchester, UK)
A Metrolink light rail train window shattered between the Shadowmass and airport stations at about 7:45pm due to a vandal's stone.

2015 January 5
Light Rail Hits Car (St. Paul)
A Metro Transit green line light rail train hit a car at the intersection of University and Cromwell at about 8:30am.

2015 January 4
Red Line Train Kills Man (Chicago)
A CTA red line L train struck and killed Quinton Davis, 31, at the Argyle Station at 3am.

2015 January 3
Streetcar Hits Car (Washington, DC)
A streetcar smashed the passenger side of a black sedan at the intersection of 6th and H streets NE (photo). The streetcar was in test mode with no riders, travelling at less than 10mph, but still could not stop in time.

2015 January 2
Light Rail Injures Teen (Cinnaminson, NJ)
A New Jersey Transit river line light rail train hit and ran over a 17-year-old girl at about 9:30pm. The train operator hit the emergency brake but could not stop in time. The girl was taken to Cooper University Hospital in Camden.

2015 January 2
Amtrak Kills Man (Pleasant Prairie, WI)
The northbound Amtrak 337 train struck and killed a man at 4:07pm between 122nd and Russell Road.

2015 January 2
Light Rail Stabbing (San Diego)
A northbound, downtown San Diego Trolley light rail train was the scene of a fight between two women. A 40-year-old woman punched a 53-year-old woman, who then pulled a knife and stabbed the 40-year-old woman. The last big fight was November 9, 2014. Tickets to the next fight are $2.50.

2015 January 2
Light Rail Station Shooting (Los Angeles)
A man was shot to death at the blue line light rail Artesia station at about 9am. Also a red line train struck and killed a person at the Studio City station at 1pm.

2015 January 2
Light Rail Station Shooting (Minneapolis)
At the Franklin Avenue blue line light rail station, someone was shot in the leg between 2 and 3am.

2015 January 1
Light Rail Train Prevents Midnight Fireworks (Manchester, UK)
An estimated 15,000 people in the city center, waiting for the midnight fireworks, had to wait several minutes longer due to a Metrolink light rail train parked in the firework fallout zone. The light rail train eventually moved, and the fireworks went off at 12:04am.

2014 December 31
Light Rail Kills Man (Dallas, TX)
A southbound DART red line light rail train, slowing as it entered the Walnut Hill station at about 10:30pm, ran over a man who had stumbled off the platform and onto the tracks. He died within the hour.

2014 December 31
Commuter Train Kills Man (Hackensack, NJ)
A westbound New Jersey Transit Pascack Valley line train train ran over Jorge Acila, 52, on the tracks at 5:15pm. About 300 passengers were put on buses.

2014 December 29
Light Rail and Car Crash (far northeast Dallas)
A westbound Lexus sedan hit the second car of a southbound Dart red line light rail train at the Restland Road crossing at 7:20pm in Richardson. Three light rail passengers were hospitalized with non-life-threatening knee injuries. The crossing has a railroad crossing arm and three sets of flashing lights, which were reported to be operating.

2014 December 29
Both Light Rail Lines Stopped (Minneapolis & St. Paul)
On the blue line, a light rail train was stuck at the Lake Street station. On the green line, a power outage at the Stadium Village station stopped trains.

2014 December 28
Amtrak Kills: 1 in Fresno, 1 in Corcoran (Fresno & Corcoran, CA)
Two people were killed by two different Amtrak trains in the central valley. The southbound Amtrak 712 train blew its horn at a woman on the tracks for a mile before hitting and killing her near Herndon and Santa Fe avenues. The woman was walking with her back to the train. Also, the northwest-bound Amtrak 713 train struck and killed a pedestrian as the train entered the Corcoran station.

2014 December 28
Mud Stops Light Rail For The Rest Of The Year (Seattle)
Sound Transit will not be running Sounder light rail trains due to mud and mud forecasts. Mud had also stopped Sounder light rail trains on December 22nd and December 24th.

2014 December 27
Streetcar Derails, Hits Bus Head-On (Toronto, Canada)
Four people were injured when a northbound Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) streetcar derailed at Main Street and Danforth Avenue and collided head on with TTC bus 7807. One of the main problems with streetcars is their impediment of buses and other traffic. Usually they don't go out of their way to interfere with bus traffic like this.

2014 December 27
Light Rail Hits Car (St. Paul, MN)
A westbound green line light rail train hit a southbound white car at 9am at the intersection of Eustis and University Avenue. Both vehicles were visibly damaged.

2014 December 26
Dinky Train Breakes Down (Princeton, NJ)
Mechanical issues halted New Jersey Transit's Dinky trains for 36 hours. The Dinky wasn't running November 19th and 20th due to a stalled maintenance vehicle.

2014 December 24
Light Rail Station Hold Up (Elizabeth, NJ)
Three men held up commuters at the lightly used North Elizabeth light rail station at 5:40pm. The robbers took wallets, cell phones, and other items at gunpoint and fled the station in a tan Jeep Cherokee. One month later, the robbers are still at large.

2014 December 22
Falling Wires Stop Light Rail (Calgary, Canada)
Light rail CTrains were stopped for 12 ½ hours starting at 7:30am when the overhead catenary wires (OCS) started falling down at the 39th Street station. Zachariah Edwards told Lisa Geddes of Global News,“I was sitting on the train and all of the sudden I heard this very loud noise... we just lost power to the train.

2014 December 22
Light Rail Train Smashes Car Into Other Cars (Salt Lake City, UT)
A TRAX light rail train struck a black Hyundai 4-door car, causing the Hyundai to hit another car, a parked car, and a light pole. The incident occurred at the intersection of 800 South and 200 West at 6:41am. Two people were injured.

2014 December 19
Light Rail Station Stabbing (Gresham, OR)
At the MAX blue line light rail Gresham terminal, a man was stabbed multiple times at about 11:40pm. He was transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

2014 December 19
Commuter Train Kills Person (Mountain View, CA)
The northbound Caltrain 381 commuter train killed a pedestrian at 6pm between the Mountain View and Sunnyvale stations.

2014 December 18
Commuter Train Kills Pedestrian (Melbourne, Australia)
An Upfield line commuter train struck and killed a pedestrian at the Coburg station in the afternoon sometime.

2014 December 18
Light Rail Operator Watches Porn (Denver)
With the eastbound RTD west line light rail train in motion, a light rail operator watched porn on a phone. (Update: The operator resigned.)

2014 December 17
Light Rail Hits Car (Dubai)
A Dubai RTA light rail tram hit a gray car making a left turn in an at-grade intersection in Jumeirah Beach at 8pm.

2014 December 16
Light Rail Hits Car Stuck At Crossing (Kent, WA)
A car was unable to move through a downtown intersection when the light rail crossing arms came down at 5:30pm. The driver got out before the car was hit by the light rail Sounder train.

2014 December 16
Light Rail Kills Boy (Denver, CO)
A southbound E line RTD light rail train ran over and killed a 14 year old boy in the tunnel under South Colorado Blvd with a bump-bump shortly after noon.

2014 December 15
Commuter Train Kills Man (Beltsville, MD)
A southbound MARC Camden line commuter train struck and killed a man at the Beltsville station at 7:45am.

2014 December 15
Car Rides Light Rail Tracks To Evade Gunfire (Charlotte, NC)
At about midnight, two cars left the Midnight Diner at 115 E Carson Street, open 24 hours. The second car was shooting at the first car, until the first car drove onto the LYNX blue line light rail tracks at South Boulevard and Tremont Avenue. Buses replaced trains.

2014 December 13
Amtrak Cuts Car in Half (Royalton, VT)
A car driven by Allyssa Ashline, 27, became stuck at 7pm on a private driveway crossing NECR railroad tracks. A northbound Amtrak cut the car in half, spinning the front end of the car counter-clockwise 20 feet down the tracks. Neither Ashline nor her passenger, Derek Noble, were injured in the crash.

2014 December 12
Light Rail Injures Boy (Portland)
A northbound MAX red line light rail train struck and injured a 14 year old boy at the Parkrose station. The boy had jumped to touch the top of the moving light rail train and fell between the cars at 6:25pm.

2014 December 12
Debris Halts New Light Rail Link (Oakland, CA)
A wind-blown plastic tarp and rope on the tracks halted the new $484 million driverless BART light rail link to the Oakland Airport, which opened November 22nd. The debris hit the track at 6am, causing the trains to switch to operating on one track. At 9:45am, a mechanical breakdown halted the other track, with about 30 people trapped on a powerless train.

2014 December 11
Teen Blue Line Passengers Slap Elderly Man (Chicago)
Two teens riding a CTA blue line train repeatedly slapped an elderly man while their friend ATL recorded it. [CBS-WBBM2, WLS-ABC7 videos]

2014 December 10
Cell Phone Stolen at Light Rail Station (Tempe, AZ)
A man stole an iPhone 6 Plus out of its owner's hand at the Valley Metro light rail station at Third and Mill at 10pm. Tempe police recovered the phone and arrested a man in possession of the stolen phone. (AZ doesn't use transit police.)

2014 December 10
Light Rail Hits Car (Portland)
A MAX light rail train hit a car downtown during the morning rush hour, causing delays on blue and red line trains.

2014 December 9
Trolley Door Falls Off (Boston, MA)
A green line MBTA trolley door scraped a tunnel wall near the Park Street station and fell off with a shower of broken glass. The incident occurred just after 8:30am, when the door was “fixed” after not closing properly.

2014 December 8
Light Rail Hits Power Pole (Wellington, NZ)
A Wairarapa line light rail train hit a utility pole, knocking down the catenary wires, entangling the train in live wires at 11:30pm.

2014 December 8
Light Rail Kills Man (San Ysidro, CA)
A southbound SDTI light rail trolley struck and killed a man in the residential area of Seaward and Park avenues west at about 10pm. The light rail operator said the man was lying on the tracks, and he was unable to avoid hitting the man. Suicide hotlines: 1-800-273-8255 (1-800-273-TALK) or 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433).

2014 December 8
Light Rail Kills Man (Rancho Cordova, CA)
A SacRT gold line light rail train struck and killed a man, Jason Mudrock, 32, at Routier Road and Folsum Boulevard at 3pm. The train operator tried to stop the train in time but couldn't. In 2014, the SacRT light rail has killed: Young Sin Day on Feb 7, Benjamin Lee Smith on May 6, Mariah Burgess on Nov 13, Craig Austin Taylor on Nov 18, and Jason Mudrock on Dec 8. [WCRA, ddun3098 videos]

2014 December 7
Orange Line Train Smashes Car On Tracks (Boston)
An inbound orange line commuter train hit a car on the tracks, dragging it 100 feet. The driver escaped the car moments before the crash. The driver was on her way to a Christmas party and made a wrong turn.

2014 December 7
Orange Line Train Runs Over Woman (Boston)
An orange line commuter train ran over a woman at the Jackson Square station at 8am.
2014 December  6
Light Rail Station Stabbing (Minneapolis)
A 58 year old man was stabbed to death at the Lake Street blue line light rail station at 1:30pm.

2014 December 5
Amtrak Stabbings Injure 4 (Niles, MI)
Just after 7pm on the eastbound Amtrak 364 train, Michael Darnell Williams, 44, stabbed three passengers and a conductor, who Williams believed was a demon.

2014 December 4
Light Rail Station Stabbing (Calgary)
A 15 year old boy was stabbed at the Crowfoot light rail station just before 10pm.

2014 December 3
Light Rail Hits Car (Phoenix)
A light rail train hit a car at the at-grade intersection of Central Avenue N and Roosevelt Street W. The driver of the car was injured.

2014 November 27
Light Rail Stops With A Bang, Passengers Scream (Charlotte, NC)
At 11:15am, a southbound Lynx blue line light rail train stopped south of Carlson Street with a bang. The power went out. Passengers screamed, “I can’t breathe.”

2014 November 26
Light Rail Trains Crash Injures 7 (Boston, MA)
An out-of-service, inbound MBTA red (Mattapan) line light rail train rolled backward to hit an in-service, inbound light rail train. The crash injured five passengers and both train operators near the Cedar Grove station at 6:40am. [Update: operator error blamed.]

2014 November 26
Commuter Train Cancelled Due To Mudslide (Everett, WA)
Sound Transit's Sounder commuter train service between Edmonds and Seattle is cancelled due to a mudslide. Buses continue to take over for trains.

2014 November 25
Light Rail Runs Over Two, One Dies (Berkeley, CA)
In two incidents at two stations, two BART light rail trains ran over two people. At the downtown Berkeley light rail station a person was run over at 6:35pm and died. At 9pm, a person was survived after being run over at the Embarcadero station.

2014 November 21
Commuter Train Killed Man (Essex, England)
An Abellio Greater Anglia commuter train hit and killed a man between Colchester and Manningtree sometime in the evening. Over 36,000 journeys have been cancelled and 5,808 train have failed in two years on Abellio Greater Anglia. A “huge bang” is heard whenever the commuter trains strike a horse.

2014 November 21
Light Rail Train Hits Bus, Injures 23 (Hong Kong, SAR-PRC)
MTR light rail train 1093 hit a MTR doule-decker bus near the Tuen Mun ferry pier terminal, injuring 23 people, mostly light rail train passengers. The seriously injured bus driver, trapped in his compartment, had to be freed by firefighters. This was the largest crash on the MTR line since the light rail train derailed on May 17, 2013 and injured 77 people.

2014 November 21
Light Rail Line Service Stopped By Sewer Line Break (Jersey City, NJ)
Hudson-Bergen light rail trains were stopped between Liberty State Park and West Side Avenue due to an overnight sewer line rupture. [Update 11-24: buses still running instead of light rail.]

2014 November 20
Light Rail Hits Teen, Another Hits Pickup, Another Derails (Calgary, Canada)
A northeast-bound light rail C-train hit a male teen on 7th Avenue SE near City Hall at about 5pm. He was sent to the Foothills Hospital in critical, life threatening condition. Earlier in the day, at 8:45am, a light rail Ctrain struck a white pickup truck at 4th Avenue and 9th Street SW. And at about 9pm, a Ctrain derailed at the City Hall north platform.

2014 November 20
Commuter Train Kills Teen (Hurstville, Australia)
A commuter train struck and killed an 18 year old girl near the Hurstville station at 1:50pm.

2014 November 18
Light Rail Kills Teen (Rancho Cordova, CA)
A light rail operator used the brakes but was unable to stop the eastbound SacRT light rail train from hitting and killing 16 year old Craig Austin Taylor, who got off his bicycle and laid down on the light rail tracks. The incident occurred at 2:30pm on Folsom Blvd east of Mather Field Road, about 200 yards from where 15 year old Mariah Burgess was killed on November 13, 2014 at about the same time.

2014 November 18
Transit Police Arrest Daycare Worker (West Valley City, UT)
UTA transit police chased daycare worker Shavontae Price from the TRAX light rail train to her daycare and arrested her over a fare violation. [Update: UTA decided to keep its transit police.]

2014 November 17
Light Rail Train Strikes Man (Dallas, TX)
A DART light rail train struck a man as the train approached the St. Paul station. The man was taken to Baylor University Medical Center with injuries. The incident halted DART light rail red line, blue line, green line, and orange line.

2014 November 16
Passenger Steals iPhone 5 From Another Passenger (Berkeley, CA)
A male light rail train passenger grabbed an iPhone 5 from a female light rail passenger when the BART train was at the Ashby station and ducked out the doors as they closed.

2014 November 16
Light Rail Delays & Replacement Buses (Portland, OR)
Tri-Met workers smashed pavement at the Gateway Transit Center to remove rail switches in the area. The expensive replacement of MAX light rail switches caused delays even with replacement shuttle buses. The rail switches can't hold up to the combination of light rail traffic and the traffic of cars and trucks. Los Angeles has the same problems and has experimented with solutions. It's as if trains and vehicles don't belong on the same right of way.

2014 November 16
Subway Operator Can't Prevent Hitting Pushed Man (Bronx, NY)
The southbound D train subway operator could not stop the train from hitting Wai Kuen Kwok, 61, who was pushed off the 167th Street station platform and onto the tracks. Kwok was run over by the train and killed at 8:45am. Kwok was a “fine, family man” and a “very nice person.” [C train is worse, some say.]

2014 November 15
Commuter Train Kills Man (Shropshire, England, UK)
A Virgin Trains Aberystwyth to Birmingham commuter train struck and killed a man in his 20s in Allscott at 3:30pm.

2014 November 15
Orange Line Train Hits Woman (Boston, MA)
A northbound orange line train hit a woman in her 20s at the Massachusetts Avenue station at about 3:15pm. She was freed from the train and taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

2014 November 15
Light Rail Shutdown For Repairs (Seattle)
With both the Seattle Seahawks and the Washington Huskies on the road, Sound Transit shut down Central Link light rail trains for repairs.

2014 November 14
MAX Light Rail Stabbing (Portland, OR)
A 16 year old girl was stabbed on a MAX light rail train near 162nd Avenue and was found at the MAX Gateway Transit Center at 5:15pm. (Update: Alex Rios Vega pleaded not guilty.)

2014 November 13
Light Rail Totals Car, Good Samaritan Rescues Driver (Murray, UT)
Janice Parkinson was crossing the TRAX light rail tracks on 5900 South when her car died at 7:30pm. She put the car in park and tried to push it. Another motorist, Suzanne Slifka, pulled Parkinson to safety just as a TRAX light rail train crushed the right side of the car.

2014 November 13
Light Rail Kills Girl (Rancho Cordova, CA)
An eastbound SacRT gold line light rail train struck and killed 15 year old Mariah Burgess at 2:50pm near Folsum Blvd and Coloma Road. The light rail operator saw the teen, honked his horn, but hit her anyway. [Update: memorials.]

2014 November 13
Ice Stops Light Rail (Portland, OR)
MAX red and blue line light rail trains shut down due to ice. Shuttle buses took over.

2014 November 9
Light Rail Trolley Stabbings (San Diego)
Two men were stabbed during a 9:15pm knife fight on an SDTI orange line trolley near the 47th Street station. [Update: Four men were arrested for the fight. San Diego Police and other agencies conducted random raids of 620 trolley passengers, arresting 24 and giving SDTI trolley citations to 19 people.]

2014 November 8
Man Walks Into Light Rail Train (Denver, CO)
A man walked into either the side or the front of an RTD light rail train at 16th and Stout streets at about 1pm. The injured man was taken to the hospital.

2014 November 5
Light Rail Payment Problems
•  Card skimmers on ticket vending machines at 3 light rail stations (Denver) [Updates: 11-21 & 11-24]
•  Light rail worker accused of selling fake monthly passes (Portland)
•  Light rail ticket machines tempt riders to cheat (New Jersey, Minneapolis)
•  Metrolink's broken ticket machines & fare evasion (Los Angeles)
•  Step-by-step MTA transit vending kiosks help miss your train (Boston)
•  Subway has 18,454 fare evasion arrests by Sep 2014 (New York City)
•  Transit police use excessive force on fare evading boy (Melbourne, Australia)
•  Suicide of fare evading woman, fearful of deportation (Vancouver, Canada)
•  Rail ticket vending machines broken, cash stolen (Vancouver, Canada)

2014 November 4
Commuter Train Kills Man (Hazlet, NJ)
A northbound North Jersey Coast line commuter train struck and killed a man at 5:25am just west of the Hazlet station. This was the seventh fatality on the NJ Coast tracks since March 2013 and the third this year at Hazlet (Jan 9 & Sep 2).

2014 November 3
Light Rail Hit Police Car (St. Paul, MN)
MetroTransit eastbound green line light rail train 227A hit St. Paul police car 1918 with its emergency lights and siren on. The train hit the back, left side of the squad car rupturing its gas tank and spinning the car at the intersection of Pascal Street and University Avenue at either 2:30 or 3pm. The officer was unconscious after the crash and was taken to Regions Hospital with pains in his neck and back. The light rail train was covered with healthcare advertising. [Update: the light rail train was travelling at 35.6mph when the operator hit the brakes. The train stopped in 7.3 seconds. Two seconds before hitting the brake, the operator hit the horn.]

2014 November 3
Light Rail Kills Man (St. Louis, MO)
A westbound MetroLink light Rail train struck and killed Leslie Lively, 63, at the intersection of 18th Street and Clark Avenue near Union Station at 8:55am. The light rail operator hit the train whistle. The man flew 20 to 30 feet when hit and then was run over by the train.

2014 November 3
BART Train(s) Kill Man (Concord, CA)
Mirwais Malikyar, 48, was struck and killed sometime between 4:20am and 8:50am by one or more BART trains between the Concord and North Concord stations.

2014 November 3
Security Theater opens (Chicago)
No known terrorist threat” causes Chicago to begin randomly selecting passengers at random CTA train stations to check baggage for explosives. [The reality of CTA trains. March 2015 update - no explosives found after police checked more than 2,600 bags at 40+ stations.]

2014 October 30
Drilling Crew Hits Subway (Long Island, NY)
A 10" diameter steel drill bit drilled into an F train, scraping its top and side. Griffin Dewatering New England, a contractor for the Metropolitan Transit Authority, was operating the drill from the intersection of 23rd and 41st Av, when it hit the unoccupied subway.

2014 October 29
Orange Line Train Kills Man (Boston, MA)
A southbound MBTA orange line train struck and killed a man in his 40s at the Haymarket Station at 5:40pm.

2014 October 29
Camp Fire Shuts Down Light Rail (Lakewood, CO)
A transient camp fire caused a panicked shut down of the W line of RTD light rail. “The Jefferson County Bomb Squad, Lakewood Police as well as West Metro Fire were all on the scene,” KUSA-9 reported. There were no injuries.

2014 October 28
Light Rail Kills Man On Bridge (Sacramento, CA)
A northeast-bound SacRT blue line light rail train struck and killed Billy J. Mayhew, 45, walking at the south end of the rail bridge over the American River at 6:50pm.

2014 October 28
Amtrak Hits Truck, Injures 24 (Layfayette, IN)
A Hoosier State Amtrak train hit a truck like a ton of cement in White County at about 7:45am. Of the 56 passengers, 16 were treated at the scene, and eight were taken to the hospital. The truck was hauling powdered cement when it was torn in two by the train. The Amtrak operator had been involved in another crash near Monon, Indiana on June 12, 2013. Hoosier State had a 10% drop in revenue and an 8% drop in ridership in FY2013-2014.

2014 October 27
Boy Tries To Help Fallen Friend, Hit By Train (Te Kuiti, New Zealand)
A 14 year old boy was struck and killed by a KiwiRail train at 6pm after the boy ran over to help a friend who had fallen at a skate park. This is the third fatality in four years at this location which has a bridge but no fences.

2014 October 26
Metro Red Line Averaging 3 Incidents Per Day (Washington, DC)
During the month of October, the Metro red line trains averaged three incidents per day, such as a cracked rail on October 27th. The orange line average 2.3 daily incidents. “It's a headline if we don't have a delay,” riders say.

2014 October 25
Trees Attack Light Rail Lines (Portland, OR)
In separate incidents, two trees fell on TriMet MAX light rail train tracks, downing overhead catenary wires, and stopping blue, green, and red MAX train lines. One tree stopped all three line through the Lloyd district. Another tree had earlier disrupted the yellow line by Delta Park and was “removed” from the scene. Previously, a trees halted the blue line on February 25th and May 5th. TriMet contractor Harrity Trees had previously “removed” 830 trees for the orange line. “Expect days.”

2014 October 25
Rain Delays Light Rail (San Francisco)
BART light rail trains were delayed by rain. “Water intrusion impacted train control equipment,” said KTVU-2.

2014 October 23
Light Rail Tram Hits Woman (Manchester, UK)
Metrolink light rail tram 3062 struck a woman outside the Minshull Street Crown Court on Aytoun Street at 1:15pm.

2014 October 23
Tourist Trolley Kills City Hall Worker (San Francisco, CA)
A tourist trolley run by Classic Cable Cars Charters struck and killed a City Controller senior accountant in the crosswalk in front of City Hall's Polk Street entrance at 11:30am. Priscila “Precy” Moreto, 68, was killed by a cable car on wheels whose driver wasn't paying attention. Mayor Ed Lee said, “Precy was a dedicated employee who served our City and residents with great distinction.

2014 October 22
Commuter Train Kills Man (Elk River, MN)
An outbound Northstar commuter train struck and killed a male pedestrian near Main Street and the recycling center before 6:30pm.

2014 October 22
Light Rail Platform Hit by Car, Kills 2 (Jerusalem - al-Quds)
A car struck a crowd at the Ammunition Hill light rail station after 6pm, killing a baby and later an adult. The baby, three month old Chaya Zissel Braun, was a US citizen. Karen Yemima Mosquera, 22, from Ecuador died from her injuries. Seven others were injured. The driver of the silver Volkswagen sedan, Abdelrahman al-Shaludi, 21, was shot in the back while attempting to leave the the scene on foot. On October 24th, Orwa Hammad, 14, another US citizen, was shot multiple times by Israeli troops. Hadassah College professor with a Ph.D. in conflict resolution, Ohela Avinir says, “Until children are raised without hate it is difficult to resolve this kind of long-term conflict, not while parents continue to teach and model violence instead of peace.” [How light rail is used to oppress Palestine.]

2014 October 22
Light Rail and Bus Crash (Edinburgh, UK)
A tram hit a number 44 Lothian bus just before 3pm on Shandwick Place. This was the third bus and tram collision in three months. Edinburgh Trams opened in May 2014, after over five years constructing the 8.7 mile track. The planned cost was £375 million in 2003. When the construction began in 2008, it was £521 million. The 2014 price was £1 billion.

2014 October 22
Man Trips On Pants, Light Rail Delays (San Francisco)
At 2:54pm BART said someone was under a BART light rail train at the Embarcadero station, expect delays. Then they said nobody was under the train, expect delays. Then they said a man tripped on his pants, landed on the tracks, and got back off the tracks barely in time. Expect delays.

2014 October 21
Amtrak Kills Middle-Schooler (Gervais, OR)
Juan Carlos Robles-Melara, 13, a student at French Prairie Middle School, was walking along the train tracks after soccer practice when an Amtrak train hit and killed him at about 7:50pm. (Sunset was at 6:17pm.) On October 15, 2013, another 13 year old, Diego Rodriguez, was also killed by an Amtrak train in the same area. A fence and a walking path would cost $500,000.  Juan was described as a “really nice kid.” He leaves behind his parents and four older siblings, including three teenagers. Donations to the Robles family can be made through any Wells Fargo Bank under the Juan Carlos Robles-Melara Memorial Fund #7383554412.

2014 October 21
Light Rail Injures Man (Calgary, Canada)
The northbound C-Train 2315 light rail operator tried to stop her train from hitting a 53 year old man crossing the street. She honked her horn but hit him anyway, at Macleod Trail and 25th Avenue SE, just south of the Stampede station, at about 8:15am. The victim was sent to the Foothills Hospital in critical condition.

2014 October 20
Commuter Train Kills Bicyclist (Dania Beach, FL)
The northbound Tri-Rail commuter train P632 struck and killed bicyclist Jerry Smith, 53, near Stirling Road and I-95 at 4:39pm. His body was first covered with a blue blanket and then with a yellow tarp. His mangled Fuji bike lay nearby. Smith was described as “always so kind and hopeful. He was such a good person.” [video]

2014 October 20
Subway Hits Man At Station (Philadelphia, PA)
A southbound SEPTA Broad Street line subway train struck and ran over a man at the Walnut-Locust station at 11:25am. Still alive after being pulled out from under the train, the man was sent to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

2014 October 19
Train Kills Pedestrian (North Cove, UK)
A Network Rail, East Suffolk line train struck and killed a pedestrian at 3:23pm.

2014 October 18
Light Rail Reopens After Ebola Scare (Dallas, TX)
The DART White Rock light rail station was closed due to an Ebola panic, after a woman reportedly vomited at the station. Dallas Fire Rescue hazmat teams filled the station and learned she only spat on the platform. The feverish woman was not on an Ebola watchlist, although she stayed with a friend at the same apartment complex as “patient zero” Thomas Eric Duncan.

2014 October 18
Passenger Train Hits Man (Melbourne, Australia)
A westbound Metro Sunbury line train hit a man in his 30s at the Tottenham station at 8:40am. The man was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital with upper body injuries. Buses replaced trains in the area.

2014 October 18
Transit Misspent Funds, Supported Business Boycott (Pinellas Cty, FL)
Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) head Brad Miller has been accused of misspending Federal funds, lying about the funds, and supporting a boycott of local businesses voicing their opposition to a proposed sales tax. Light Rail: A Cash Sewer by pacfandave pokes holes in the Greenlight Pinellas myths.

2014 October 17
Passenger Train Kills Man on Disability Scooter (Melbourne, Australia)
A Metlink Williamstown line train struck and killed a man on a disability scooter at the Giffard Street level crossing at 2:40pm. Also in Australia, Sydney's $2.2 billion light rail train costs $600 million more than budgeted.

2014 October 17
Empty Light Rail Hits Abandoned Car (Lyndhurst, NJ)
A passengerless NJ Transit main line light rail train struck an abandoned car near the Route 3 bridge at 5:20am.

2014 October 17
Subway Musician Arrested (Brooklyn, NY)
Andrew Kalleen, 30, was performing at the Lorimer Street-Metropolitan Avenue G-train stop in Williamsburg at 1:30am when a NYPD officer told him he must leave the station, claiming a permit was needed to play there. Kalleen offered the MTA rules of conduct. The flustered officer read aloud:  “The following non-transit uses are permitted by the Authority, provided they do not impede transit activities and they are conducted in accordance with these rules: public speaking; ... artistic performances, including the acceptance of donations...” The officer arrested the busker for loitering. [video]

2014 October 16
Light Rail Smashes Car (Dormont, PA)
A southbound Port Authority T red line light rail train with ten passengers crashed into a Honda sedan with three passengers. The T train pushed the crumpled car 80 feet from the intersection of Dell and Kelton avenues at 4:06pm. The three people from the car, including a 5 year old, were taken to St. Clair Hospital with injuries.

2014 October 16
Rescue Train Hits Passenger Train, Injures 44 (West Fork, Arkansas)
A fall foliage tourist train with 38 passengers and 6 crew became stuck on curve of track with leaf debris -- leaves and leaf oils. A rescue freight train, called to push the Arkansas & Missouri passenger train, hit the brakes at 28 mph, and hit the passenger train at 25 mph, derailing both trains at 10:25am. All 44 people on the passenger train were injured, 5 critically. NTSB official Mark Rosekind said the rescue train should have been travelling at a safe speed limit of 20 mph or slower.

2014 October 15
Commuter Train Kills Man (Palo Alto, CA)
The southbound Caltrain 264 struck and killed a man at the level crossing at Charleston Road at about 5:40pm.

2014 October 15
Commuter Train Kills Woman (Tinley Park, IL)
A southbound Metra Rock Island line commuter train struck and killed a woman near 183rd Street at about 5pm.

2014 October 14
Car Stuck on Light Rail Tracks (Portland, OR)
A white 1988 Buick Park Avenue drove eastbound on the westbound MAX blue line light rail tracks and hit a metal utility pole, causing a section of the catenary wiring to crash down to the tracks near NE 117th and East Burnside at 5:33am. The driver left his car carrying a baby seat. Buick Park Avenues are not standard MAX light rail vehicles. TriMet spokesperson Roberta Altstadt said, “This is unique for our system,” except for the times last March 19th and November 13, 2012. She explained that TriMet can't install fenced gates or spikes to prevent drivers from driving on the tracks.

2014 October 13
Tree Limb Cuts Light Rail Power (Dallas)
Winds knocked a tree limb onto DART light rail wires, knocking out the entire light rail system. Passengers piled up until shuttle buses could be arranged.

2014 October 12
Light Rail Kills Teen (Golden, CO)
An empty eastbound RTD West line light rail train struck and killed Tiffany Rain McCumber, 17, near the intersection of 6th Avenue (US 6) and Ulysses Street, just west of where Ulysses Street crosses the train tracks, at 1:30am.

2014 October 11
Amtrak Kills 1, Injures 2 Sunset Photographers (Goleta, CA)
Two men and two women, all in their 20s, were taking pictures of the sunset from the Vista Point trestle, north of Refugio State Beach. Shortly before 6pm, an Amtrak train came around the curve. The four people tried to run off the trestle. The train hit one woman, sending her flying off the trestle to her death. The train also hit and injured the other woman, who was taken from the scene in an ambulance, and one of the men, who was taken by helicopter.

2014 October 10
Light Rail Kills Man (Portland, OR)
An eastbound Max blue line light rail train struck, ran over, and killed Joe N. Hill, 71, at the East Burnside Street and 160th Avenue pedestrian crossing at 7:14pm. He had eight children and was a grandfather. He was known as “Pops” in the neighborhood. His sister described him as a “very kind-hearted person.” Trains usually travel through the residential neighborhood at 35 mph.

2014 October 10
Commuter Train Kills Two (Albuquerque, NM)
The southbound Rail Runner (NMRX) commuter train 507 travelling at 79mph smashed a car and killed its two occupants at Second Street and Desert Road at 7:30am. The deceased couple, Julie Vasquez and Luciano Cuellar, are survived by a five-year-old and a newborn. Human remains were still at the crash site days later.

2014 October 9
Light Rail Hits Car (Houston, TX)
A northbound Metro light rail train hit a red car at the intersection of Fannin Street and Bates Avenue at 2:45pm. The car was driving north on Fannin when it turned left on Bates Avenue, was hit on the left side by the light rail train, and was pushed into a light rail utility pole. Emergency workers pried open the roof of the car to free three people, who were taken to Ben Taub Hospital on the far side of the Texas Medical Center.

2014 October 9
Stolen Locomotive Crashed (Gillette, WY)
Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Peabody Energy were unable to stop a disgruntled employee from stealing a train from the North Antelope Rochelle mine, driving it 13 miles south, and crashing it into another train, before 9am.

2014 October 9
Light Rail Hits Woman (Minneapolis, MN)
A northbound Metro Transit blue line light rail train struck a woman near the Franklin Avenue station at 8:50am. The train was slowing as it approached the station when it hit the eastbound pedestrian. The woman was sent to the hospital with serious leg and facial injuries. Star Tribune reporter Matt McKinney, who witnessed the incident, estimated the woman flew about 15 feet and one of her shoes went about 50 feet.

2014 October 8
Slow Moving Train Kills Man (Yonkers, NY)
A slow moving Metro North test train, a track load vehicle, struck and killed Robert Glenn, 38, at the Yonkers station at 11pm.

2014 October 8
Stuck Car Calls To Stop Train (Charlotte, NC)
A driver turned from Freeland Lane onto South Boulevard. Where the road diagonally crosses the Lynx light rail train tracks, he headed straight onto the train tracks and got stuck. He called the police. The dispatcher called the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) and stopped the early-morning Lynx trains. Streetview shows two low, small arrows, and no Do Not Enter signs. The intersection had railroad crossing and drainage construction in August and September of 2014.

2014 October 7
Commuter Train Kills Man (Sunset, Utah)
A northbound UTA FrontRunner commuter train struck and killed a man at 2600 North and 500 West at 10:56pm. The 19 year old man was declared dead at the scene. This was the ninth fatality at this intersection in 3 ½ years.
Also, UTA and developer Jeffrey Vitek share sweetheart deals. UTA transfers land and prepays $10 million and Vitek doesn't pay bills or disclose finances, according to Lee Davidson of the Salt Lake Tribune. "UTA appears to be acting as a banker for the developer," Utah state auditors say on page 29.

2014 October 7
Commuter Train Kills Nun (Highwood, IL)
The southbound Metra 326 express train struck and killed sister Udochukwu Odoemena, 68, as she crossed the train tracks near Highwood Station at about 8am. The visiting nun from Nigeria had just walked another nun to the train station when she realized she had her friend's bag. She turned back to give her friend the bag and was hit by the train. Union Pacific recently built a fence on either side of the tracks near the Highwood station, intended to prevent pedestrian injuries.

2014 October 4
Light Rail Rams Car (Jersey City, NJ)
A NJ Transit light rail train on the Hudson-Bergen line rammed a car at the intersection of County Road 612 and Communipaw Avenue at 3:45pm. The smashed car, a two-door black Scion, was pinned between the train and a utility pole. None of the three people in the car reported injuries. Four passengers on the train reported minor injuries.

2014 September 30
Train Operator Rescued From Train Fire (Sydney, Australia)
A power generator fire stopped a T2 Macarthur-Central commuter train on a Granville bridge at 7:15pm. Emergency crews used a cherry picker to rescue the train operator. The train burned for 3 ½ hours.

2014 September 30
Light Rail Train Hits Car (San Francisco, CA)
A northbound Muni T-Third light rail train hit a car making a left turn at the intersection of Mission Bay Boulevard and Third Street at 5:34pm. Three people were sent to the hospital with injuries. A shuttle bus took the place of the train.

2014 September 30
Debris Stops Blue Line For Hours (Chicago)
Construction debris fell at 3:30am from the new Halsted Street bridge over the Eisenhower Expressway, halting or delaying blue line L trains for 9 ½ hours. The falling debris included a failed concrete form and wet cement on the eastbound tracks.

2014 September 29
Commuter Train Smashes SUV (Acton, MA)
An inbound, Fitchburg line MBTA commuter train hit a westbound 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander where Route 111 crosses the tracks, at 7:45pm. The SUV landed on its roof and was heavily damaged. The 63-year-old woman driving the SUV was taken to Lahey Clinic with non-life-threatening injuries. There were 25 passengers on the train.

2014 September 29
Teen Stabbed 5 Times on Tram (London)
A man stabbed a 15 year old boy five times with a knife before exiting a Tramlink tram at the West Croydon station at 12:40am.

2014 September 28
Light Rail Rock Attacks (Jerusalem)
Rocks were thrown at two light rail trains in the Shuafat neighborhood during the evening, damaging trains and startling passengers.

2014 September 28
Backpack Stolen on Light Rail (Denver)
A backpack was stolen from a RTD light rail passenger by a man, who left the train at the Colfax Avenue and Auraria campus station at 12:45am.

2014 September 27
Man Squished In Light Rail (Pittsburgh)
A man climbed onto the coupler between two light rail cars at 10pm before the train left the First Avenue station. As the T train started to move, his leg got caught between the coupler and the station platform. The man was taken to University of Pittsburgh Medical Center - Mercy Hospital in critical condition.

2014 September 26
Trolley Fires Due To MATA Lax Safety (Memphis)
Tourist trolley fires on November 4, 2013 and April 7, 2014 were caused by the Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) not following safety and training standards, according to a report issued today. The report says, “fires will happen again,” unless corrective actions are taken. The trolleys were from Melbourne, Australia, built in the 1920s, and were refurbished.

2014 September 25
Light Rail Train Hits Car (Salt Lake City, UT)
TRAX light rail train 11158 hit an eastbound car at 200 Main Street at about 8pm train time. A 56 year old man was driving the car. A seventy year old was in the back seat.

2014 September 25
Man Hits Light Rail Train (St. Paul, MN)
A northbound man walked into the side of an eastbound green line light rail train at a pedestrian crossing near Arundel Street at 6:30pm. The man was taken east to Regions Hospital with a possible broken leg.

2014 September 25
Orange Line Train Surfing (Boston, MA)
A 17 year old boy surfed on top of a moving MBTA orange line train, ducked an overpass, and did a handstand, while a 16 year old recorded a video.

2014 September 24
Light Rail Trolley Kills Old Man (San Diego, CA)
A man in his 60s was run over by a green line trolley at 8:30pm at the Old Town station. He died at the University of California San Diego Medical Center.

2014 September 24
Light Rail Kills Man (Edmonton, Canada)
A northbound Capitol line ETS light rail train hit and killed a man as the train entered the Stadium station at about 10pm. ETS trains had been halted ten days before for the installation of a new signal system.

2014 September 24
Streetcar Dogfight Kills Dog (Portland, OR)
Four dogs with different owners rode the Central Loop streetcar at 6:30pm, having boarded at NW 21st Avenue and Lovejoy Street. A pit bull bit a black Pomeranian's head for 5-10 minutes. Passenger Cole Vliet-Sutten said, "There was blood everywhere. It was a horror scene." The Pomeranian died at the DoveLewis Animal Hospital.

2014 September 24
Man Dragged By Train (Osborne Park, Australia)
A man thought he was missing his train at 2:20pm. He punched and kicked the closed doors, according to the Public Transport Authority. The Transperth - Joondalup commuter train took off from Glendalough station, hooking him somehow and dragging him 164 feet. The PTA refuses to release the video.

2014 September 24
Bride's Car Left On Train Tracks (Buffalo, NY)
A 1993 Honda Civic hatchback was smashed by an Amtrak train at 5:30am. The car was stolen from newly married Melissa Benitez and left on the train tracks near Niagara Street and Forest Avenue.

2014 September 23
Train Operator Shocked By Power Line (Runcorn, England)
A westbound Virgin Trains operator stopped his train at 7:30pm to investigate downed catenary lines. While looking for a marker to identify his location, he was shocked by the formerly overhead power lines. Two hours later, help arrived for the operator and passengers.

2014 September 23
Mother & Child Killed By Commuter Train (Slough, England)
A non-stop Network Rail - First Great Western commuter train hit and killed a mother and daughter at a crowded Slough station on the Berkshire line at 9:45am.

2014 September 21
Train Shaft Fires Halt Trains (New York, NY)
Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) commuter trains were stopped at 4:15pm due to a fire in a train shaft near the closed 19th Street station and an electrical room at the 23rd Street station in midtown Manhattan.

2014 September 20
Family Beaten On Train (Berlin, Germany)
On a U-Bahn U7 commuter train, a man told three men to be quiet. They hit him in the head. When his wife protested, they hit her and her 6 year old son. The family was taken to a hospital in an ambulance. The same night, another passenger was taken away with a fractured skull.

2014 September 20
Light Rail Train Derails Itself (Bloomington, MN)
The middle car of a three-carriage northbound Metro Transit blue line light rail train derailed, causing the train to strike a utility pole holding the overhead catenary lines. The derailment of the blue line (Hiawatha line) occurred near 30th Avenue between the 28th Avenue station and the Bloomington Central station at 1pm. No injuries were reported. Buses replaced the trains. A loose metal switch cover near the rail twisted and lifted train wheels off the rail, causing the derailment. This was the 91st blue line train collision. [picture show]

2014 September 19
Shirtless Man Stops Green Line, Traffic (Los Angeles)
Metro green line trains were stopped, and most traffic on the 105 Freeway, by a shirtless man on the green line tracks near the 710 in Lynwood at around 8am.

2014 September 18
Man Rescued From Under Light Rail Train (Dallas)
A man was rescued with cuts and a broken arm after falling or jumping in front of a DART light rail train at White Rock station.

2014 September 18
Light Rail Train Hits Vehicle (Saint Paul, MN)
A green line light rail train hit a vehicle at Prior and University avenues at 9:10am. The vehicle left the scene.

2014 September 17
Light Rail Smashes Pickup (Murray, UT)
A TRAX light rail train smashed a black pickup truck near the Fashion Place station at 7pm.

2014 September 17
Light Rail Hits SUV (Denver)
A RTD D-line light rail train hit an SUV at Welton and 22nd streets just before 7am. No injuries were reported. The level-grade intersection does not have crossing gates. [brief video]

2014 September 16
Metra Train Kills Man (Naperville, IL)
The eastbound Metra commuter train 1264 hit and killed a man as it arrived at the Naperville station. In Northbrook, Illinois, police officers gave out warnings to pedestrians walking around Metra crossing gates. They read: “Warning: your actions could have just cost you a fine of $250.00 or even worse, your life.

2014 September 13
Sound Transit UW Link Racial Discrimination Lawsuit (Seattle, WA)
African American workers constructing the Sound Transit Link light rail tunnel were the victims of racial discrimination, according to a new class-action lawsuit filed today, directed at contractor Traylor-Frontier-Kemper (TFK).

2014 September 12
Light Rail Brake Problem (Dallas)
A southbound DART red line light rail train could not release its brakes at the Forest Lake station at 8:45am. The brake problem compounded transit delays in the area.

2014 September 11
SunRail Commuter Train Hits Car (Sanford, FL)
A northbound SunRail commuter train hit a car at Old Lake Mary Road and West 25th Street at about 7:30pm. The car was totalled, and the driver was taken to Orlando Medical Center with injuries.

2014 September 11
School Bus Hits Green Line Light Rail Train (Boston, MA)
A school bus backed into a green line light rail train at Huntington and Parker Hill avenues at 4:50pm. Three children were sent to the hospital due to their age.

2014 September 11
UTA Commuter Train Hits Pedestrian (West Bountiful, UT)
A UTA FrontRunner commuter train hit a pedestrian near 400 N at about noon.
•  UTA transit police will ticket cell phone users at TRAX stations.
•  state audit blasts UTA big salaries, underfunded service. (Michael Allegra makes $402,187 annually + $30,000 bonus.) UTA promises to cut executive bonuses from $30,000 to $7,500 per executive (unless they decide to give more).
•  UTA crushes local furniture business.

2014 September 10
Sounder Train Hits Man (Seattle)
A Sound Transit train hit a 45 year old man at the intersection of Occidental Avenue South and Horton Street South at 5:45pm. The man was rushed to Harborview Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.

2014 September 10
Girls Beat Woman At Subway Station (Brooklyn, NY)
A woman asked a group of teenaged girls riding the G train to stop swearing. The teens pushed the woman off the train, knocked her down at the 7th Avenue station, and kicked her repeatedly. “My hearing; my vision went out. I couldn’t move. If they had time... they would’ve killed me,” the victim Amanda said.

2014 September 10
Woman Pulled Alive From Under Muni Train (San Francisco)
At the Van Ness Avenue station, a Muni train ran over a woman at 11:13am. She was rescued from under the train and taken to General Hospital.
 • Also, a BART transit police officer slams a woman to the BART train floor at the Pittsburg /Bay Point station at 9:30pm. [video]

2014 September 9
Light Rail Hits Pedestrian (San Leandro, CA)
A southbound BART light rail train struck a pedestrian at the Bay Fair station at 8:05pm. The victim was taken to Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley.

2014 September 9
Orange Line L Train Kills Girl (Chicago, IL)
An outbound orange line L train struck and killed a girl near 49th and Western Avenue at 6:12pm. Emily Phillips, 17, jumped in front of the train near Western Station and was found under it at 6:30pm. She was pronounced dead at the scene at 7:07pm. Suicide hotlines: 1-800-273-8255 (1-800-273-TALK) or 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433).

2014 September 9
Minor Derailment of Blue Line (Chicago)
An eastbound blue line L train had a minor derailment near Pulaski station at 7:15am. Buses took over for two hours. [video]
•  Also, a tree fell on the Metra tracks in suburban Kenilworth.

2014 September 8
Train Hits Car Carrier (Little Falls, NJ)
A southbound, five-car NJ Transit train, with 11 passengers, crashed into a tractor trailer carrying six vehicles near the intersection of Francisco Avenue and Ethel Drive at about 11pm. The train operator spotted the disabled truck, sounded the train horn, and applied brakes, but was unable to stop prior to hitting the truck.

2014 September 8
Tree On Wires Stops Trains (Sydney, Australia)
North Shore commuter trains were replaced by buses after a tree fell on the catenary wires near Killara station.

2014 September 8
Commuter Train Hits Teen (Westwood, MA)
A 14 year old boy was hit by a MBTA - Franklin line commuter train at 5:20pm near the Islington station. The badly injured boy was flown to a Boston hospital.

2014 September 8
Blue Line Light Rail Crushes Man (Long Beach, CA)
A man was crushed between a blue line light rail train and the Pacific Avenue station at 12:15pm. He screamed and was conscious for 20 minutes while rescue workers tried to free him. He was taken to St. Mary's Hospital where he died.  
•  Also, a blue line light rail train hit a car near the 1800 block of Flower Street in Los Angeles around 8am, injuring two.

2014 September 8
Light Rail Strikes Man's Face (San Francisco, CA)
A northbound Muni T-Third light rail train hit a man's face and head near the intersection of Third Street and Carroll Avenue at 5:15am. The 71 year old man was taken to General Hospital.

2014 September 7
Green Line Light Rail Hits Car (St. Paul, MN)
A westbound MetroTransit green line light rail train hit a car at University and Cromwell avenues at about 4:30pm. One report said the driver was making a left turn, another said he was making a U-turn. The driver told the Pioneer Press, "Physically, I'm okay, but emotionally and maybe financially, I'm not. I wasn't trying to beat the train."
Also, green line light rail trains were halted the next day due to electrical problems between the overhead catenary wires and the pantograph on the trains. A sparking, smoking light rail train stopped near Moos Tower at 2:30pm.

2014 September 2
Light Rail Crossing Gate Stops Car (Norfolk, VA)
Hampton Roads Transit - Tide light rail trains were delayed after a car hit a crossing gate near Ballentine station before noon. [video]

2014 September 2
Commuter Train Kills Boy (Hazlet, NJ)
A northbound North Jersey Coast line commuter train struck and killed Nicholas G. Kansky, 17, near the Beers Street crossing at 5:30am. Fifteen passenger were on the train.

2014 August 31
Light Rail Kills Woman (St. Paul, MN)
An eastbound green line light rail train struck and killed a woman, Shana G. Buchanan, 42, at the intersection of University Avenue and Emerald Street SE near the Westgate station in the Prospect Park neighborhood at 10:15am. The train operator applied some form of brakes but was not able to stop the train in time. It is not known if the operator applied track braking. It was estimated that the train was travelling at 30mph when it hit the woman. Survived by her 14 year old son, Buchanan was a lawyer and a former teacher. The new green line had 13 previous incidents.

2014 August 28
SunRail Kills Man (Sanford, FL)
A northbound SunRail commuter train hit and killed Richard Holley, 45, near West State Road 46 and Airport Boulevard around 10pm. The train operator didn't know he hit anyone.

2014 August 28
Light Rail Hits SUV (Newark, NJ)
A New Jersey Transit light rail train crashed into an SUV at Atlantic and Broad streets around 7:20am. The driver of the SUV was treated for leg injuries at the scene. "Four passengers onboard the train were uninjured," which may mean there were only four passengers or (on the bright side) that of all the injuries, four survived the crash without harm.

2014 August 27
Man Injured Walking Into The Side Of A Light Rail Train (Sacramento)
A man in his 60s walked into the side of a northbound moving RT green line light rail train at the intersection of 8th and K street at 5:20pm. the man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

2014 August 27
Actress Killed At Dangerous Level Crossing (Formby, England)
A Network Rail - Merseyrail northern line train struck and killed a 22 year old actress, who was chasing a dog across a dangerous level crossing that Network Rail planned to replace. Yasmin Jones was struck and killed before 3pm at the Fisherman's Path crossing, after a dog she was walking got loose and chased after another dog. She had less than 8 seconds to see the Liverpool-bound train before it hit her. And she may not have heard the train due to strong winds off the Sefton coast. Network Rail has been meaning to replace the "high risk" level crossing with a footbridge. [The Moor Bridge in Nottingham was another dangerous rail crossing with deaths in November 2008 and November 2012.]

2014 August 26
Man Stabbed At Light Rail Terminal (Glen Burnie, MD)
A fight at the Cromwell light rail terminal at 10pm ended with one man stabbed. Another man, Joshua Craft, boarded a MTA light rail train, only to be arrested at the other station. Previously at the Cromwell terminal (on June 7th), a woman was shot and killed by an MTA officer.

2014 August 26
Commuter Train Kills Man (Des Plaines, IL)
An outbound Metra 629 commuter train struck and killed a man at the Des Plaines Metra station at 5:10pm. The man was pronounced dead at the scene at 5:37pm.

2014 August 26
Wheel Falls Off Light Rail, Strands Thousands (Pleasant Hill, CA)
A flange flipped off a moving BART light rail train wheel, damaging an interlocking crossover track and the third rail and shutting down afternoon trains. BART later found 23 flawed wheels on 20 train cars. BART blames wheel supplier Penn Machine Works for flaws in the steel and aluminium binding process that should have been quality controlled through ultrasound inspections.

2014 August 25
Green Line Hits 3rd Pedestrian (St. Paul, MN)
A westbound Metro Transit green line light rail train hit a skateboarding man crossing the tracks at the intersection of University Avenue and Chatsworth Street after 1pm. The train operator used one form of brakes, according to a Pioneer Press report. The man had a 4 inch gash to the back of his head and ended up face down on the pavement, with both legs injured. He was taken to Regions Hospital. This was the third pedestrian hit by the 10-week-old train. [video]

2014 August 25
Light Rail Train Hits Car (Denver, CO)
An Regional Transportation District D-line light rail train struck a car at the intersection of Welton and 21st streets at 8:26am. The train pushed the car to the intersection of Welton and 20th streets. An injured person was taken to the hospital.

2014 August 24
Blue Line Light Rail Hits Truck (Bloomington, MN)
A blue line light rail train hit a truck at American Boulevard at 1:15pm, injuring two.

2014 August 22
Two Commuter Trains Collide (Melbourne, Australia)
A Metro train stopped in Altona was hit by a V line train at 7pm. several passengers were injured. The two trains were separated at 2:15pm on August 23rd.

2014 August 19
Broken Muni, BART, Cable Car Trains (San Francisco & Millbrae, CA)
•  The westbound N-Judah line broke down near Church Street at 7:35am.
•  Passengers were trapped on trains at Civic Center.
•  The Powell Street cable car died at 7:54am.
•  Debris on the catenary power lines stopped BART trains around the Millbrae station from 8:20am to 9:50am.
• BART riders harass other riders. Victims laugh at inaccurate BART statistics.
• BART transit police will harass homeless people at the Powell Street station.
• BART transit police may have tackled the wrong man.
• Siemens wins $1.2 billion from S.F. and $2.3 billion from Orlando.

2014 August 19
Train Operator Can't Prevent Hitting Her Ex-Boyfriend (Inverlochy, Scotland)
West Highland Line train operator Diane MacDonald was unable to stop her train in time from hitting her ex-boyfriend of 8 years, Gary Wells. Wells stepped on the tracks, was hit, and killed by the scenic railway train shortly before 8am.

2014 August 18
Green Line Light Rail Derails (Boston, MA)
A MBTA green line B-line light rail train partially derailed east of Kenmore station at 9:45am.

2014 August 17
Light Rail Transit Police Attack, Jail Wrong Man (San Francisco)
BART transit police officer Darnell Bussey decided that the description of a panhandler who accosted a woman at Powell station: bald, black man wearing a black shirt and black pants matched Albert James Burleson, who is black, has hair, and was “neatly dressed in a red shirt, grey jacket, and light brown dress shoes.” At 6:55pm, Bussey, Myron Lee, and other off-duty and retired (?) police officers tackled Burleson. They kneed him in the neck and back. At the BART police substation, Bussey told Burleson he made a mistake. When Burleson threatened to file a complaint, Bussey told him he was under arrest. Burleson spent the night in jail.

2014 August 17
Defective Train Paralyzes MRT System (Manila, Philippines)
Another Metro Rail Transit train needed to be pushed, just like the one on August 13th. This time the defective train, an MRT-3 being pushes from Buendia Station, did not roll out of control into a concrete barricade.

2014 August 16
Commuter Train Kills Man (Clifton, NJ)
David Tiedeman, 65,  placed himself under a New Jersey Transit train at the Delawanna station just before 4pm. He died at the scene.

2014 August 16
Light Rail Kills 2 on Wheelchair (Portland, OR)
A mother and son exited an eastbound TriMet MAX light rail train at Gresham City Hall station (stop 8356 with a 3' drop) at 11:25am. Bertha Nellie Kelly, 66, rode a wheelchair, and her son John Paul Kelly, 48, jump on her lap and bumped the controller, sending the wheelchair into the gap between the two MAX rail cars. Oblivious to the incident, the MAX operator left the station, and it is not known when he learned about it. The mother died at the scene; the son died at the hospital.

2014 August 16
Light Rail Pushes Pickup Truck Up A Creek (Bethel Park, PA)
A Port Authority of Allegheny County (the T) light rail train hit a pickup truck at the intersection of Logan and Library roads at 12:20am. The light rail train pushed the pickup into one of the light rail utility poles and then into a creek. The two people from the pickup truck were taken to UPMC Mercy Hospital for treatment. There were no injuries on the midnight train.

2014 August 15
Light Rail Derails, Injures 1 (Portland, OR)
The rear carriage of a slow westbound TriMet MAX light train derailed as it entered the Lloyd Center station at 1:45pm. One passenger was hospitalized with injuries. The 50+ ton light rail train was rerailed sometime after 5pm. [video]

2014 August 15
Cracked Third Rail Disables 5 Blue Line Trains (Arlington Cemetery, VA)
A cracked third rail on the northbound Metro tracks north of the Arlington Cemetery station damaged the wheels of five Metro trains that crossed it between 6am and 8am. Inbound blue line service was suspended from 8am to 10am, while track inspectors walked the track between Pentagon and Rosslyn stations, searching for the cracked rail. The rail was discovered and repaired by 11:25am.

2014 August 15
Commuter Train Kills Woman (Park Ridge, NJ)
A southbound New Jersey Transit - Pascack Valley line train with 20 passengers ran over a woman lying on the tracks at 5:25am. The train operator hit the horn and started braking but was unable to stop in time. Kennedy Clifford, 19, died at the scene. She was the 11th person killed by NJ Transit this year. Clifford was a sophomore at Stonehill College and was on the dean's list in fall 2013. Suicide hotlines: 1-800-273-8255 (1-800-273-TALK) or 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433).
Also, a man in Clifton crawled under a stopped train the next day. When the train started to move, he was killed.

2014 August 14
Cyclist Hit By Light Rail (Sacramento)
A blue line light rail train hit a man riding a bicycle at the intersection of 47th Avenue and 27th Street. The victim suffered non-life threatening-injuries.

2014 August 13
Train Carriage Dangles Into Ravine (Tiefencastel, Switzerland)
A landslide caused a Rhaetian Railway train to derail, injuring at least seven passengers and causing one train carriage to dangle into a ravine before 2pm.

2014 August 13
Train Smashes Into Concrete Barrier (Manila, Philippines)
At least 34 people were injured when a street-level Metro Rail Transit commuter train crashed into a concrete barrier, spraying rails and debris into traffic. The MRT-3 train had a "technical problem," lost power, and was being pushed by another train when it became detached and rolled out of control into the concrete barrier at the Pasay Road terminal. Passenger Regina Santos said just before the train crashed, the driver told the passengers to open the doors using the emergency levers and to brace themselves. Santos said, "I prayed to God to save us." [Control center & operator error was blamed for the crash.]

2014 August 13
Burglar in Tree Stops 783 Trains (London, England)
After trying to break into an appliance store, burglar Carlton Andre, 36, escaped police by climbing a tree near the Charlton railway station around 2am. During the 17 hours he remained in the tree, 783 trains through Woolwich and Greenwich were delayed or cancelled. Andre faces 18 months in jail.

2014 August 12
Light Rail Wires Break (Baltimore)
Buses replaced light rail trains due to a broken catenary wire between the North Linthicum and Linthicum stations of the Maryland Transit Administration.

2014 August 11
Train Hits Mini-Bus, Kills 3 (Wolfenschiessen, Switzerland)
At a rail crossing scheduled to be upgraded in 2015, a SBB tourist train hit a tourist mini-bus, killing 3 and injuring 5 on the mini-bus. The same crossing had a crash two week earlier.

2014 August 11
MAX System Stopped Due To Mistake in Rail Repair (Portland, OR)
Early morning TriMet crews at Lloyd Center were smashing up a bad section of light rail tracks, when suddenly the whole MAX light rail system shut down. At noon, TriMet issued an apology. The Oregonian is calling this the start of TriMaggedon.

2014 August 10
Light Rail Shutdown to Fix Signals (Edmonton, Canada)
For the third time this summer, the light rail system was stopped to try to fix the signals. bus route 505 replaced the trains.

2014 August 9
Light Rail Train Stabbing (Portland)
A fight and stabbing on a MAX green line light rail train at 2pm ended with the victim in the hospital and two juvenile males arrested.

2014 August 8
Blue Line Stations Closed For Repairs (Minneapolis)
Ten-year-old blue line light rail stations closed this weekend for repairs and track maintenance. The stations closed for repairs were: 50th Street, VA Medical, and stations between Franklin Avenue and Terminal 2-Humphrey.

2014 August 8
Blue Line Train Derailed (Chicago)
A westbound CTA blue line train derailed at Forest Park station at 11:02am. Bus service took over for the train. No injuries were reported.

2014 August 8
Man Killed By Light Rail (Portland, OR)
An eastbound TriMet MAX light rail train killed a man, David Paul Cain, 51, after he hit the side of the train at Northeast 122nd Avenue and Burnside Street at 10:45am. [Portland Light Rail's Mixed Track Record by the Austin Statesman]

2014 August 7
Seattle's Eminent Domain Abuse (Seattle, WA)
Seattle never learned the lessons of Kelo v. New London, Connecticut. Seattle is using eminent domain to purchase property out from under 12 businesses on the 9500 block of 1st Av NE for Sound Transit. Recently, a little Latvian church in Seattle fought off Seattle's abuse of eminent domain. In October 2013, Seattle seized a private parking lot to turn it into a public parking lot (council bill 117933). And in 2005, Seattle tried to use eminent domain to seize John Fujii's parking garage for the Seattle Monorail, which only needed a third of the property temporarily. The Monorail hoped to sell the property for a profit once it was done with it, but the project fell through.

2014 August 6
Passengers Push Train Off Trapped Man (Innaloo, Australia)
A man's left leg slipped between a Joondalup commuter train and the Stirling station platform at 8:50am. About 20 passengers pushed the train off his leg to free the man. [video]

2014 August 5
Green Line Light Rail Hits Car (West Valley City, UT)
A TRAX green line light rail train hit a woman driving a silver 4door car at 2740 Redwood Road South.

2014 August 5
Bedbugs Are Subway Passengers (New York, NY)
Three N trains were found to be transporting bedbugs. The trains were sent to Brooklyn for fumigation. In April 2014, bedbugs were also reported in San Francisco on Bart. [Update 8-25-2014: Bedbug bites N conductor. Bedbugs also found on Q, 5, 6, and 7 lines. Update 9-10-2014: Bedbugs spread to R trains and sucking blood on A, L, N, Q, 3, 4, 5, and 6 trains.]

2014 August 4
Subway Runs Over Teen Rescuing Belongings From Tracks (Brooklyn)
A teenaged girl dropped something of hers at 9:50pm on the at-grade tracks at the East 105th Street station. When she went to recover the item from the tracks, she was run over by the L train. She survived and was taken to the Kings County hospital.

2014 August 4
Light Rail Train Hits Car (Hillsboro, OR)
A TriMet MAX blue line light rail train hit a car at the intersection of First Avenue South and Southeast Washington Street at 3:35pm. One light rail passenger reported injuries.

2014 August 3
Sunday Night Fights on Light Rail (Aberdeen, NJ)
Fights broke out on a North Jersey Coast line light rail train Sunday night. When NJ Transit police met up with the train at the Aberdeen-Matawan station, two large groups of juveniles left the train and dispersed. Transit police found a highly intoxicated 18 year old woman and a man "with facial injuries consistent with being punched in the face."

2014 August 2
High Speed Train Debacle (Istanbul, Turkey)
Experts from the United Transportation Workers Union say the İstanbul-Ankara train line is not suitable for operation, and it is “an invitation for disaster.” Signal systems are incomplete or missing. On August 2nd, two high speed trains were halted due to electrical problems. On opening day July 25th, an İstanbul-bound train broke down for half an hour with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on board. On July 3rd, a test train derailed after hitting a maintenance vehicle in Gebze. On May 29th, a station under construction in Arifiye collapsed, injuring five.

2014 August 2
Blue Line Train Kills Man (Alexandria, VA)
A passengerless Metro blue line train hit and killed a man between the Van Dorn and Franconia-Springfield stations at 3:30am.

2014 August 1
Passenger and Freight Trains Collide, Injure 35 (Mannheim, Germany)
Two cars of a northwest-bound Eurocity speed train tipped over after colliding with a freight train at 9pm GMT. The slow speed of the speed train allowed only 35 injuries.

2014 August 1
Light Rail Train Hits Van, 6 Injured (Seattle, WA)
A southbound Sound Transit Link light rail train driving the middle of Martin Luther King Jr. Way South hit a northbound van turning west onto South Brandon Street at 3:25pm. The Link train pushed the van into a pedestrian light signal. The intersection does not have railroad crossing gates. Five people in the van were injured including a 6 year old boy. The Seattle Times reported the train operator used the emergency brakes and was in pain. Buses replaced the train for several hours.

2014 August 1
Light Rail Train Hits Truck, 20 Injured (San Francisco, CA)
A northbound Muni T-Third light rail train on Third Street hit a white TTSI 18-wheel semi-truck turning onto Innes Avenue at 1:50pm. The first car of the two car train was derailed. Twenty people were injured. Eleven were hospitalized. The intersection does not have railroad crossing gates. [video]

2014 August 1
San Antonio Cancels Streetcar Plans (San Antonio, TX)
The VIA Metro Transit board cancelled the controversial downtown streetcar plan, as funding for the project dried up and opponents closed in on an election that would have scrapped the $290 million plan. Funding earmarked for the streetcar will be used to buy 30 new buses and for the Primo bus rapid transit system.

2014 July 31
Commuter Train Kills Cyclist (Des Plaines, IL)
Northwest-bound Metra train 639 on the Union Pacific Northwest tracks struck and killed a bicyclist near the Cumberland station at 6pm. Amy Carolyn Thier, 45, was pronounced dead at the scene. She was the founder of splash Dogs, a canine hydrotherapy center.

2014 July 31
Light Rail Tram Hits Man (Nottingham, England)
Days after being hit by a Nottingham Express Transit (NET) light rail tram, a 42 year old man was in stable condition at Queen Medical Centre.

2014 July 29
Light Rail Station Robbery (Seattle)
Mistyleene, 20, and her younger sister, Edgiemeh, 13, were robbed at gunpoint at the Sound Transit Link light rail train's Columbia City station at 10pm.

2014 July 25
Subway Shutdown (New York)
The G Subway connecting Queens and Brooklyn has shut down for five weeks starting July 25th and ending September 2, 2014. The shutdown will allow crews to repair saltwater damage from Hurricane Sandy and fortify against future damage.

2014 July 23
Baby Stroller Falls Off Platform (London)
Wind turns an unattended baby stroller. It rolls down the London Underground Goodge Street platform towards the tracks. It misses a train and falls onto the tracks. With another baby on her back, the mother jumps down to the tracks to retrieve the baby in the stroller. [pictures]

2014 July 23
Passengerless Light Rail Train Hits Car (Houston)
A passengerless Metro green line light rail train hit a Toyota Corolla on the 5100 block of Harrisburg at 3pm. The Metro green line is expected to open in December 2014. Houston's light rail had 450 crashes in ten years, with 173 reported to the National Transit Database due to injury or over $20,000 worth of property damage. Houston Metro is limiting itself to less than seven crashes per month.

2014 July 23
Light Rail Train Hits Car At Medical Center (Houston, TX)
A southbound Metro light rail train hit the back of a car on the 6600 block of Fannin at about 7am. The car's driver and passenger were injured in the crash and were taken to Ben Taub General Hospital. The driver was waiting behind a few other cars to make a left turn. The train operator did not control the train's speed sufficiently to avoid colliding with the back of the vehicle.

2014 July 22
Light Rail Train Two Cars Crash (Baltimore)
A northbound Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) central light rail train #17 hit a Honda Civic attempting to turn into the driveway of the Holiday Inn from South Howard Street at 10:22am. The car was caught under the train and hit a southbound Jeep Wrangler. Four light rail passengers were injured and were taken to the University of Maryland Medical Center.

2014 July 22
Light Rail Hits Car (Houston, TX)
A Metro light rail train struck a car at the intersection of Fannin Street and Bates Avenue (by the Texas Medical Center) and stuck the car between the train and the divider fencing at 7:15am.

2014 July 21
Skytrain Shutdown Due To Power Outage (Vancouver, Canada)
A five hour Skytrain afternoon shutdown of two of the three train lines was from a power outage due to an electrical panel failure. Trained by the power outage from only days before, stranded passengers left their train cars to walk the elevated line.

2014 July 21
Commuter Train Kills Man (Paterson, NJ)
A New Jersey Transit main line train for Hoboken struck and killed a man  at 1:33pm just east of the Paterson rail station near the bridge over Route 80. Eight people have been killed by NJ Transit trains in 2014. Twenty-eight were killed in 2013. See also June 18, 2014.

2014 July 17
Skytrain Shutdown Due To Failed Computer (Vancouver, Canada)
Most of the Skytrain system stopped at 5pm, the end of the day for people and an input-output card on the main control computer. Some buses took over for trains. Skytrain thought they had the problem fixed at 6:15pm, but passengers were still stranded at 10:30pm.

2014 July 17
Orange Line Train Robberies (Chicago, IL)
Two men with a handgun robbed multiple passengers on the northeast-bound orange line train between the Halsted and Roosevelt stations. Romelia Garcia, 67, refused to give them her purse and was hit on the side of the head with a gun. the robbers escaped at the Roosevelt station at 4:15pm. During the first quarter of 2014, 483 crimes were reported on Chicago transit. [Update: Twenty-year-old Michael A. Taylor of Chicago was arrested in Rockford on July 25th and charged with four felony counts of robbery with a firearm and two felony counts of aggravated assault. Another man was arrested in Gary, Indiana.]

2014 July 15
Light Rail Hits Car (Castle Shannon, PA)
A Pittsburgh-bound red line Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) light rail train hit a black 4-door car at the intersection of Cook's Lane and Mt. Lebanon Boulevard at 11:25am. The black sedan was smashed into a guard rail. The two injured 70 year-olds were cut out of the car and were taken to St. Clair Hospital.

2014 July 15
Light Rail Hits Car (Los Angeles, CA)
One person was injured when a Metro gold line light rail train hit a car on the First Street bridge at 7am in Little Tokyo. The driver was extricated from the car and taken to the hospital with an injured hip.

2014 July 15
23 Dead, 270 Injured in Subway Derailment (Moscow, Russia)
The early morning derailment of a Moscow Metro Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya dark blue subway train at Park Pobedy station has killed 23 people and injured roughly 270, about 50 of those in grave condition. The train derailed, then after a flash of light, thick smoke filled the train. Heads were hit, arms broken, and blood was on the floor.

2014 July 14
426 Fare Evaders for First Month of Green Line Light Rail (St. Paul, MN)
Most of the 426 light rail fare evaders identified by the 22 Metro Transit green line police were given warnings. Citations were issued in 129 cases, and six people were arrested. The green line light rail had nine collisions. There have been 27 reports of disorderly conduct, 10 fights, and five assaults.

2014 July 13
Light Rail Derails After Hitting Truck (Harrison, NJ)
Four people were injured when a westbound red line Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) light rail train hit a box truck at the Harrison crossing at 8:35pm.

2014 July 13
Lightning Stops Monorail (Orlando, Florida)
A power outage from a lightning strike stopped one of Disney World's monorail trains at about 6:30pm. Fire fighters rescued all 120 monorail passengers using a mechanized lift, a platform truck, and an aerial ladder.

2014 July 13
Woman Chased By Robber on Red Line (Chicago)
A man chased a woman in a red line train near the Clybourn Street station, while trying to rob her of her cellphone at 6pm.

2014 July 12
Subway Kills Woman & iPad (Bronx, NY)
Aracelis Ayuso (21) was killed after dropping her iPad at the Union Square station around 3:30pm. The young mother tried to catch the tablet but lost her footing and fell onto the tracks just as the Brooklyn-bound No. 4 subway was approaching the platform. The subway conductor saw the woman and tried to stop the train but could not. In 2013, 151 people were hit by subway trains and 53 died. Suicides and attempted suicides accounted for 35% of the incidents. Other causes were people trying to retrieve lost items, slipping while drunk, or being murdered. In 2012, there were 141 people hit by subways and 55 killed.

2014 July 11
Trains Defaced By Defecation (Uxbridge, Massachusetts)
Police are asking people not to defecate from bridges onto trains.

2014 July 10
Spark, Boom & Smoke Halt Metro Trains (Washington, DC)
A spark, a loud boom, and smoke at the Smithsonian Metro Station was blamed on a cover board contacting the third rail at 2:42pm. Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority spokeswoman Caroline Laurin said the loud boom and smoke was not an explosion.

2014 July 9
Bring Your Own Chair on Light Rail (San Francisco, CA)
Pictures 1 & 2 of BART light rail passengers seated on their own chairs. BART has identified "high concentrations of nine bacteria strains and several types of mold have been found on train seats, including fecal and skin-borne bacteria resistant to antibiotics." In 2010, BART received 1,051 complaints of smoking, eating, and drinking; 245 complaints of urinating or defecating; and 56 reports of spitting.

2014 July 9
2 Killed By Train (Lincolnshire, England)
After their 50 year old daughter arrived at their home by taxi, announcing she was moving in, Peter and Betty Smith (80 & 79) walked to the train tracks and stood. The train operator saw the couple and honked the horn for a minute before hitting and killing them.

2014 July 8
Rocks Derail Train (Bray, Ireland)
Vandals throwing rocks from above caused a partial derailment (2 bogies) of a Dublin Area Rapid Transit (DART) train at 11:15pm.

2014 July 7
Green Line Derailment Blamed On Train Debris (Boylston, MA)
A pilot bar fell off a MBTA green line light rail train at Boylston Station and caused the train to derail. Evening commutes were delayed.

2014 July 7
Switching Problem Stops Green Line Trains (Chicago)
A switching problem near the Garfield Station at 6am stopped green line trains from running during the morning commutes.

2014 July 6
Another Crash For Central Corridor Green Line (St. Paul, MN)
A Central Corridor green line light rail train sideswiped a car at the intersection of Snelling and University avenues at about noon.

2014 July 4
Light Rail Kills West (Richmond, CA)
A BART light rail train struck and killed Kevin West, 45, at the Richmond Station at about 4:30pm.

2014 July 3
Light Rail Hits Car (Los Angeles)
One person was injured when a gold line light rail train hit a car at the intersection of 3rd Street and Mednik Avenue at 5pm. Shuttle buses transported passengers for 20 minutes while the trains were stopped.

2014 July 2
Green Line Light Rail Hits SUV (Brookline, MA)
A westbound green line MBTA light rail train hit a gray SUV at the at-grade intersection of Beacon Street and Harvard Avenue at 6pm. No injuries were reported.

2014 July 2
Green Line Light Rail Hits Car (Minneapolis, MN)
A westbound green line light rail train hit a car near the University of Minnesota's stadium village.

2014 July 1
Light Rail Derails (Dalian, China)
A line 3 light rail train derailed near Baoshui Area Station at 10am. There were no casualties because no passengers were onboard.

2014 July 1
MAX Light Rail Can't Take The Heat (Portland, OR)
MAX light rail tracks were not designed to withstand high temperatures.

Sometime in July 2014, TriMet transit police arrested Chris Tejero and charged him with two misdemeanor after he boarded a WES commuter train without a ticket. The conductor gave him permission to board because the ticket kiosk wasn’t working properly, but TriMet transit police arrested him anyway. Tejero was charged with “interfering with public transit” (IPT), a class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in prison. Tejero was found not guilty.

2014 June 30
DART Light Rail Kills Man (Dallas, TX)
A passenger of a northbound DART green line light rail train got off the train at Bachman Station, tried to get back on the train, and was run over by the train. Daniel Campos, 24, died at the scene at 10pm.

2014 June 30
Possible Free Riding Passenger Killed By Transit Police (Seattle, WA)
Sound Transit police questioned three men and found one without proof of payment on a southbound central link light rail train at 4pm. One of the men pulled out a gun at Sodo Station. The Sound Transit police shot him multiple times, killing him at the scene. [video]

2014 June 30
Street Trolley Train Hits Van, Injures 2 (Philadelphia, PA)
A Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) trolley train hit a van at the intersection of Baltimore Avenue and 55th Street, just after 8am. Two passengers on the trolley train were injured and were taken to the University of Pennsylvania hospital for treatment. Shuttle buses bypassed the crash scene.

2014 June 30
Light Rail Shut Down Due To Power Outage (Portland, OR)
MAX light rail trains across the city were shut down for the morning due to a power outage. Buses continued to run.

2014 June 29
Green Line Light Rail Hits Car (St. Paul, MN)
A green line light rail train hit a car at the intersection of University Avenue and Hwy 280.

2014 June 29
Woman Survives After 3 Subway Train Run Over Her (Manhattan, NY)
Mary Downey, 22, fell onto the subway tracks at the 49th Street Station near Times Square at 6am. The impact fractured her shoulder, but she squeezed between the rails before being run over by a northbound subway. Two other trains ran over her before she was rescued from the tracks.

2014 June 28
Light Rail Train Knocks Hat Off Pedestrian (St. Paul, MN)
An eastbound green line light rail train bumped a pedestrian, knocking his hat off, after the pedestrian got off a westbound train and ducked under the chains at the Hamline Avenue station.

2014 June 27
TRAX Light Rail Hits Car (West Jordan, UT)
A UTA TRAX red line light rail train hit a car at the intersection of 9000 South and 3400 West at 1:10pm. The driver of the car was taken to the hospital in serious condition.

2014 June 26
MAX Light Rail Strikes Bicyclist (Hillsboro, OR)
A westbound blue line TriMet MAX light rail train on Washington Avenue SE hit a man riding his bicycle southbound at the 10th Street SE crossing at 8:35pm. The 58 year old man was rushed to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center with head injuries. Google Streetview does not show any crossing gates at the intersection as of 2012.

2014 June 26
Light Rail Derails In Front of Gateway (Salt Lake City, UT)
The third car of a blue line TRAX light rail train decided to go a different direction (north) from the rest of the train (south), derailing the train in front of the Gateway mall at 10:40am. A switch malfunction was blamed for the derailment. Only 30 people were on the train. One was sent to the hospital with leg injuries.

2014 June 26
CTA Train Kills Bicyclist (Chicago)
A Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) brown line train struck and killed Ronayne Thomas, who was riding his bike across a ground-level crossing near the Kimball station at about 12:30am. Thomas waited for the Loop-bound train to pass and checked to make sure another train wasn't following. Then he went around the crossing gate and was hit by a train from the Loop heading into the Kimball station. He was 31.

2014 June 24
Green Line Light Rail Hits Semi (St. Paul, MN)
An eastbound green line light rail train hit an eastbound semi truck at the intersection of Rice Street and University Avenue.

2014 June 23
Light Rail Train Hits Pickup (Dallas)
A northbound DART light rail train hit a westbound pickup at the Manor Way crossing. The driver of the pickup had broken glass in his arm and was treated at the scene.

2014 June 22
Two Die In SUV Under Amtrak (Mansfield, MA)
Two people died in an SUV that was hit just before midnight by Amtrak 132 heading from Washington DC to Boston. A witness told WCVB-ABC, "Once the train stopped, you can see parts of the vehicle was stuck under the train and the front wheels of the train are off the tracks."

2014 June 22
Man Killed By Light Rail (San Jose, CA)
A man chasing after his dog was hit and killed by a Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) light rail train on Stokes Street and Southwest Expressway shortly after 9pm.

2014 June 21
Caboose Tips Over, Injures 7 (Puyallup, WA)
A very light rail train caboose with adults and children tipped over at the intersection of Sixth Avenue SW and Second Street SW during the Meeker Days festival. All six passengers were injured, including an 8 year old boy.

2014 June 20
Woman Killed By Light Rail (Minneapolis, MN)
A pedestrian was struck and killed by a southbound blue line light rail train using its emergency brakes on the north side of 35th Street East and Hiawatha at 2:50pm. Karen Lynn Fraser, 41, was the eleventh person killed by the blue line light rail since it opened on June 26, 2004.

2014 June 18
Commuter Train Kills Man (Paterson, NJ)
A New Jersey Transit main line train headed to Port Jervis struck and killed a man west of the Paterson station near the intersection of Straight Street and Governor Street. The man laid his head on the track. The train operator saw him but could not stop the train in time. The man died quickly. Seven people have been killed by NJ Transit trains in 2014. Twenty-eight were killed in 2013. See also July 21, 2014.

2014 June 17
Debris Rains Down From Derailing L Train (Chicago, IL)
Rail spikes and splintered wood rained down on Van Buren Street, after an orange line L train derailed on the elevated tracks above. "The wood started falling, it was like a buzz saw going down the tracks and cutting up the tracks into bits and pieces," Joseph Williams told the Chicago Tribune.

2014 June 16
Fifth Crash For Central Corridor Green Line (St. Paul, MN)
A westbound Central Corridor green line light rail train hit a southbound car at the intersection of Hampden and University avenues at 8:20pm.
•  51% of Minnesotans say light rail is not worth the money and 65% of Twin Cities residents say they will almost never use it, according to a KSTP survey.

2014 June 15
Light Rail Hits Car (Denver)
A southbound RTD H-line light rail train struck a gray Jaguar at Kalamath Street and Speer Boulevard near the Colorado Convention Center at 11pm.

2014 June 13
Man Beaten To Death at Light Rail Station (Los Angeles, CA)
Mute artist John Whitmore, 65, standing at the Willowbrook Metro blue line light rail platform, was assaulted by two unknown black females at 1:20pm. The women punch and kicked the victim until he fell to the ground. Whitmore was taken to Saint Francis Medical Center and succumbed to his injuries one week later, on June 20th. [Update: Tracy Gomez, 24, of Hawthorne and Virginia Butler, 23, of Los Angeles were arrested on suspicion of killing John Whitmore. Gomez allegedly used brass knuckles.]

2014 June 11
Red Line Brake Failures (Washington DC)
A list of recent brake failures, smoking trains, and other Metro red line problems.

2014 June 8
Fourth Crash For Central Corridor Green Line (Minneapolis, MN)
A black Chevrolet Prizm sedan was heavily damaged when it was hit by a Central Corridor green line light rail at the intersection of Portland Avenue South and Fifth Street South. The crash occurred at 10:40pm in front of the light rail advocating Star Tribune. The woman driving the sedan was shaken up by the crash. The green line hasn't opened but had three other crashes: April 30th, May 10th, and May 16th. Minnesota reports 25 highway-rail at-grade collisions so far this year. The chance of death or serious injury from a motor vehicle-train crash is 11 times greater than for other highway collisions.

2014 June 7
MTA Officer Shot Woman At Light Rail Terminal (Glen Burnie, MD)
A female MTA officer shot and killed a woman who was reportedly trying to choke her at the Cromwell light rail terminal at 6:30pm.

2014 June 6
Metra's 3 Scary Rides In 10 Days (Chicago)
The Federal Railroad Administration is investigating Metra after three safety violations in ten days. Two incidents were speeding on the Rock Island Line; the third was a failure to stop at a stop signal by a Metra Electric District train at the Matteson station.

2014 June 6
Commuter Train Hits Man (Melbourne, Australia)
An Upfield railway train hit a man at the Flemington Bridge station at 3:30pm. He was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in serious condition with leg injuries. Buses ran in place of the trains for several hours.

2014 June 5
Orange Line Airbag Explodes (Boston, MA)
The undercarriage airbag of a southbound MBTA orange line train exploded with a BOOM, smoke, and a shock-wave. The explosion of the shock-absorber-like airbag shocked Boston commuters at the State Street station just before 6am.

2014 June 5
Light Rail Crossing Gates Stuck Down (Minneapolis)
A northbound blue line light rail train was stopped at the Cedar-Riverside Station due to crossing arms stuck in the down position at the 11th Avenue crossing. At least the blue line (Hiawatha) has crossing gates, unlike the green line (Central Corridor).

2014 June 3
Slow Moving Metro Train Ran Over Man (Lanham, MD)
A man, 50, suffered a medical emergency at the Bethesda Station and fell onto the tracks. A slow moving, in-bound Metro red line train, arriving at the station, ran over the man at 5pm. Power to the station was shut off so the victim could be extricated from under the train. The man was taken to the hospital with serious, life-threatening injuries.

2014 June 2
Subway Car Fills With Smoke (Under the East River, New York, NY)
At 11pm, an eastbound MTA 7 train at the tunnel under the East River had an audible pop, filled with smoke, lost power, and sat for 20 minutes, before backing up and returning to Grand Central Station. [video]

2014 June 2
Light Rail Train Hits Car (Minneapolis, MN)
A southbound blue line (Hiawatha) light rail train hit a car at 3rd Av S and 5th St S at 9:30pm. The crash occurred by the Hennepin County Government Center.

2014 May 31
Light Rail Train Kills Man (Oakland, CA)
A BART light rail train at the West Oakland station struck and killed 22 year old Tyler Worden at about 10:15pm.

2014 May 27
Light Rail Train Hits Man (San Francisco)
A northbound J-Church Muni light rail train struck a man near the intersection of San Jose and St. Mary’s avenues in the Glen Park neighborhood at 8:50pm. The pedestrian suffered head trauma and leg injuries and was sent to General Hospital.  Also: Muni Cuts Seats In Half, Muni Is Suing Muni, and Muni Sickouts.

2014 May 27
Train Keeps Going At Terminal End (Lower Hutt, New Zealand)
A northbound TranzMetro commuter train crashed beyond the Melling terminal at 8:10am. The front of the Matangi train was driven up over six feet and hit a power pole. The crash shook houses over 650 feet away. The train operator jumped from his cab and shouted to the ten passengers, “I've got no brakes, brace yourselves!” On April 15, 2013, another northbound TranzMetro commuter train crash beyond the Melling terminal.

2014 May 25
Hit By Light Rail, Foot Stuck Between Sidewalk and Train (Portland, OR)
A man was hit by a westbound TriMet MAX blue line light rail train at 7pm. His foot became caught between the train and the SW 5th Avenue & Morrison station sidewalk.

2014 May 23
Fired Transit Employees Rehired (LA, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, CA)
The Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority and AC Transit have rehired 21% of their employees it fired in the past ten years, including people fired for substance abuse violations, assaulting a passenger, and multiple accidents. NBC Bay Area KNTV-11 found 17 of the rehired workers received backpay. Los Angeles Metro rehired 9% of its fired workers.

2014 May 21
Light Rail Hits Man (San Francisco, CA)
A westbound N-Judah Muni light rail train on Judah Street between 15th & 16th avenues struck a man who walked into the side of the train at 2:12pm. The 29 year old man was taken to General Hospital with life-threatening head injuries.

2014 May 21
Light Rail Hits Car (Cinnaminson, NJ)
A northbound New Jersey Transit River Line light rail train hit a small car at the intersection of River Road and Union Landing Road at about 11am. Two light rail passengers were injured.

2014 May 20
Light Rail Smoking Train Evacuated (Florence, NJ)
A northbound New Jersey Transit River Line light rail train filled with smoke and was evacuated. The train was taken out of service at about noon.

2014 May 16
Third Crash For Central Corridor (St. Paul, MN)
A Central Corridor green line light rail training train hit its third vehicle at 8:35am at the intersection of Eustis and University avenues, near Highway 280. The two earlier crashes were April 30th and May 10th. The Central Corridor is an at-grade shared right-of-way, without the crossing arms, berms, or tunnels of the blue line (Hiawatha).

2014 May 15
Green Line Light Rail Crash Injures 7 (Dallas, TX)
A southbound DART green line light rail train hit a 18-wheeled trailer near the Farmers Branch station at 3pm. The train operator broke both his legs and six passengers were injured.

2014 May 15
Light Rail Train Kills Man (San Francisco, CA)
A BART Pittsburg-Bay Point line light rail train killed a man at the Pleasant Hill station at 10am.

2014 May 14
Hot Weather Slows Light Rail (Portland, OR)
TriMet MAX trains slowed down for 90 degree temperatures to prevent damage to overhead catenary wires and rails. What does Phoenix do?

2014 May 13
Man Stabbed In The Back At Light Rail Station (Calgary, Canada)
A man was stabbed in the back and the hand at the Marlborough light rail station before 6:30am. Calgary has $3.7 billion transit funded but has a deficiency of $1.9 billion.

2014 May 12
MAX Light Rail Trains Stopped For The Day (Portland, OR)
All of TriMet’s MAX light rail trains were stopped for the day, due to a power outage on the Steel Bridge. A new surge arrestor on the Steel Bridge failed. TriMet will spend $53 million in summer 2014 on signal, switch, and track repairs.

2014 May 12
Passenger Train Kills Woman (Marcus Hook, PA)
Southbound Amtrak train 92 struck and killed a female pedestrian at the Marcus Hook train station at about 6:15pm.

2014 May 12
Another Car Stuck On Light Rail Bridge (Southport, QLD, Australia)
An elderly man mistook the GoldLinQ light rail tracks for a road and got his silver car stuck on the Sundale bridge tram tracks over the Nerang River. This was the fourth incident of people driving on the tracks. On March 13th, 2014 an elderly woman also mistook the light rail tracks for a road and got stuck on the bridge. On February 13, 2015, two more cars within two hours got stuck.

2014 May 11
Light Rail Train Kills Motorcyclist (Stroud, England)
A westbound Network Rail light rail train on the new Stroud-Swindon line struck and killed a motorcyclist at a crossing in Frampton Mansell at 6:45pm. Trains are difficult to see and hear trains at the crossing "coming from Swindon as they come from a tunnel then around a bend." Did Network Rail fail to post crossing signals?

2014 May 10
Second Crash Of The Central Corridor (St. Paul, MN)
A not-yet-open, passenger-less, westbound Central Corridor green line light rail train hit a black Dodge pickup truck at the intersection of Pascal Street and University Avenue at 12:30am. No injuries were reported. The train operator used the emergency brake, Raya Zimmerman reported, upon impact. (The first crash was April 30th.)

2014 May 9
Man Killed By Subway (midtown Manhattan, NY)
A man was hit and killed by a 5 train arriving at the 59th Street station at 4:15pm, after he fell on the tracks.

2014 May 8
Light Rail Fight (Edmonton, Canada)
Two passengers fought on light rail. [video]

2014 May 8
DART Stopped For Storm (Dallas)
A strong thunderstorm caused DART light rail service to be stopped. Buses continued to run.

2014 May 7
SunRail Train Hits Landscaping Truck (Longwood, FL)
New SunRail commuter train 101 hit the trailer of a landscaping pickup truck at the complex intersection of N Ronald Reagan Blvd and W State Road 434 at 5:30pm, on its fifth day in operation. The train operator saw the truck on the track but could not stop in time.

2014 May 7
Transit Police Tackles Suicidal Patriot Fan (Boston, MA)
A MBTA transit police officer threw an offensive tackle on a suicidal New England Patriots fan on the lower level of Park Street station at 2:10pm. The young man was wearing a Danny Woodhead 39 jersey and was leading off the edge of the platform. As he started to step off the platform and onto the red line tracks, the transit police officer tackled him. [Video (0:23). Update 3-2015: lawsuit charged MBTA transit officer Sean Conway with excessive force when he punched Anthony Ferrier five times, left out of the earlier video. Longer video (1:40).]

2014 May 7
Light Rail Kills Man, 77 (Scampston, England)
Eric Ireland, 77, was driving across the Ivy Lea at-grade farm track crossing at 9:15am when he was hit by the 8:48am Network Rail - North Yorkshire line light rail train. This "user-worked crossing" asks anyone wanting to cross the line to telephone for permission first. Network Rail has been gradually closing many level crossings (230 have shut since 2009).

2014 May 7
Light Rail Construction Leaks Gas (Phoenix)
A gas leak near Butler and 19th Avenue was reportedly due to light rail construction.

2014 May 6
Passenger Beaten At Light Rail Station (Sandy, Utah)
Gary Ferguson, a passenger on a UTA TRAX blue line train, was beaten by three teenagers at the Sandy Civic Center station at 5:30pm. Ferguson is expected to lose vision in his right eye due to multiple kicks to the head.

2014 May 6
Passenger Train Kills Man At Station (Sandwell, England)
At 1:19pm, a man was struck and killed by a Stour Valley Line train at the Dudley Port station (which is neither a port nor in Dudley).

2014 May 6
Car Crashes Into Empty Light Rail Train (Mesa, AZ)
Two adults were injured when their vehicle crashed into an empty light rail train at Main and Sycamore at 6pm. An infant in a car seat may have escaped injury.

2014 May 6
Light Rail Train Hits Pedestrian (Houston, TX)
A morning southbound red line Metro light rail train hit a pedestrian at the intersection of Main and Lamar streets near the Main Street Square station. The unconscious victim was taken to the hospital. Since Main Street is closed to traffic, it is no longer a main street, right?

2014 May 6
Man Killed By Light Rail Train (Rancho Cordova, CA)
Benjamin Lee Smith, 42, was walking his bike when he was hit and killed by a light rail train approaching the Zinfandel light rail station at 7:17am.

2014 May 5
Man Killed By Light Rail Train (Prestwich, England)
A Bury line tram struck and killed a man, 33, at the Prestwich Metrolink station at 1:30pm. The scene was described as "horrible."

2014 May 5
Man Dangling Legs Off Platform Hit By Light Rail Train (Jersey City, NJ)
A southbound blue line Hudson–Bergen Light Rail (HBLR) train arriving at the Danforth Avenue station at about 7am (the 6:55am train?) could not stop from hitting a man sitting on the edge of the platform, dangling his legs. The 28 year old man was rushed to the Jersey City Medical Center where he underwent emergency surgery. None of the 8 passengers on the train reported injuries.

2014 May 4
Derailed Passenger Train Kills 19, Injures 123 (Mumbai, India)
An Indian Railways train derailed near Roha station, causing two train cars to topple on their sides and one overturned. At least 19 were killed and 123 or more were taken to the hospital with injuries.

2014 May 2
Two Subway Trains Crash, 238 Injured (Seoul, Korea)
An Inner Circle green line 2 subway train stopped at Sangwangsimni Station with a mechanical problem was hit by another subway train at 3:30pm. The crash injured 238 and caused both trains to derail. Seoul Metro official Chung Soo-young said the signal light for the second train abruptly changed from “go” to “stop,” and the driver was unable to stop in time. In addition, Seoul Metro president Chang Jung-woo said, “The Automatic Train Stop system (ATS) installed at Sangwangsimni station failed to function properly.” The Chosun Ilbo daily with the country’s largest circulation said the clockwise subway line 2 was built 34 years ago and is run-down, and that it has not been adequately maintained. The last major Korean subway disaster was in 2003 when 192 were killed in a Daegu subway fire.

2014 May 2
Subway Derailment Injures 19 (Queens, NY)
Six of eight cars of a southbound F line subway train derailed south of the 65th Street station, injuring 19, and causing about a thousand passengers to wait in the darkened, smoke-filled train for an hour before firefighters led the passengers through the tunnel and up a ladder through a sidewalk grate. The original Queens Boulevard subway line was built in 1937, but track has been replaced since the early 1980s. [Update: traumatized passenger Melanie Chandan lawsuit.]

2014 May 1
Software Glitch Halts New Light Rail (Sydney, Australia)
After only a month in service, the Transdev inner west light rail line (on the former Rozelle freight rail corridor) from Lilyfield to Dulwich Hill (with stops between) has stopped. A “power failure” at a substation has been blamed on a “software failure.” It is not known when it will re-open.

2014 April 30
Light Rail Train Hits Outback (Salt Lake City, UT)
TRAX green line light rail train 1136B hit a gray Subaru Outback at 100 S. Main Street at 12:20pm. The train pushed and scraped the left side of the Outback.

2014 April 30
First Crash Of The Central Corridor (St. Paul, MN)
A not-yet-open, passenger-less, eastbound Central Corridor green line light rail train hit a silver mini-van west of Vandalia Street and University Avenue (near St. Paul Fire Station 20) at 11:30am. No injuries were reported.

2014 April 30
Light Rail Construction Hole Swallows SUV (Toronto, Canada)
An SUV drove into a six-meter light rail construction hole at Eglinton Avenue west of Dufferin Street at 2:30am. Alcohol did not impair the SUV driver. Alcohol was not reported to have impaired the LRT construction planners.

2014 April 28
Substation Fire Stops Light Rail (Melbourne, Australia)
An electrical substation fire near the Richmond station at 6:30pm damaged signals and interrupted all light rail trains for the evening. Buses took over for the trains.

2014 April 27
Woman Struck By Metro Light Rail (Los Angeles)
A westbound LACMTA Expo light rail train struck a woman on Vermont Avenue west of the Vermont station at about 3:50pm. The woman was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

2014 April 26
Graffiti Vandals Use Rail Signals To Stop Train (Melbourne, Australia)
A group of graffiti vandals changed signal switches to stop a Sandringham train and then spray paint it with graffiti, in the tunnel between Richmond and Parliament stations at about 11:15pm. On April 12th, three graffiti vandals tagged a retiring Hitachi train near Rushall station.

2014 April 26
Light Rail Train Hits Vehicle, 2 Injured (Los Angeles)
A complex mix of two-way light rail on a one-way street, intersected by business driveways, the Convention Center, the 110, and the Santa Monica freeway was the site of another light rail train and vehicle crash at 12:29pm. Two people from the train were injured at the intersection of Flower and W 18th streets. This location is just south of the Flower & Venice Blvd crash site from March 17, 2012, September 5, 2011, and May 21, 2009 and just north of the problematic Flower and Washington interchange (frog) that was narrowed to decrease derailments and jarring in February 2013. [History of dangerous Metrolink intersections.]

2014 April 25
Teen Killed By Train (Stonington, CT)
An Amtrak train hit something near the Palmer Street crossing at 9:19pm and called the police. The police discovered the body of an 18 year old girl, Megan Briggs of Pawcatuck.

2014 April 25
Orange Line Teen Repeatedly Elbowed In Face (Arlington, VA)
Late night orange line Metro passengers between Clarendon and East Falls Church Metro stations witnessed an older man repeatedly elbowing a teenager in the face until the teen's face was bloody and swollen.

2014 April 25
Light Rail Train Hits Car (Long Beach, CA)
Six people were injured when a blue line Metro light rail train hit a black 4-door sedan near 14th and Long Beach Blvd at 7am. The train pushed the car and crushed the driver's side.

2014 April 24
Man Dies After Jumping In Front Of Red Line Train (Los Angeles)
Near the Civic Center-Grand Park station, a man jumped in front of an eastbound red line Breda A650 train headed to North Hollywood at about 1:40pm. He died at the scene.

2014 April 22
Voters Defeat Proposition 1 (Seattle, WA)
With a turnout of 39%, voters defeated the Proposition 1 sales tax for transit (239,834 no, 204,734 yes).

2014 April 18
Man Survives After Jumping In Front Of Red Line Train  (Los Angeles)
Near the Hollywood-Western station, a man jumped in front of a red line train, was dragged 20 yards, and survived. He sustained multiple injuries including a large gash to his head.

2014 April 18
Train Nearly Hits Senator's Press Conference on Train Safety (Milford, CT)
Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) was at the Milford station addressing Metro-North safety issues. Over the last decade, Metro-North had 139 violations resulting in $552,000 worth of fines. Milford mayor Ben Blake was saying “Safety as you know is paramount...” when the senator and his easel, standing on the yellow line, were blown by a passing train. [Video]

2014 April 13
Motorcyclist Killed On Light Rail Tracks (Milpitas, CA)
A motorcyclist was hit by a car on the Santa Clara Valley light rail train tracks at the intersection of Great Mall Parkway and Thompson Street at 9:48am. The intersection is a fast-moving mix of light rail tracks, a freeway entrance to Interstate 880, and the two other streets. VTA light rail trains were stopped for several hours.

2014 April 13
Derailment Injures 15 (Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province, China)
Fifteen people were sent to the hospital after Harbin Railways passenger train K7034 derailed and tumbled down a hillside in Hailun County. The train left the tracks at 3:17am, on a potential shortcut from Heihe to the provincial capital of Harbin.

2014 April 12
Two Shot At Light Rail Station (Minneapolis)
Two men were shot at the 5th Street light rail station at nearly 3am. After cleaning up peanut shells, spilled beer, and vomit at the Twin's win against Kansas City (10-1) at Target Field, the two were shot on the light rail platform. Minneapolis police located the victims and sent them to Hennepin County Medical Center.

2014 April 10
Bedbugs on BART (San Francisco)
A BART train with older wool seats was taken out of service for cleaning after a passenger complained of bedbugs. Newer trains in Seattle Seahawk colors promise to have seats that are easier to clean.

2014 April 9
Skimmer Found On MetroCard Vending Machine (midtown Manhattan, NY)
A card skimmer and camera were found on a MetroCard vending machine at the 59th St-Columbus Circle MTA station.

2014 April 9
Slow Moving Train Hits Kia (Portland, OR)
A mustard yellow Kia at the intersection of SW Sixth and Harrison avenues was hit by an at-grade, northeast-bound MAX light rail train slowing for the PSU Urban Center station just feet away. The car was pushed along the tracks and into a small tree. The crash and carry happened at 11:25am.

2014 April 8
Dog Chases Train From Bronx To Harlem (New York, NY)
A shepherd-collie mutt chased, sometimes led, a Metro-North train from the 149th Street rail yard in the Bronx to the 125th Street station in Harlem. Train engineer Joseph Delia had to go slow and keep watch to keep from hurting the dog, while keeping passengers informed. In Harlem, MTA officers Luis Alvarez and Errold Borges rescued her from the tracks, to the cheers of passengers. [Update: Tie was adopted by the Miller family.]

2014 April 7
Rat Passenger on A Train (New York, NY)
A rat boarded an eastbound MTA subway at the Fulton Street station causing panic and screaming for many passengers, while other passengers just yielded to the rat's route. The rat's A train left Manhattan, tunneled under the East River, and headed into Brooklyn, where the rat may or may not have relatives. [Video]

2014 April 7
Light Rail Hits Car Hits Pedestrian (Dublin, Ireland)
A red line Luas light rail train hit a car which then hit and killed a woman. The crash occurred at the intersection of Abbey and Jervis streets at 8:45am.

2014 April 6
Cyclist Hit By Light Rail (Dallas)
A cyclist fell off his bicycle near the Lawnview station and was hit by a green line DART light rail train at 7:30pm. He had a laceration on his back and was transported to Baylor University Medical Center. Did one of his wheels get stuck in the tracks?

2014 April 6
Light Rail and Car Crash Planned (St. Paul, MN)
Central Corridor will crash its blue line light rail train into a car at the intersection of University and Raymond avenues at 1pm. Set up will begin at noon. The emergency preparedness drill will simulate the crash and emergency responses and will be cleaned up by 3pm.

2014 April 5
Two Southbound Light Rail Trains Each Hit A Car (Dallas)
At 10:30am, a southbound DART light rail train leaving Pearl station hit a car. No injuries were reported.
At 1pm, a southbound DART light rail train approaching Lancaster Station hit a car. The driver walked to the VA Medical Center emergency room with an injured hand. The train operator and a passenger were treated at the crash site.

2014 April 4
Metrolink Train Kills Pedestrian (East Los Angeles, CA)
An eastbound Metrolink train struck and killed Ismael Viramontes, 24, near 5150 State University Drive, not far from I-10, just before 9pm.

2014 April 2
Two Trains Crash, 2 Dead, 12+ Injured (Sonbhadra, India)
A Katni passenger train smashed into a Varanasi-Shaktinagar intercity train that was waiting for a green signal to enter the Obra Dam rail station. Two people were killed and more than a dozen injured in the crash.

2014 April 2
Dead Body On Top Of Subway (Bronx, NY)
The body of a man in his 40s was found on top of a northbound MTA 6 train entering the Elder Avenue above-ground station at 10:18pm.

2014 April 2
Snake Causes 450 Evacuated From Train (Geneva, Switzerland)
A garter snake on a northbound SBB passenger train from Bern to Basel caused Swiss police to evacuate the train's 450 passengers. The 19" nonvenomous snake was cornered and removed. No ticket. The less icky passengers were put on another train a half hour later.

2014 April 1
Light Rail Train Plows Into Car (Portland, OR)
An eastbound blue line Max light rail train smashed the driver's side of a white Hyundai I20 car in a residential neighborhood near E Burnside St and SE 108th Av. The train plowed the small car several hundred feet down Burnside. The car's driver was injured in the crash.

2014 April 1
Home and Train For Sale < $3 Million (Phoenix, AZ)

2014 March 30
Light Rail Train Hits Car (Baltimore)
MTA light rail train 5031 hit a white, four-door sedan at the at-grade intersection of Howard and Lombard streets. No injuries were reported.

2014 March 30
Boy Found Dead In Train Tunnel (Berlin, Germany)
The body of a 13 year old boy was found on the train tracks in the tunnel between the Yorckstraße and Anhalter Bahnhof stations by an S-Bahn train operator.

2014 March 28
Light Rail Train Hits Car (San Francisco, CA)
A northbound Muni light rail train struck a car at the intersection of 19th Avenue and Winston Drive in Lakeshore, at 3:22pm.

2014 March 27
Will Women Ever Feel Completely Safe On Mass Transit? (Los Angeles)
Article by Ann Friedman studies the statistics and anecdotes of women on transit.

2014 March 26
Metro Light Rail Hit Car, Injured 4 (Houston)
A southbound Metro light rail train hit a car at the intersection of Fannin and Naomi at 4pm, injuring two adults and two children. The at-grade intersection is by NRG Park (formerly Reliant Park). Video.

2014 March 26
Light Rail Hits Cyclist (Hoboken, NJ)
Canvito Martinez-Bolanos, 41, was riding his bike across the tracks near the Ninth Street station when he was hit by the 7am southbound train. Martinez-Bolanos was taken to the hospital for head and other injuries.

2014 March 26
3 Metro Trains Stopped, 10 Injured (Manila, Philippines)
At three different stations, three Metro Rail Transit (MRT) light rail trains stopped suddenly. The police said it was a domino effect of three southbound trains -- the first braked so two other trains braked. MRT said a train operator failed to stop at a red light. That caused the Automated Train Protection (ATP) system to kick in and stop trains in the area. Injuries are better than fatalities. Five days earlier, MRT limited operations due to a computer glitch.

2014 March 25
Train Kills Man, 4 Injured By Flying Body Parts (New Brunswick, NJ)
A NJ Transit northeast corridor train struck and killed a man standing on the platform at the New Brunswick station at 5pm. Four other passengers were injured by flying body parts. Three were taken to the hospital.

2014 March 25
Train Runs Over Man Rescuing Cell Phone (Brooklyn, NY)
In 2013, 53 people were killed by the New York City subway. That didn't stop a man at the East 105th Street L train station in Canarsie from jumping onto the tracks to retrieve his fallen cell phone. A subway train ran over him before he got up and off the tracks.

2014 March 24
Subway Operator Unconscious In Cab, Pronounced Dead (Bronx, NY)
The operator of a D train subway at the Kingsbridge Road station open the doors but never closed them. Stedmund Dawson, 58, was found unconscious in his cab at 9:30am. He was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital where he was declared dead.

2014 March 24
Blue Line Train Derails, Crosses Platform, Heads Up Escalator, Injures 32 (Chicago, IL)
A blue line CTA train flew across the platform and up the escalator at Chicago's O'Hare Airport. The derailment injured 32 people at 2:50am. CTA spokesperson Brian Steele went out on a limb and said the train was speeding into the O'Hare terminal. Three days before, CTA began a $492 million rebuilding of the old train line. CTA spokesperson Tammy Chase said passengers need to allow extra time. [CTA has a $2.3 million insurance premium with Lloyd's of London for the $6 million damage. The train operator fell asleep, as she did on February 1st. Union said she worked 69 hours during the preceding 7 days. CTA said it was 55 hours. Video. Five or more passengers have filed lawsuits against the CTA. Update 3-2015: at least ten lawsuits.]

2014 March 23
Faulty Catenary Wires Fall On Train (Perth, Australia)
A Fremantle line commuter train became entangled in its own catenary wires, causing the overhead wires to be pulled down near Daglish station. The train was powerless for more than 45 minutes between 8am and 9am. {Update: transit workers had previously reported the faulty installation of the overhead catenary wires to the Public Transport Authority (PTA).

2014 March 22

Dead Teen Pushed Girlfriend Out Of Train's Path (Maryville, CA)
Hundreds mourned the death of a northern California teen who sacrificed himself by shoving his girlfriend out of the direct path of an oncoming Union Pacific freight train. Mateus Moore, 16, was pronounced dead at the scene after both he and his girlfriend Mickayla Friend, 16, were hit by a train just after 7pm. The two were walking to a Sadie Hawkins dance at their high school, the Marysville Charter Academy of the Arts. Mickayla was airlifted to Sutter Roseville Medical Center in critical condition. The train engineer had honked the horn many times.

2014 March 21
BART Police Assault Passenger (Oakland, CA)
BART transit police at the Lake Merritt station , responding to a complaint of dancing passengers, falsely arrested and assaulted Nubia Bowe, 19, according to several sources. [Video]

2014 March 20
Good Samaritan Passenger Beaten on Light Rail (Seattle, WA)
A northbound central Link light rail passenger was beaten, his jaw broken, after he tried to stop the harassment of a young couple traveling with their baby. Six teenagers boarded the Link train at the Othello stop. The woman with her baby asked one of them not to smoke. The teens harassed the couple, who repeatedly pressed the emergency button. Passenger Damien Villareal stepped in to calm the teenagers and was beaten by several teenagers, who escaped at the Columbia City station before help could arrive.

2014 March 19
Muni Operators File Class-Action Lawsuit (San Francisco)
Muni light rail operators have filed a class-action lawsuit due to pay based on a predetermined amount of driving time and on unrealistic Muni schedules.

2014 March 19
Car Stuck In Light Rail Tunnel (Portland, OR)
A four-door 1999 Hyundai was stuck 300 feet inside the westbound TriMet MAX light rail tunnel west of the Goose Hollow Transit Station at 5:09am. The car was removed at 8am but MAX red and blue line service was delayed all morning. James Edmund Dejarnette, 28, was arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUII) and for allegedly believing his car was a rainbow.

2014 March 18
Power Outage Causes BART Delays (San Francisco)
A power outage at the San Francisco Airport BART station caused afternoon BART train delays.

2014 March 18
Light Rail Derailment Planned (Minneapolis, MN)
An exercise involving the derailment of a bus, substituting for a light rail train, will take place in Stadium Village (near Washington & University Av SE) while the University of Minnesota is on spring break. Safety exercises are good. This one plans to include a simulated explosion, which is not a light rail problem. Pedestrian caught under a train or train-vehicle collisions are problems. Light rail trains don't explode.

2014 March 17
Dead Body Plastered To Train, Carried 25 Miles (Mulhouse, France)
Passengers were horrified at the sight of a spattered body at the front right corner of a SNCF-TGV from Paris. A cyclist, 48, was hit by a TGV train in the village of Petit-Croix and was carried 41 kilometers. The train operator didn't notice. Once a TGV train hit a mini-van, and the operator didn't notice.

2014 March 16
Metro Stops Disabled Access During Storm (Washington DC)
Metro suspended its paratransit service for disabled riders due to a winter storm.

2014 March 14
Woman Falls Asleep On Train, Wakes In Train Yard (San Jose, CA)
Jessica Method, 23, fell asleep on the CalTrain. But she woke up at 12:30am alone in the train yard with a dead cell phone. She radioed for help from the unlocked cab. CalTrain said the same thing happened in December 2013. Method wants emergency call boxes put in trains.

2014 March 13
Car Stuck on Light Rail Tracks (Southport, Australia)
A woman, 88, mistook the GoldLinQ light rail tracks for a road and got her sedan stuck on the Sundale bridge tram tracks over the Nerang River. The woman, Bobby, was dying from embarrassment and late for a hair dyeing appointment. Police reported this was the third incident of people driving on the tracks. [Update: another car got stuck on May 12th and two other cars got stuck on February 13, 2015.]

2014 March 11
Woman Hit By Light Rail Train (San Francisco)
A woman, Marie Baca, 67, was hit by a BART light rail train at the Balboa Park station at 4:35pm. She was caught underneath the train and pronounced dead at the scene.

2014 March 10
Woman Hit By Light Rail Train (Phoenix)
A woman standing on the tracks at the (at-grade) 38th and Washington station was hit by a Valley Metro light rail train at 9pm. She was rushed to the Maricopa Medical Center. The train was traveling at 20mph but still could not stop in time. Also, Phoenix businesses struggle with light rail expansion.

[Update: Angi Trombetta spent 26 days in the hospital, mostly in a coma. She told 3TV News, "I was walking up 38th Street towards Washington to catch the train. Next thing I remember, I hear my clothes ripping. And I said, 'What are doing to me? Why are you ripping my clothes?' I hear a voice say, 'Honey, you got hit by the light rail.' I go, 'The light rail?' And the next thing I remember, I was in the hospital." She had four metal plates put in the right side of her face, just below the eye, to repair multiple fractures. She also had a fractured sternum, broken ribs, a lacerated spleen, a punctured lung and a bruised heart. The Trombetta donation fund is Desert Schools Federal Credit Union account 6000223967.]

2014 March 10
10 Injured When Train Derails, Hits Wall (Boston)
A green line MBTA train derailed west of the Kenmore Station and hit a wall. Seven people were injured on that train, three more on another train.

2014 March 10
Commuter Train Kills Rail Worker (Manhattan)
A northbound MTA Metro-North Hudson line commuter train struck and killed electrician James Romansoff, 58, while he and a crew were working on elevated tracks at Park Av and 106th St East at 12:54am. About 50 passengers were on the train at the time. [NTSB report]

2014 March 8
Man Shot on Light Rail (Sacramento, CA)
Responding to a suicide call on a SacRT light rail train, three Sacramento Police officers boarded the train at the 13th Street station (at R Street) at 9:15pm. Two officers tasered the man (in his 50s). The tasers did not stop him, so they shot him.

2014 March 7
Rail Apologizes To Level-Crossing Victims' Families (London, UK)
Network Rail issued a “full and unreserved apology” to families who have lost loved ones in level-crossing accidents, after a House of Commons report said that Network Rail admitted its behavior towards the victims' families "has been appalling." The House of Commons report was particularly critical of the Elsenham level-crossing tragedy in Essex in December 2005 that killed Olivia Bazlinton, 14, and Charlotte Thompson, 13. [Please read the report.]

"Today, I wish to extend a full and unreserved apology on behalf of Network Rail to all those whose lives have been touched by a failing, however large or small, made by this company in managing public safety at level-crossings and in failing to deal sensitively with the families affected. Nothing we can say or do will lessen the pain felt by the families of those killed or injured at a level-crossing... As we made clear when we pleaded guilty during the Elsenham court proceedings, it was a watershed in the way we thought about our approach to the risk at level-crossings, and how we treat victims and their families."
- Mark Carne, chief executive, Network Rail

2014 March 5
Man Killed By BART Light Rail Train (Heyward, CA)
A Fremont line BART light rail train hit and killed a man sometime overnight near the South Hayward station.

2014 March 4
Light Rail Train Smashed Minivan (Los Angeles, CA)
A northeast-bound blue line Metro light rail train hit a southeast-bound Toyota Sienna minivan, injuring 13 people, two seriously. The crash occurred downtown at the intersection of East Washington Boulevard and Maple Avenue at 9:55am.

2014 March 2
Girl Loses Feet To Light Rail Train (Perth, AUS)
A 16 year old girl was hit by a Metro Area Express (MAX) light rail train at the Moore Street intersection near the McIver Station at 11pm. Her feet were severed by the light rail train. She was taken to Royal Perth Hospital. The train operator will receive counseling.

2014 March 1
Train Station Attack Kills 33, Injures 140 (Kunming, Yunnan, China)
More than ten knife-wielding attackers stabbed and slashed passengers at the Kunming railway station. The 9:20pm attack which killed 29 passengers and 4 attackers was blamed on Uyghur Muslims or Xinjiang separatist forces.

2014 March 1
DART Train Kills 1, Injures 4 (Dallas, TX)
An eastbound green line Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) light rail train hit a northbound car at the Second Avenue crossing. Just before 9am, the train operator saw the car in the intersection, tried to stop train 113 using "maximum brake mode" (track brakes?) but could not stop the train in time. The green two-door car was smashed on the driver's side, killing the motorist, a woman in her 20s. Four passengers on the train were injured. "The vehicle entered the crossing as the crossing arms were coming down." The crossing gates should not be coming down when the train is crossing. They should be down. (In motorist terms: a yellow light is not a red light.) The train should have been traveling at 35mph or less; was it? A 2009 FTA study (FTA-CA-26-7007.2010.1) recommended front corner bumpers for light rail trains. The WFAA pictures of DART train 113 do not show any safety bumpers.

2014 February 28
Rain Causes BART Delays (San Francisco)
Rainwater in the control room of the San Francisco side of the Transbay Tube caused BART delays. “Wet track make it more difficult for operators to accelerate and decelerate quickly. Sometimes, the rain causes the computers to think there is a train present when there isn’t,” reported KPIX-KCBS.

2014 February 28
Light Rail Station Stabbing (Calgary, Canada)
A teenager was stabbed at the Heritage light rail station at about 1pm.

2014 February 27
Metro Light Rail Hits Car, Injures Two (Houston)
A Metro light rail train with no passengers hit a southeast-bound silver car with two people in it. The collision occurred at the intersection of Main and Dallas streets at 11:30pm. The driver and passenger of the car were taken to the hospital with injuries. The train operator was not hurt.

2014 February 27
SUV Rides Tracks; TriMet MAX Ridership Down (Portland, OR)
A man, mistook TriMet MAX blue line tracks as a road and rode the tracks for 600 feet before the white Ford Explorer got stuck in the Gresham rails. Butch Stuckey was charged with DUI. TriMet MAX light rail ridership dropped 6.1% in 2013 as compared to 2012. TriMet plans to ship off its last clattering trolleys to St. Louis.

2014 February 26
Snow, Ice Blamed For Derailed Light Rail (Saint Paul, MN)
Hours after President Obama's speech acknowledging the new Central Corridor light rail line (not yet in service), the light rail train derailed at Cedar and 12th streets. Snow and ice were blamed for the derailment. The Pioneer Press also reported a car got stuck on the Hiawatha (blue) line tracks at 46th Street earlier the same day.

2014 February 25
Tree Hits Light Rail Train (Portland)
A TriMet MAX blue line light rail train and its overhead lines were smashed by a tree, cracking windows on the train. The tree was propelled either by high winds or a botanical complaint against light rail. The incident occurred between the Gresham Central Transit Center and Cleveland Avenue terminal at 4pm, according to Sara Roth of KGW 8.

2014 February 21
BART Light Rail Derails (Concord, CA)
Four BART light rail cars derailed south of the Concord Station at 6:30pm. BART workers spent Saturday morning clearing the train cars from the tracks.

2014 February 21
Light Rail Digs 40 Foot Sinkhole That Swallows Road (Ottawa, Canada)
A 40 foot sinkhole took out the middle of Waller Street not far from Laurier Avenue East at about 1am. Water, sewer, and traffic lights were broken in the area. Digging for the east entrance to the Rideau Transit Group light rail tunnel had just begun on February 19th. Crews noticed dirt (Rideau Canal 1832 fill) falling into the tunnel at 10pm on February 20th and stopped digging really soon afterward. Ottawa police say it is one of the largest sinkholes they'd ever encountered.

2014 February 20
Sprinter Won't Stop For Truck (Vista, CA)
A San Diego Sprinter light rail train hit an empty truck, after the truck's driver tried unsuccessfully to flag down the train, trying to warn the train operator about the stalled truck on the tracks.

2014 February 19
Derailed Freight Trains Block TRAX (West Jordan, UT)
TRAX Light Rail is Too Loud (Sandy & Draper, UT)
Two Savage freight locomotives tipped over without explanation at 3:30am, blocking TRAX tracks. Farther south on TRAX, Sandy and Draper residents complain the TRAX light rail trains are too loud. TRAX promises to polish the rails, add skirting, and add sound absorbing fencing.

2014 February 18
Light Rail Station Escalator Reverses Direction (London)
The Cutty Sark light rail station up escalator decided to reverse itself for evening riders. People fell over, screamed, a woman's coat was caught, another woman's shoe was caught, but no Docklands light railway workers were around.

2014 February 18
Two Northstar Trains Smash Car (Elk River, MN)
A black Chrysler sedan was crumpled by two MetroTransit Northstar commuter trains at Highway 10 and Jackson Street at 5:15pm. A Fox9 reporter watched as the car was hit by an eastbound Northstar train. The three occupants escaped from the car, just before it was hit by the westbound Northstar train. The link includes three pictures by Paul Blume (Johnny on the Spot).

2014 February 18
2nd Crash for Unopened Light Rail (Southport, QLD, Australia)
Yet another crash for the unopened GoldLinQ light rail system. The light rail train crashed into a white SUV at the intersection of Queen St and Mick Veivers Way at 3pm. The SUV was dented. The light rail train's forward window was smashed. The train operator was treated at the scene for sore ribs. The first crash test was on January 24th. The GoldLinQ light rail is expected to open for regular crashes in June 2014.

2014 February 17
Stabbing, Facial Lacerations on Light Rail (Jersey City, NJ)
A large brawl on a Hudson-Bergen light rail train at 9pm injured five people, including a stabbing and several facial lacerations. Four juveniles and one adult were arrested at the Marin Boulevard station.

2014 February 17
Northstar Commuter Train Hits Car (Elk River, MN)
A car with a mother and baby were hit by a Northstar commuter train at 7am.

2014 February 17
Safety Technology Added in One City (Los Angeles)
Positive Train Control is being added to Metrolink light rail in Los Angeles. It won't give train operators more braking abilities or allow trains to steer around obstacles, but it allows dispatchers to stop speeding trains and trains that run red lights, and prevent two trains from hitting each other. It attempts to prevent huge crashes like the September 12, 2008 Chatsworth collision between a Metrolink train and a Union Pacific Freight train which killed 25 people and injured 135 (46 critically). While it will not prevent most crashes and deaths listed here, Positive Train Control is an important addition for making light rail less light on safety.

2014 February 15
Light Rail Kills Man, Operator Injured Hitting Brakes (San Francisco)
Michael Mendez, 55, was fatally struck by an outbound Muni light rail train at the Powell Street Station at 2:40pm. The train operator was injured while trying to hit the brakes and was taken to the hospital.

2014 February 15
Faulty Brakes Blamed For Train Crash (Kawasaki, Japan)
A 80kph commuter train, with emergency brakes applied, rammed a stationary train at the Motosumiyoshi Station at 12:30am. Nineteen people were injured. Railway Tokyu says heavy snow may have weakened the brakes.

2014 February 13
BART Light Rail Measles Feb 4-7 (Berkeley, CA)
A UC Berkeley student with measles rode BART between El Cerrito del Norte and downtown Berkeley stations on Tuesday, February 4 through Friday, February 7 in the morning and the afternoon-evening commuting hours. Symptoms of measles generally begin about 7-14 days after a person is infected and include measles rash, blotchy rash, fever, mouth sores, and more.

2014 February 12
DART Train Hits Man At Union Station (Dallas)
A passenger-less DART train hit a pedestrian at Union Station. The train was at the station but still couldn't stop in time.

2014 February 11
Assault With Skateboard on Light Rail (Mesa, AZ)
A man used a skateboard to hit another man on a Valley Metro light rail train departing from the Sycamore and Main terminal. The attacker was booked for "aggravated assault with a dangerous instrument."

2014 February 7
SacRT Light Rail Kills Woman (Sacramento)
A gold line SacRT light rail train struck and killed a Yong Sin Day, 56, at the Cordova Town Center station at 5:30pm. The train operator sounded the horn. The woman was struggling with her hood against the rain. The train operator hit the brakes but could not stop in time. [memorial]

2014 February 6
SUV Stabbed By Light Rail Train (Denver, CO)
A black Cadillac Escalade was hit by RTD light rail train #248 with a pole in front that pierced the driver's door of the SUV but did not impale the driver. The crash occurred at the intersection of Colfax Avenue and Kalamath Street at about 2:30pm. Two ambulances were called; three people were taken to the hospital. The crash caused three light rail lines (D, F-in, H lines) to be diverted for hours, stranding passengers.

2014 February 6
Car Hit By Light Rail Train Sponsored By Tide® (Norfolk, VA)
A Tide light rail train carrying four adults and two children hit a car at Brambleton Avenue and 2nd Street at 9:31am. No injuries were reported, despite the Thursday morning rush hour load of six passengers.

2014 February 4
Pedestrian Ran Into MAX Light Rail (Portland)
A pedestrian ran along a westbound MAX train on Sixth Avenue SW. At the Clay Street intersection, he ran into the side of the moving light rail train.

2014 February 1
Light Rail Train Hits Police Car (Minneapolis)
A blue line light rail train hit and heavily damaged a Maple Grove squad car at the dangerous Fifth Street and 5th Avenue downtown intersection. Six year veteran officer Jesse Mathwig was returning from the Hennepin County Juvenile Detention Center at 1am when the right side of his police car was smashed by the train, injuring the officer. Mathwig was the officer who rescued a man from a car fire on Highway 169 during the snowstorm two days earlier.

2014 January 30
Story Revision - Blue Line Light Rail Crash (Bloomington, MN)
Original story: The trailer of a westbound pickup truck got stuck on the tracks at 34th Avenue S and Airport Lane at 11:20am. A northbound Hiawatha (blue line) light rail train crashed into the trailer (getting it unstuck). Revised story: The MetroTransit blue line light rail train operator had a blinking track light and started to slow down the train but "he could feel the train start to slide or slip on the track." He pushed the emergency brake but it was too late. The westbound pickup truck had a green arrow but was hit by the northbound light rail train.

2014 January 29
Transit Police Repeated Tasering Video (San Francisco, CA)
Some passengers were surprised by the repeated tasering of Robert Asberry on a BART light rail train y BART transit police at the San Bruno station at 10pm. BART releases its own video: Crowded Train Survival Guide.

2014 January 24
1st Crash for Unopened Light Rail (Southport, QLD, Australia)
An 88-year-old driver crashed into a stopped Gold Coast light rail train blocking the intersection of Queen and Nerang streets. The GoldLinQ is being crash tested and is expected to open for regular crashes in June of 2014.

2014 January 23
Man Killed On Light Rail (Sacramento)
A transgender woman shot and killed Eric McCaster on a moving RT light rail train at 10pm.

2014 January 22
MetroRail Hits Bicyclist (Houston)
A 52 year old bicyclist was hit by a Metro Rail light rail train as he crossed the intersection at Main and Hogan streets at about 5:30pm. The man was taken to St. Joseph Medical Center with serious contusions to his head.

2014 January 22
Two Light Rail Trains Hit Two Cars in Jersey (Jersey City)
A light rail train hit a car near the Garfield Avenue Station at 4:30pm. The three occupants of the car ran off before they could be asked if they were injured.
Light Rail Train Hits Another Car In Jersey (Camden, NJ)
A passenger-less northbound light rail train hit a car at Haddon Avenue and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard at 10:44am. The car driver was injured but was left at the scene.

2014 January 20
Commuter Train Hits 2, Killing 1 (Santa Clara, CA)
The northbound Caltrain commuter express train 375 struck two men at 5:45pm near the Santa Clara station. One of the men, Phil Scholz, was killed trying to rescue the other man from the tracks.

2014 January 20
Northstar Commuter Train Kills Man (Elk River, MN)
A northbound Northstar commuter train struck and killed a man near the intersection of Zebulon Street and 192nd Avenue NW at about 4:45pm.

2014 January 19
Small Train Hits Car (Houston)
Trains hitting cars is nothing unusual in Houston, with its frequent MetroRail crashes. This crash involved the Hermann Park mini-railroad hitting and tipping a Honda Accord.

2014 January 17
Girl Killed By VTA Light Rail (San Jose, CA)
Danika Tyler Garcia, 14, was bicycling to Del Mar High School when she was hit and killed by a northbound Santa Clara Valley light rail train at Stokes Street near the Southwest Expressway. She was struck at 7:35am and was taken to the hospital where she died from her injuries. A witness said the crossing arm did not drop. Teddy bears, flowers, candles, and notes were set up by the dangerous crossing. Danika was a shy freshman known for coloring her hair and her love of singing. She was scheduled to sing at a Make-a-Wish fundraiser later that morning. [donate to the Danika Garcia services fund]

2014 January 16
NTSB Wants Safety Improvements (Washington, DC)
The National Transportation Safety Board released a list of needed rail safety improvements, including:
•  Promote Operational & Developmental Safety in Rail Mass Transit - promote organizational safety culture, training safety, maintenance safety, address and reduce fatigue and human error, adopt close-call reporting systems, and promote operational safety through Federal Transit Administration (FTA) oversight, which should start at development. [html, pdf]
•  Implement Positive Train Control Systems - monitor the location and movement of trains, then slow or stop a train that is not being operated in accordance with signal systems or operating rules. This safety redundancy prevents train-to-train collisions and overspeed derailments, as well as the associated injuries and fatalities to passengers, railway workers, and others. PTC systems are not a dream; they are in use on the Northeast Corridor in the Northeast United States and on the Michigan Line between Chicago, Illinois and Detroit, Michigan. [html, pdf]
Meanwhile, Hundreds Feared Dead In Coors Light Party Train Crash (satire)

2014 January 12
Man Hit and Killed By Light Rail Train (Minneapolis, MN)
Michael Frederick Kwosek was walking across the intersection of 42nd and Hiawatha was hit and killed by a southbound blue line light rail train at 6pm. No gate arm blocked sidewalk traffic. "Several" passengers were on the train at the time. This was the tenth light rail fatality since June 2004.

2014 January 10
Bicyclist Killed By Light Rail Train (Houston)
A college student got off a northbound light rail train at the Main Street Square station with her bike. She got on her bike, started riding, and was hit by a southbound light rail train. The train honked its horn before hitting her and came to a stop 20 yards later with her body pinned underneath the train.

2014 January 10
Debris Knocks Out Light Rail Service (Pittsburgh, PA)
Light rail T service was knocked out for hours after a steel pipe fell off a parking garage at Fourth Avenue and Ross Street and hit a power line. Frustrated passengers complained that their commutes took triple the time.

2014 January 9
Commuter Train Kills Man (Hazlet, NJ)
The northbound North Jersey Coast train 3202 struck and killed Gerald Caruso, 24, just west of the Bethany Road crossing at 4:20am. The train operator used the horn and placed the train brakes into emergency but was unable to stop in time before striking Caruso. Twenty-five passengers were on the train.

2014 January 7
Man Hit By FrontRunner Train (Roy, UT)
A man at the Roy station was hit by a southbound FrontRunner commuter train, which broke his leg and arm and left him in extremely critical condition. The train operator sounded the horn.

2014 January 6
Woman Killed By TRAX Light Rail (Salt Lake City)
A woman was killed when she slipped on some ice and fell in front of a northbound TRAX light rail train near the Spring Mobile Ballpark station at about 4:30pm. The train operator spotted her on the tracks but could not stop in time.

2014 January 4
Suicide of China Railway President (Beijing, China)
China Railway president Bai Zhongren jumped to his death from a fourth-story window. Zhongren suffered from depression due to his company’s huge debt and corruption. China Railway Group is the state-owned engineering giant behind China's largest railway projects and was the rail model for recent U.S. passenger rail expansion. (On September 17, 2010, Chicago Metra chief Phil Pagano jumped in front of a Metra train.)

2014 January 4
Muni Light Rail Hits Truck, Injures 4 (San Francisco)
The F-line 162 Muni light rail train hit a big truck on the Embarcadero by Bay Street at 12:45pm. Four people reported injuries.

2014 January 4
Light Rail Hits Car, Kills Woman and Baby (Karlovo, Bulgaria)
At a level-grade crossing, a BMW was hit by a light rail train at 12:17pm, killing a six-week-old baby and a 53 year old woman, and injuring two others.

2013 December 31
Cold Temperatures Stopped Light Rail Train (Minneapolis)
Subzero temperatures were to blame for mechanical problems on a blue line light rail train. The train broke down at the Lake Street station at 6:45am. Buses took over for half the day, until the light rail train service could resume in the afternoon.

2013 December 28
Man Stabbed At Light Rail Station (Mesa, AZ)
A man yelled for help after being stabbed at the Mesa light rail terminal at 1am. He died from his injuries.

2013 December 26
Metro-North Kills Woman, Body Found in River (Westport, CT)
Annette L. White, 45, was struck and killed by a westbound Metro-North train on a railroad bridge over the Saugatuck River. The MTA Metro-North train crew that stopped for 20 minutes never reported the incident. Her body was found by a duck hunter kayaking the river on the morning of January 3rd. Her cell phone and an earring were found on a bridge pier under the tracks. She is survived by two daughters, a son, two brothers, a sister, and her parents.

2013 December 25
Light Rail Kills Woman On Christmas (San Jose, CA)
A Santa Clara Valley light rail train hit a woman near the Curtner Station west of the California Route 87 on-ramp. Her body was found at 1:30am on Christmas morning.

2013 December 22
Light Rail Death (Portland, OR)
A southbound MAX green line light rail train hit Phu Van Nguyen at the intersection of Division Street and 94th Avenue SE. Trapped beneath the train, the injured man was freed by Portland firefighters, only to die from his injuries at the hospital.

2013 December 21
Two Trams Crash, Brakes Blamed (Victoria, Australia)
Two trams crashed in front of the National Gallery at 9am. Two people reported injuries. The crash is being blamed on faulty brakes.

2013 December 20
Light Rail Train Hits Car (Salt Lake City, UT)
A green line UTA TRAX light rail train hit a car at W Temple and W South Temple at 12:45pm. No injuries were reported.

2013 December 19
MARTA Urine Detection System (Atlanta)
The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) is adding urine detection devices (UDD) to its 111 elevators at a cost of $10,000.

2013 December 14
Light Rail Fatal Crash (Trenton, NJ)
A crash between a light rail train and a car left one dead and at least one critically injured. A Mercedes was driving northbound on Route 129 and crossing Lalor Street at about 6pm, when it was was hit by a NJT River Line light rail train. The train pushes the car for 100 yards, until the car fell off the tracks and the train continued for another 100 yards before it stopped. One of the two occupants of the car was declared dead at the scene, and the other was sent to Capital Health Regional Medical Center in critical condition. The mangled car was covered with a tarp. [Update: Constance English and Herman English both died as a result of the crash.]

2013 December 13
Light Rail Planning Takes Streets Over Safety (Newcastle, Australia)
A document "Cabinet Minute Copy 71" dated 12-13-2013 and leaked in February 2015 has caused a controversy over the Newcastle light rail route. Transport for NSW supported reusing the heavy rail corridor and advised the government that an on-street route could cost almost $100 million more and would deliver a slower service. [PDF]

2013 December 10
MARC Train Kills 2 (Baltimore, MD)
A Camden line MARC passenger train hit an SUV on a grade crossing on the 2300 block of Hollins Ferry Road near Paca Street. The train pushed the SUV several hundred yards before stopping. Morgan Fleet, 23, the SUV driver and Wayne Burnett Jr., the 38-year-old passenger were killed.

MARC train hit an SUV at a grade crossing at Hollins Ferry Road near Paca Street about 6:20 a.m., said Det. Jeremy Silbert, a Baltimore police spokesman. The driver of the vehicle, Morgan Fleet, 23, was pronounced dead at the scene, and Wayne Burnett Jr., the 38-year-old passenger died later at a hospital.

2013 December 5
Light Rail Train Hits Car (Bloomington, MN)
A northbound Hiawatha light rail train crashed into an eastbound car on American Blvd at 34th Avenue South at 11:30am. No injuries were reported.

2013 December 4
Smoking Brake Dust Stops Light Rail Train in Tunnel (Berkeley Hills, CA)
Eleven passengers were hospitalized for dust inhalation, after an electrical short deployed a track brake on a 70 mph westbound BART train in the Berkeley Hills tunnel between the Orinda and Rockridge stations. The track brake was deployed at 8:22am, shutting down the train and trapping hundreds of passengers in the 3.2 mile tunnel for over an hour.

2013 December 1
Man Hit By TRAX Train (Salt Lake City, UT)
A man hit and critically injured by a UTA TRAX train near 300 West and 2100 South at 7:56pm. He told officers he was trying to commit suicide.

2013 December 1
4 Dead, 60+ Injured When Metro-North Derails (Bronx, NYC, NY)
The 5:54am Metro-North 7-car train from Poughkeepsie was 100 yards north of the Spuyten Duyvil station at 7:20am when it derailed and tipped over. Windows broke and gravel sprayed up at the passengers. The derailment killed four people and injured more than 60, with 14 critically injured. Three of the four people who died were thrown from the train. The train was speeding at 82 mph in a 30 mph bend. The train operator William Rockefeller said he tried the brakes, but the train didn't slow down. He claims a loss of awareness prior to applying the brakes and has been suspended without pay.  This is the worst Metro-North train disaster in the six months since the two train crash that injured 70 people on May 17, 2013. [Update: safety violations, such as running red lights, caused suspensions for 10 train operators. William Rockefeller said he was dazed past Riverdale, according to NTSB documents released April 7, 2014. Data records showed Rockefeller broke the speed limit on four of his six runs the week before. A mechanic who is paralyzed due to the crash forgives Rockefeller but is suing Metro-North & the MTA. NTSB report]

2013 November 26
Metro Red Line Hits, Kills Man (Hollywood, CA)
An eastbound Metro red line train struck and ran over a 53 year old man at the Hollywood and Vine station at 5:37am.

2013 November 23
TRAX Train Hits Pickup (West Valley City, UT)
A 16 year old boy and an adult woman were seriously injured when their pickup was hit by a UTA TRAX train at 2700 West and 3360 South at 7pm.

2013 November 22
Arm Severed By Train (Burbank, CA)
A man wearing headphones was walking along the tracks on a rail bridge over the 170 Freeway, when he was hit from behind by a MetroLink train at 4:15pm. The MetroLink train blew its horn and severed his arm.

2013 November 22
Computer Glitch Stops 19 BART Trains (San Francisco & Oakland, CA)
Between 500 and 1,000 passengers were left stranded in 19 unmoving, powerless trains in the Bay area due to a computer problem. BART central control computer systems were not communicating properly with track switches, causing the system-wide shutdown.

2013 November 20
RTD Light Rail Hits Car (Denver)
A D line light rail train hit a car at the intersection of Welton and 26th at 5 Points shortly before 6:30pm.

2013 November 19
A Drunk Walks Into A Light Rail Train... (Murray, UT)
A drunk walked into a UTA TRAX light rail train at the Fashion Place station before the train stopped at 9:40am. After using his face to try to slow the train down, he was sent to Intermountain Medical Center for his injuries. [Relevant video]

2013 November 18
Lynx Light Rail Injures 1 (Charlotte, NC)
A blue line Lynx light rail train hit a silver car just before 8pm on the 3800 block of South Boulevard (near Clanton Road). The injured man driving the car was taken to the Carolinas Medical Center in Huntersville. The WBTV3 story says it takes 600 feet for a light rail train to stop if the emergency brakes are applied, but the actual distance depends on many factors, including the speed of the train and the grade of the tracks. The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) has been struggling to get federal funding to extend the Lynx light rail tracks.

2013 November 18
Amtrak Derailed (Baltimore)
Amtrak's Silver Meteor detrailed in the Baltimore & Potomac Tunnel near Baltimore at 7pm. No injuries were reported, but the tunnel is considered a disaster waiting to happen. A 1978 study of the post-Civil War tunnel found many engineering defects, including water seeping through tunnel walls, standing water under rails, height limitations, and curves that prevent trains from exceeding 30mph.

2013 November 18
MAX Train Derails (Portland, OR)
A westbound TriMet MAX train derailed at 82nd Avenue NE around 2:45pm. One of the track brakes had a faulty hanger bracket, which broke and dropped the track brake in front of the second wheel set, causing it to leave the tracks. The derailment disrupted service on the red, blue, and green lines. The wheels were back on track at 9:15pm. The derailed type 2 train was 17 years old and “required more maintenance than it has been receiving,” said Amalgamated Transit Union 757 Vice President Jonathan Hunt.“The derailment was the result of TriMet’s practice of deferring both maintenance and training in favor of system expansion and other expenditures.” [controversial C-Tran TriMet deal, pedestrian safety barriers added]

2013 November 18
Metra Boss Put On Leave (Chicago)
Alex Wiggins, the Metra executive director for administration was put on administrative leave.

2013 November 18
Metro Train Hit Deer; Taken Out Of Service (Washington, DC)
A blue line Metro train hit a deer at 6:25am near the Addison Road station. Also, red line trains were delayed due to signal problems at the Takoma station. Two consecutive days of red line delays last week, a downed cable in a tunnel on November 13th, brake problems on November 14th and a previous oil leak, led to an apology from Metro general manager Richard Sarles.

2013 November 17
Amtrak Had A Flat (Chicago, IL)
The 6pm Amtrak Wolverine train 354 left Chicago for Detroit at 6:35pm. At 6:45pm, the crew noticed a flat spot on one wheel of a coach car. Amtrak spokesman Marc Magliari described the flat spot as a place on the wheel that “stops being round.”

2013 November 17
New Siemens Train On Fire (Warsaw, Poland)
A new Siemens subway train, just introduced in October, caught fire as it was pulling into the Politechnika station. The fire under the carriage of an Inspiro train, caused all five trains to be removed from service until the malfunction is found and corrected.

2013 November 16
Nude Woman Rides L (Chicago, IL)
Declaring herself Goddess of the Train, a nude woman, 31, rode a southbound red line L train, while shouting and slapping other passengers. Chicago Police removed her at the Granville stop at 12:45pm.

2013 November 15
Pedestrian Killed By Train (Seattle)
The 4:12pm Sounder train from Seattle hit and killed a pedestrian near Auburn at 4:52pm.

2013 November 15
Teacher Killed By Train (Tinley Park, IL)
The northbound 402 Metra train struck and killed a man near the 80th Avenue station at 5:55am. The man had been a teacher for nine years at Memorial School.

2013 November 15
Muni Streetcar Derails (San Francisco)
At 5:30am, an inbound L Taraval train’s wheels came off the track just before the entrance to the West Portal tunnel.

2013 November 13
Train Hits Elephant Herd; Kills 5 (Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India)
An eastbound passenger train hit a herd of elephants at 50mph, killing 5 and injuring ten. One injured female elephant with a fractured leg fell into a ravine, inaccessible by cranes or trucks. The herd was in the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, but railway officials don't consider it part of an elephant corridor, which would require the trains to reduce speed. Trains have killed 17 elephants in West Bengal this year. An elephant cub is the mascot of Indian Railways, and Ganesh, the Hindu god of wisdom, is part elephant, but elephants don't matter.

2013 November 13
Light Rail Train Leaves Without Operator; Passenger Hits Brakes (San Francisco)
A southwest-bound Muni light rail train stopped at the Castro station. The operator got off to look at a door problem. The door closed, and the train left the station without the operator for Forest Hills. A passenger pulled the emergency brake lever at 10:21am, stopping the train in the tunnel between the stations.

2013 November 13
A Day's Worth Of Metro Service Problems (Washington, DC)
Door problems. Brake problems. Track problems. Equipment problems. The Washington Post lists a service day of the Metro to show that it isn't just the Metro red line that has problems. (May 2014 update: until $5 billion & 4 years of improvements, the Metro red line will continue to be plagued with problems.)

2013 November 12
Man Pulls Woman Off CTA Tracks (Chicago)
She was saying, "I just wanna die," but Brian Eckerman pulled the woman off the tracks at the Argyle station before the arrival of the 9:05am red line train. Eckerman recommends the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Another number is 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433). And here are a list of other suicide and crisis phone numbers for Minnesota.

2013 November 12
Man Killed By Metro Train (Westchester, NY)
A man, Bradley Ewing, was struck and killed by a southbound Metro North train near the Hartsdale station at 7:55am. Commuters were stuck on crowded, powerless trains throughout the Harlem line without communication until about 10am. There have been at least four other deaths on the Metro North tracks this year.

2013 November 11
Woman Trapped Under MBTA Train (Dorchester, MA)
A woman in her 20s was trapped under a northbound red line train at the Shawmut Station at 1:25pm. Firefighters rescued her and took her to the Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

2013 November 10
Metro Red Line Train Kills Woman (Washington, DC)
A woman was struck and killed by a Metro red line train at the Silver Spring terminal at about 2pm.

2013 November 8
VTA Light Rail Train Hits Car (San Jose, CA)
A Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority light rail train hit a car at North First Street and Skyport Drive at 9am. The two passengers of the car were injured and taken to the hospital.

2013 November 7
Four Vehicles Crash (Denver)
A four vehicle crash occurred at Welton and Park Avenue West before 2pm. A car was hit by a black SUV that led to one of the vehicles hitting a large postal truck and a RTD D-line light rail train, according to an incomplete ABC7 news story.

2013 November 7
Man Killed By MBTA Train (Worcester, MA)
A man was hit and killed by MBTA train P512 on the 800 block of Franklin Street near the EcoTarium after 7:30am. The man was about 30 years old and lived at the Eastview Apartments on Frank Street. The man waited for the train and then jumped in front of it. The train operator was not able to stop in time.

2013 November 5
TRAX Light Rail Hits Empty Train Car; Injures 3 (Midvale, UT)
The train lights went out when the rear car of a northbound UTA TRAX blue line decoupled and rolled to a stop near 8100 South and 100 East. The empty car sat for about 15 minutes before being hit by another northbound blue line train at 8:45pm. The second light rail operator was told to travel at a safe speed, but plowed into the first train at 31.9 mph. The second light rail operator saw the freestanding train car and applied at least one type of light rail brakes but could not stop in time. The UTA operator and the two train passengers were injured. The two passengers were taken to the hospital. [Update: UTA adds new rules due to operators that didn't follow the old rules.]

2013 November 5
Max Light Rail Hits Pedestrian (Portland, OR)
An eastbound Tri-Met Max light rail train hit and dragged a female pedestrian shortly before 7pm near SW 18th Avenue and Jefferson Street (before the Goose Hollow tunnel). A crew had to lift the train off of her with hydraulic jacks. She was taken to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.

2013 November 1
Leaves Make Tracks Slippery (Fairfield County, CT)
New Haven trains report delays due to slip-slide rails from leaf residue.

2013 November 1
River Line Light Rail Hits Pickup Truck Knocked On Tracks (Delran, NJ)
A southbound NT Transit river line light rail train hit a pickup truck that had been pushed onto the Main Street crossing tracks by another car at 8am. Authorities didn't know how many people were injured or if the operator applied brakes.

2013 November 1
Alligator Carried On L; Left At O'Hare (Chicago)
A woman boarded a blue line L train at Pulaski at 1:17am, carried a two-foot long alligator, according to security camera video. The video was checked after the alligator was found under an escalator at O'Hare Airport baggage claim 3.

2013 October 31
Conservative Internet Host Arrested At Light Rail Station (St. Louis, MO)
Kenneth Suitter, a conservative internet-radio host was arrested at the MetroLink Henley Road light rail station. Suitter says he was arrested for using his cell phone to video his transit, which is allowed. Even though his video does not show what led up to his confrontation with security, the video shows that he was arrested for not leaving when asked to leave and failure to provide ID when requested by police. On November 4th, Metro Transit said Suitter was putting his cell phone in customers' faces for 14 minutes prior to his YouTube video (Fox2now St. Louis says the 30,000 hit video is viral). Another type of fight was on a MetroLink train the next day.

2013 October 28
Woman Injured By Light Rail Station Gunfire (Seattle, WA)
A woman was hit by gunfire debris while waiting for a Sound Transit Central Link light rail train at 5:20pm at the Othello Station (Martin Luther King Jr. Way & South Myrtle Street). Her small child, waiting with her, was not injured.

2013 October 24
Power Outage Stops Entire Metro Valley Light Rail (Phoenix)
At 1:15pm, a power outage stopped the Metro Valley Phoenix-Mesa-Tempe light rail system. The system began functioning again after 45 minutes.

2013 October 23
Woman Run Over By Light Rail Train (Sacramento)
A northbound blue line RT light rail train running on 12th Street ran over a woman near North C Street at 7:45pm. The train operator saw the woman, applied some level of brakes, sounded the horn twice, but could not stop in time.

2013 October 23
Light Rail Catenary Power Lines Fall Down (St. Louis)
A red line MetroLink train was near the UMSL South station at 6am when the catenary lines that power the train collapsed. Passengers had to wait in the train for about an hour until MetroLink crew members were certain the power was off so they could safely leave the train.

2013 October 22
Light Rail Doors Close On Woman, 77 (Portland)
Raissa Moore, 77, broke her hip and pelvis when the doors of a TriMet MAX light rail train closed on her at the Convention Center platform. After more than $100,000 in medical bills, she is suing TriMet for $251,000.

2013 October 22
Woman Struck By Metro (Washington, DC)
A woman was hit by a Metro red line train in the Cleveland Park station at 1:20pm. She was transported to the hospital.

2013 October 21
Woman Robbed At Lynx Light Rail Station (Charlotte, NC)
A woman walking by the East-West Boulevard light rail station at 1821 Camden Road, when she was attacked. The mugger stole her purse, cell phone, and car key. Charlotte police have not released a description, so... be on the lookout for a mugger wearing a purse on a Lynx blue line train.

2013 October 20
Doors Open Between Stations (London)
With a baby carriage nearby, the doors of a 40 year old London Underground train opened while the train was traveling between stations.

2013 October 19
Light Rail Train Kills Two Rail Workers (Walnut Creek, CA)
A trainee-operated Pittsburg-Bay Point BART light rail train ran over and killed two rail workers, Laurence Daniels and Christopher Sheppard. The trainee's manager was not in the cab of the 60-75 mph train when the two men were killed at about 2pm. State transit officials at the California Public Utilities Commission adopted new safety rules following the fatalities. A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART).

2013 October 19
99 Injured When Commuter Train Slams Into Barricade (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
A Sarmiento line commuter train barreled over the iron hydraulic bumper at the Once station, wedging the train between the platform floor and ceiling. The back end of the bumper was driven deep into the train, and the bumper end was lifted up and jammed into the station turnstiles. At least 99 were injured in the 7:35am crash. Some passengers kicked out windows to free people from the wreck. An angry mob shouted "Asesino" (murderer) at the injured train operator, Julio Benitez. Officials found a hard disk from the cab surveillance camera in his backpack. A passenger, Jorge Ramirez, said the train missed one station, overshot several others (having to reverse to get back), before crashing into the Once station. "It seems to me he must have been asleep," Ramirez said. "This is all a tragedy. I saw people hurt, shouting, others thrown on the floor. The people in the first wagon ended up piled on top of each other." Five had broken bones. 52 people died in a similar crash in February 2012.

2013 October 18
Metro Operator Falls From Train; Train Moves On (Moscow)
Metro train operator, Aleksey Morozov, fell from a moving Metro train and died from his injuries. The train stopped at the Ryazansky Prospect station at 10:30pm using emergency brakes.

2013 October 18
Nation's Fifth Largest Train System On Strike (San Francisco)
BART workers are on strike again. They were on strike for five days in July until Governor Brown ordered a 60 day cooling off. BART workers recently made concessions on health benefits and pension contributions, and they tried to have unresolved issues arbitrated, but BART management was not willing to make a deal. [After a 4 day strike, an agreement was reached, including a 15.4% pay increase and bulletproof glass.]

2013 October 17
DART Light Rail Operator Harasses Photographer (Dallas)
An orange line DART light rail operator harassed a photographer for taking videos.

2013 October 16
Light Rail T-Bones SUV (Phoenix)
A Valley Metro light rail train smashed into driver's side of a silver SUV at the intersection of Central and Roosevelt at 3pm. The injured SUV driver was taken to the hospital. The SUV passengers were only moderately injured. Light rail passengers had to force the train's door open to get out.

October 15, 2013
Amtrak Kills 13 Year Old Boy (Gervais, OR)
A southbound Amtrak train tried to use the emergency brakes but was unable to prevent hitting and killing Diego Rodriguez, 13, near 4th Street and Ivy Avenue at about 7pm. The 14 car train with 65 passengers could not stop in time. A fence and a walking path would cost $500,000. In October of 2014, another 13 year old was hit and killed by an Amtrak train in the same area.

2013 October 14
Boy Struck By VTA Light Rail (San Jose, CA)
A young boy was hit by a southbound Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) light rail train at the Gish Station at 7:30pm. He was rushed to the hospital. A man was hit by a southbound train at about the same spot on April 23, 2013.

2013 October 11
Teen Shot & Killed At TriMet Light Rail Station (Portland, OR)
15 year old Abukar Madey and 22 year old Lucio Alejandro Ramirez-Navarro were both shot at the Southeast 93rd and Holgate Avenue TriMet light rail station at about 11:50pm. Madey died on October 13th.

2013 October 11
7 Injured When Light Rail Hits Mini-Van (Cockeysville, MD)
On a dark and rainy morning in Maryland, a southbound Maryland Transit Administration light rail train struck a dark gray mini-van at the intersection of Warren and Beaver Dam roads at 6:42am. The driver of the van and six passengers on the train were injured in the crash and were transported to area hospitals. This is the same intersection where a garbage truck took out the catenary wires on August 18, 2013, and a train hit a car on January 5, 2013.

2013 October 9
Slow Light Rail Train Hits Truck Trailer (San Jose, CA)
A slow moving Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) light rail train could not stop from hitting a semi-tractor trailer truck. The leisurely crash occurred at the multi-lane North First Street and Montague Expressway traffic light at about 9:30pm.

2013 October 7
Two Light Rail Trains Derail (Sydney)
A light rail train derailed at the Rozelle Bay station at 10:20pm. Another light rail train derailed at the Wentworth Park station at 10:40pm. Neither the government office of Transport for NSW nor the private operators Transdev knew what caused the separate derailments. Maybe it was millipedes again (9-3-2013). Maybe leaves (1-31-2013). The five passengers total between the two trams were uninjured. Five. And the Sydney Morning Herald said, "patronage on the light rail line has soared" since certain people can ride for free. Soared to five between two trains. Sydney light rail service has been suspended while the problems are studied.

2013 October 6
Train Crushes SUV, Killing Teen (Ravenna, Ohio)
Sierra Thornton, 15, was killed when the SUV she was driving was crushed by a train at a gate-less crossing near Prospect Street. Her father and four younger sisters (9, 10, 12, & 13) were in the SUV and were injured in the crash.

2013 October 2
Muni Light Rail Hits Car (San Francisco, CA)
Two people were injured when a N-Judah line Muni light rail train slammed into a car at Third and King streets. The crash occurred near AT&T Park at 10:28am at the same intersection as an October 17, 2012 crash.

2013 September 30
33 Injured By CTA Ghost Train (Chicago, IL)
A driverless, riderless blue line CTA train crashed into a train with 40 passengers at the Harlem Avenue station at 8am. Thirty-three people were transported to the hospital with injuries. The ghost train left the Forest Park rail yard and traveled a half-mile east (through the Forest Park station) to the Harlem station despite the following:
     ► friction brakes applied in rail yard
     ► two keys (cab door & controller-brake release)
     ► controller handle (dead man's switch) must be turned or the motor shuts off and the brakes are applied
     ► cab speed signal gives operator two seconds to slow down or it automatically applies the brakes
     ► interlock track switches should have prevented the inbound (to Chicago) traveling train from being on the outbound tracks (fail-safe trip mechanisms)
     ► video showed no operator in the out of service CTA train cab
What Chicago's CTA does not have is a Positive Train Control (PTC) system, advocated by Senator Dianne Feinstein and NTSB chair Deborah Hersman, which may have stopped the ghost train. But later on September 30th, Chicago released its dazzling designs for the Washington-Wabash CTA station.

2013 September 23
Random Light Rail Passenger Shot (San Francisco, CA)
Nikhom Thephakaysone, 30, allegedly shot and killed Justin Valdez, 20, in an apparently random and unproked attack. Both were riding the Muni light rail train. Video showed Thephakaysone drawing his gun several times, unnoticed by other passengers. At 9:50pm, it showed him shooting Valdez in the back as Valdez exited the eastbound M-Ocean View line at Bright and Randolph streets. Justin Valdez was a sophomore at San Francisco State University, was a member of the water polo team, and was president of the environmental and AVID clubs.

2013 September 18
Man Beaten At Green Line Light Rail Terminal (Denver, CO)
A man, 23-year-old Gregory Michael Moscato, was robbed and beaten by five or more teenagers on a light rail train and ending at the Five Points Station at 9:30pm. Five Points is the northeast terminal for green D line RTD light rail trains, located at the intersection of East 30th Avenue and Downing Street. Surveillance video showed the victim on the ground while he was punched and kicked by his attackers. Twenty days after the attack, Denver Police acknowledged that they waited too long to share the surveillance video with the public. As of October 8th, Daishawn Matthews, 18, and two juvenile boys and one juvenile girl have been arrested. One of the attackers remains at large.

2013 September 18
Seven Dead, More Than 30 Injured in Light Rail & Bus Crash (Ottawa, Canada)
An at-grade crossing was the crash site of a westbound Via 51 light rail train and the double OC Transpo 76 bus, which left seven dead and at least 30 injured. Crash survivor Colleen Thomas told CBC News, "You just see the bodies. You see the twisted metal... the people... everyone running around. Just like the noise, people screaming, just like the impact of it is... I don't know... like I don't know how we're going to be able to get through this. We'll carry this with us for the rest of [our lives]." [Update: Ottawa has reduced the speed in the area and trimmed vegetation. Ottawa plans to install a warning sign and flashing light 210 meters earlier than the crossing instead of 130 meters where the current sign is. It may require bus drivers to slow up at rail crossings.]

2013 September 5
TriMet MAX Light Rail Kills Woman (Portland, OR)
Yvonne Osredkar (62) was walking on a marked crosswalk at Holladay Street NE & 7th Avenue NE when she was hit by a westbound TriMet MAX light rail train at 7:40am. Her body was dragged by the train before it came to a halt, pinning her between the train and the tracks. She was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead. She may not have heard the train due to construction in the area. Osredkar had been an investigator for the Oregon Veterinary Examining Board.

2013 September 4
Light Rail Concrete Panels Drop On Truck (Aurora, CO)
The RTD Southeast Corridor construction along I-255 includes three-ton decorative concrete panels. Two fastened three-ton panels unfastened, dropping out of their brackets and smashing into a truck, injuring the driver. A residential neighbor near Yale Avenue told 7News the six-ton crash shook his whole house. SEMA Construction of Centennial, CO had other incidents of falling concrete panels and trucks operating at night with their lights off.

2013 September 3
Light Rail Train Crash Blamed On... Millipedes! (Perth, WA, Australia)
An empty southbound light rail train entered the Clarkson station and hit another southbound light rail train with passengers boarding. Was the train traveling too fast? Yes. Were brakes applied inadequately? Certainly. What's the crash being blamed on? Millipedes -- an armored infestation of Portuguese Millipedes. [Remember the Brisbane light rail train that launched itself into the station bathroom in January 2013? That crash was blamed on leaves. Meanwhile, the Perth CBD (Central Business District) has put two plywood light rail trains on the Hay Street Mall in protest of the government's plan to insert real trains on the narrow, brick pedestrian-shopping way.]

2013 September 2
Passengers Trapped On Train After Metro Hits Taxi (Newcastle, UK)
The 14 people on the Metro train were trapped for nearly an hour after the train hit a Blueline taxi at the Callerton Parkway crossing. The crossing has a history of crashes.

2013 August 31
Second Light Rail Train Hits Vehicle That Avoided First Train (Seattle)
A car (or van) was hit by a Sound Transit light rail train as it turned from Martin Luther King Jr Way to South Brandon Street. The vehicle's driver saw the southbound train and avoided it but was hit by the northbound train. No injuries were reported.

2013 August 30
Woman Hit By NJ Light Rail Train (Burlington, NJ)
A northbound River Line light rail train struck a woman at the intersection of Commerce Square Boulevard and Broad Street W near the Burlington South station at 9:15am. She was pinned under the train until emergency workers rescued her and sent her by Medivac helicopter to either the Fuld Medical Center or the Capital Health Regional Medical Center.

2013 August 30
Metro Red Line Train Derails (Washington DC)
A six-car WMATA Metro train midnight derailment caused Friday morning rush hour delays. Train wheels from the fourth and fifth cars left the track near the Brentwood Postal Facility. As the train continued northbound, the train operator was unaware the derailed wheels were slicing through cables and damaging equipment. The operator stopped the train near Franklin Street. [The proposed WMATA purple line train is expected to cost $2.15 billion and will condemn 60 business properties & 53 residential properties including 22 homes in the Riverdale area.]

2013 August 26
Driver Killed After Light Rail Pole Crash (Tempe)
After a crash into a light rail catenary pole, bystanders pulled driver Cody Sangster and his brother out of their burning vehicle. Cody Sangster did not survive.

2013 August 26
Light Rail Train T-Bones Car (Sacramento)
A SacRT light rail train hit a car at the intersection of 12th and J streets at 9:30pm. The train crumpled the driver's side of the sedan and spun the car like a top. The woman driving the car was hospitalized.

2013 August 26
Michelob Golden Light Rail Train Crash With AC Van (Minneapolis)
A blue line Hiawatha light rail train, under the influence of Michelob Golden Light beer advertising, hit a white NAC  Mechanical van at the intersection of 5th and 5th, downtown Minneapolis. The crash occurred at about 11:30am. A parking garage employee reported to the Star Tribune that the train operator, "Sounded the horn and attempted to slow down but was unable to avoid hitting the van. I see this all day long.” Tim Harlow of the Star Tribune later reported that of the 74 incidents since the blue line Hiawatha train started in 2005, 12% have occurred at 5th Street and 5th Avenue at-grade intersection in downtown Minneapolis.

2013 August 26
Traffic Lights Fail; Commuter Train Broadsides Car (Moscow)
A suburban commuter train smashed into a white Chevrolet sedan, leaving its driver in a coma. The traffic light at the rail crossing had failed. (The rail signals were probably out too.) The train plucked the car from the line of traffic and hurtled it down the tracks. [video]

2013 August 23
Gold Strikes Pedestrian (Rancho Cordova, CA)
The Sacramento RT Gold Line 507 light rail train was five minutes late when it struck and killed Michael Karr at Folsom Boulevard and Mather Field Road at 1:25pm. The 47 year old Karr should have taken the bus.

2013 August 22
Garbage Truck Takes Out The Light Rail (Cockeysville, MD)
A garbage truck hit the catenary wires powering light rail rails at Beaver Dam and Warren roads at about 4pm. Light Rail service was suspended between Hunt Valley and Timonium Road due to loss of power.

2013 August 22
Silver Bullet Light Rail Collision Leaves Injuries (Tempe, AZ)
A burgundy four door sedan was hit by the Valley Metro 1508 Coors Light advertising light rail train at N Price Road and Apache Boulevard at 11:35am. The silver bullet train pushed the car 100 feet before halting. Passengers of both vehicles, as well as the elderly driver of the car with head injuries, were taken to the hospital. Clearly the train was under the influence of alcohol.

2013 August 20
Man Dragged & Killed By Light Rail Train (Tin Shui Wai, Hong Kong)
Wong Chee-ming, 67, was crossing the tracks by Tin Wu Road at a pedestrian crosswalk, when he was hit by the 9am 761P light rail train. The train operator blew his horn but could not stop the train in time. Witnesses said the train was not traveling fast. Chee-ming was dragged 50 meters under the wheels. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

2013 August 19
Train Ran Over 37, Mob Beats Train Operator (Patna, Bihar, India)
After an express train ran over a crowd of people at the Dhamara Ghat station, killing 37, an angry mob beat the train operator and set fire to the train.

2013 August 18
Metro Orange Line Kills Volleyball Star (Arlington, VA)
George Mason University all-scholastic volleyball senior Patrick Sibley was struck and killed by an WMATA orange line Metro train. Sibley was hit by the train while walking the tracks between Ballston and East Falls Church at 2am. In 2013 the tall redhead led the team with 77 blocks and was second in service aces with 21.

2013 August 15
Boy's Feet Severed By Train (St. Paul, MN)
Nine year old Marshawn Kenneth Farr-Robinson had both his feet severed by a train after playing by the moving train and falling on the tracks. The gruesome injury occurred near Ivy Avenue and Farrington Street at about 5:55pm. The boy crawled ten yards from the tracks and asked the first adult on the scene to retrieve his shoes, not knowing his feet were still in them. According to MPR, "railroads are required by Minnesota law to 'build and maintain good and substantial fences on each side of all lines of its railroad.'" The train tracks are owned by Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF). Legal documents served on BNSF allege that the railroad company violated Minnesota fencing laws and should have had fences on each side of the tracks and that the BNSF train failed to give adequate audible warnings.

2013 August 9
Pedestrian Caught By Light Rail Train (Houston)
MetroRail hit a pedestrian near Fannin Street and South Loop Freeway near the Reliant Arena at 7am. The pedestrian was sent to the hospital. MetroRail decided it wasn't Tweet worthy or couldn't figure out how to Tweet it in 140 characters. (The first sentence has 140 characters.)

2013 July 29
Trains Collide in Western Switzerland (Granges-près-Marnand, Vaud, Switzerland)
One train was leaving the Granges-près-Marnand station, and one was arriving at 7pm. The head-on collision resulted in 44 injuries with four in serious condition. One of the trains was operated by the French Réseau Express Régional. The other was operated by Swiss Federal Railways. [video]

2013 July 27
Teen Shot 8 Times on Streetcar (Toronto, Canada)
Toronto police officer James Forcillo was charged with second-degree murder for the death of Sammy Yatim, 18, on a TTC 505 Dundas streetcar. Forcillo shot Yatim, who had a knife, eight of nine shots, most after Yatim was down on the streetcar floor. [videos 1, 2, 3]

2013 July 26
Pedestrian Killed By Light Rail (Mesa & Tempe, AZ)
A pedestrian was hit by a westbound Valley Metro light rail train near the Sycamore Drive and Main Street terminal in Mesa around 12:40pm. The upper half of the body was dragged two miles down the middle of Main Street (Apache Blvd) to the Apache substation in Tempe. The light rail operator didn't realize anything had happened. The two mile trail of body parts has been identified as 28-year-old Wade L. Stokley.

2013 July 24
79 Dead In 118mph Train Wreck (Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain)
A Renfe train took a 80km/h bend at 190km/h. The train derailed and broke apart against a concrete wall at 8:41pm. The crash killed at least 78 and injured more than 140. The train was not meant to be a high speed train. One of the two operators, Francisco Garzon, reportedly radioed, “I hope there are no dead, because this will fall on my conscience.” Garzon was charged with 79 counts of homicide. [crash video] European rail problem.

2013 July 22
Young Bicyclist Killed By Light Rail Train (Houston)
A young woman on a bicycle was struck and killed by the Metro 116 light rail train, running on Main Street with no curbs or barriers to separate trains from other traffic. The train hit her at Walker Street and dragged her body for 60 feet. Firefighters used heavy equipment to lift the train, but the young woman had already died. The victim was identified as Vivian Ziwei Guan, a New Zealander studying architecture at Rice University. She was described as enthusiastic, intelligent, and a joy to be around.

2013 July 22
More Powerful Than A Locomotive Crowd Pushes Train Off Woman (Tokyo)
A woman fell down the 8 inch gap between the JR Minami-Urawa Station platform and a light rail train. She was rescued by a crowd of people, who pushed the 32 ton train away from her. When she was freed, the crowd cheered.

2013 July 19
Light Rail Collides With Truck (Baltimore)
A noontime collision between a street-level MTA light rail train and a truck sent three to local hospitals with others planning to see their own doctors. The crash occurred downtown at N Howard and W Fayette Streets.

2013 July 18
Garbage Train Derails (Bronx, NY)
Metro-North Hudson line service was suspended after the 10 car derailment of a CSX train hauling garbage near the Spuyten Duyvil station at 8:40pm. [NTSB report, MTA video]

2013 July 13
19 Hospitalized After Muni Light Rail Train Slams Van (San Francisco)
A Muni T-line light rail train hit a white cargo van at the intersection of Third Street and Evans Avenue near the Evans campus of City College in the Bayview district. The van and T-line train were northbound on Third Street with the T-line train on the left and slightly behind the van (in its blind spot). (The T-line operates in the middle of Third Street at street-level.) The van turned left (west) on Evans and was hit by the T-line train at 1pm. The van was pushed across Evans and stuck a signal pole (with a Do Not Enter sign on it). The signal pole broke loose and shattered a window of the light rail train. Nineteen of the injured people were taken to the hospital, most of them to San Francisco General Hospital.

2013 July 9
Light Rail Station Stabbing (Calgary, Canada)
A man was stabbed by the Marlborough light rail station before 6:45pm.

2013 June 17
Couple Stabbed & Pepper Sprayed At Light Rail Station (Denver)
A husband and wife were attacked at the Lamar Station in suburban Lakewood. The attackers stabbed the woman and pepper sprayed the man at 2am. Police are looking for the attackers.

2013 June 15
SUV Rolls Over & Catches Fire, After Hit By PAT Light Rail (Pittsburgh, PA)
A Port Authority of Allegheny County red line light rail train smashed into a white Jeep Cherokee sports utility vehicle at about 5:06pm, flipping the SUV which then caught on fire. The SUV driver suffered back and neck injuries. A light rail train passenger was taken to the hospital due to a heart problem. The crash occurred near Hillsdale Avenue in Dormont.

2013 June 8
Bicyclist Killed By VTA Light Rail Train (San Jose, CA)
An unidentified bicyclist was hit and killed by a northbound VTA Winchester-Mountain View light rail train near the intersection of Sunol Street and Auzerais Avenue at 5:45 pm.

2013 June 4
Light Rail Train Hit Pedestrian (Denver)
A man was hit and injured by a light rail train near 10th Avenue and Osage Street at 9:40pm. The man was bloodied from being dragged by the train.

2013 June 4
Crash Test of TRAX Light Rail Train (Draper, UT)
Federally mandated safety training caused UTA crews to rescue a victim from under a TRAX train on new tracks, which will open for crashes in August. So far in 2013, UTA has reported three crashes and one fatality. In 2012, UTA reported 22 crashes and one fatality. [Addressing the deficiencies, UTA has handed out flyers.]

2013 May 29
Harlem Elevated Train Derails (New York, NY)
The Number 1 Subway derailed off of the elevated tracks south of the 125th Street Station in Harlem at 5:50pm. The 400 passengers were stuck without air conditioning or electricity for over an hour, until two rescue trains arrived, allowing passengers to walk through the trains to the 125th Street Station. [video news]

2013 May 28
Commuter Train Kills Rail Worker (West Haven, CT)
A westbound Metro-North commuter train struck and killed track foreman Robert Luden, 52, near the new West Haven station at 11:57am. [NTSB report]

2013 May 27
Boy Using Smartphone Falls Onto Tracks (Tokyo)
Japanese railway companies are asking people not to walk and use smartphones at the same time, after reporting a boy had fallen on to the tracks while using a smartphone. In 2011, eighteen people fell on the tracks in Japan while using a smartphone. In 2010, eleven smartphones and their owners fell.

2013 May 25
Dog Hit By RTD Light Rail Train, Loses Leg (Denver, CO)
Jesse, a six-month old puppy, was hit by a light rail train somewhere near Broadway and Mississippi. The border collie mix was taken to the Veterinary Referral Center of Colorado where her injuries were treated and her mangled leg was amputated.

2013 May 20
Light Rail Derailment Injures 4, Freaks More (New Zealand)
The freakiest experience ever” is how one passenger described a Tranz Metro light rail train derailment at 8:14am in Kaiwharawhara. The passenger told TVNZ, “It sort of felt like the train was just going from side to side. I was like 'is this an earthquake or something'?” Injuries were treated at the scene. The experience will remain freakiest until something freakier comes along.

2013 May 17
Two Metro-North Trains Collide & Derail, 70 Injured (Bridgeport, Connecticut)
One Metro train was headed to New Haven; the other was headed to New York. They collided and derailed in Bridgeport at 6:10pm. The intercom announced, “all the doctors up front.” Seventy injured passengers, several on stretchers were hauled away from the mangled wrecks in at least nine ambulances to two hospitals -- Bridgeport Hospital and St. Vincent’s Medical Center (which reported taking 27 injured). Governor Malloy said five of the injured were in critical condition and one of the five was in “very critical” condition. Brian Alvarez described the wreckage to WTVR as “pretty graphic. I saw this one car and it was completely destroyed and they were pulling people out of the car. They were all bloody.” [A preliminary NTSB press conference said both trains were traveling at 70mph when they collided. Another NTSB report said Metro-North employees worked on that area of track in April 2013 and replaced a cracked joint bar. Cynthia Clarke broke her shoulder in the crash. Replacement of the aging catenary wiring increased from a $300 million estimate to nearly $1 billion today.]

2013 May 17
62 Injured in Light Rail Derailment (Hong Kong, China)
A light rail derailment has injured 62 people near Hang Mei Tsuen and Tong Fong Tsuen stations in Tin Shui Wai at 4pm. A female passenger told RTHK, "It was driving too fast," and said the train lost control on a curve at Ping Ha Road. "It was very chaotic inside the train, there was some blood," she said. Three people were taken to Tuen Mun Hospital. From the picture, the train was a single car train. The MTR Corporation, which runs the Yuen Long line, says the train had 150 passengers and was traveling three times the speed limit. [Update: Light rail operator Fung Chung-man, 30, was found guilty of negligence.]

2013 May 16
Woman Hospitalized After VTA Light Rail Collision (San Jose, CA)
A southbound Valley Transportation Authority light rail train #7 collided with a Prius near the Metro Airport station at North First Street and Metro Drive at 5pm. The driver of the car was seriously injured, the roof of the Prius was cut open to extricate her, and she was taken to the Regional Medical Center. Light rail train operator 5769 did not have a proceed signal (VTA report), was fired and rehired a month later (NBC Bay Area KNTV-11).

2013 May 11
SUV Possible DUI In LRV T-bone (Phoenix)
Fans of the Arizona Diamondbacks (lost 2-4 to Philadelphia in overtime) and Arizona Rattlers (won 65-48 against Utah) games received a late hit from a gray 2003 Mercury SUV. The westbound SUV on Van Buren Street hit two arenas worth of light rail train passengers at 8:45pm riding along Central Avenue (the ASU Downtown Campus station). Four light rail passengers left by ambulance. The driver left on foot but was caught four blocks away. Phoenix Police Department spokesman Sgt. James Holmes said the driver, Guadalupe Cobos, Jr. (38) was booked on DUI and leaving the scene of an injury collision.

2013 May 10
Lynx Light Rail Train Hits Pedestrian (Charlotte, NC)
A Lynx light rail train struck a pedestrian before 5:30pm. The mild-mannered pedestrian reportedly got up and walked away, but the WCNC report failed to mention any other details of the incident.

2013 May 9
Red Line L Train Derails, Passengers Evacuated (Chicago)
The last car of a southbound, red line CTA elevated train derailed near Armitage Avenue by Lincoln Park. About 60 passengers were evacuated; one was taken to the hospital. The Chicago Tribune pictures appear to show the new Bombardier 5000-series L cars. The new cars may have problems with the old tracks. On May 19th, the CTA will shut down the south red line (Cermak to 95th) for five months for the first major repairs since it was built 40 years ago.

2013 May 6
Man Killed By Light Rail Train (Edmonton, Alberta, CA)
A southbound Edmonton Transit Capitol Line light rail train hit and killed a pedestrian near Wayne Gretzky Drive and 120th Avenue (NE of Rexall Place) at about 5am. "The train was empty with the exception of the driver," one report said. "The train did stop as soon as possible," another report said.

2013 May 5
Light Rail & SUV Collide (Phoenix, AZ)
A white Range Rover SUV and a Valley Metro light rail train collided at 24th Street and Jefferson at 3:15am. The passenger of the SUV had leg injuries and had to be pulled from the vehicle. None of the 11 passengers of the train reported injuries. The SUV driver was arrested and faces DUI charges. [video]

2013 April 29
Cars Damage Tracks (St. Paul)
Cars drove on Fourth Street tracks, between Sibley and Jackson streets, damaging some cement track panels and switch machines. The damage was done late last week. It may have been discovered in connection with the towing of a light rail train along the line on Sunday. [Deborah Miller of Woodbury was charged on June 6th with $82,000 of equipment damage.]

2013 April 26
Light Rail Train Hits Car (Denver)
An RTD light rail train hit a silver sedan at about 4:30pm at 14th and Stout. Three light rail lines turn at that location, near the Colorado Convention Center. The front left quarter panel and hood of the car were crumpled. No injuries were reported. The riders of the D, E and H lines experienced delays because of the crash. Denver's new West (W) line boondoggle opened today and was not delayed by the downtown train crash. Originally said to cost $250 million, the W line ultimately cost $705 million; an after-study markup of $455 million. W was first expected to carry 29,100 passengers each weekday; the figure was downgraded to 19,300 riders and that includes some dirty transit tricks. RTD stopped six express buses.

2013 April 23
Light Rail Hits Man (San Jose, CA)
A man on North First Street near the Gish Station was hit and pulled under a southbound Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) light rail train at 9:15pm. He was pulled out from under the train and rushed to the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.

2013 April 19
Light Rail Train Hits Van (Phoenix)
The collision between a light rail train and a van occurred on East Washington Street at the Interstate 10 underpass at about 6pm. No injuries were reported.

2013 April 17
Pedestrian Pinned and Killed By SacRT Light Rail Train (Sacramento)
A man crossing tracks to catch a train was hit, pinned, and killed by a Sacramento RT gold line light rail train. The incident occurred near the at-grade Power Inn Station at Folsom Blvd and Power Inn Road.

2013 April 15
Train Keeps Going At End Of The Line (Lower Hutt, New Zealand)
A northbound TranzMetro commuter train crashed beyond the Melling terminal at 7:50am, hitting the concrete safety barrier. Nine passengers, a guard, and an operator were on board. One passenger was injured. A faster crash but otherwise similar crash will occur May 27, 2014.

2013 April 12
Truck and Light Rail Train Collide (Camden, NJ)
Cars crumple like beer cans when they crash into each other. They are built with crumple zones to absorb energy between the two vehicles. Light rail trains don't crumple. All the energy of the impact is transferred to the car (as if it's 1950 all over again). Tractor-trailer trucks also don't crumple. So when a flatbed, tractor-trailer truck on Haddon Avenue crossed in front of a southbound light rail train at 4pm, the train couldn't stop and the truck didn't crumple. The front-right headlight corner of the truck broke, absorbing little of the impact of the collision. Three train passengers were injured.

2013 April 12
Streetcar Barrels Into Accident Scene (San Francisco)
Cable Cars Average An Accident A Month (San Francisco)
A four car accident on Market Street near Sanchez was compounded by a San Francisco Municipal Railway streetcar that rear-ended one of the cars at 10:20am. The streetcar was unable to stop in time.San Francisco's other street-rail vehicles, the cable cars, have also been making crash and injury news. "Cable cars average about an accident a month and routinely rank among the most accident-prone mass transportation modes in the country (per vehicle mile traveled annually), according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Over the last 10 years, city officials have reported 126 accidents injuring 151 people... City officials acknowledge that the open air cable cars, which ply only eight miles of track, produce a disproportionate amount of accident-related costs. But they say the cars are a much beloved and valuable part of the city's life and character." San Francisco annually pays $12 million to settle its transportation injury claims. [In May, the San Francisco light rail trains were on-time almost half the time and break down about once a month.]

2013 April 11
Icy Wires Closes Hiawatha Light Rail (Minneapolis)
Ice on the catenary wires closed the Hiawatha light rail line, keeping the train from running Thursday.

2013 April 10
Light Rail Train Killed Cyclist (Folsom, CA)
An outbound gold line light rail train hit and killed a bicyclist in Folsom (near Sacramento), at Folsom Boulevard and Parkshore Drive at 3:40pm.

2013 April 9
Woman Hit And Pinned By Light Rail, Woke In Hospital After 1 1/2 Days (Tempe, AZ)
Pedestrian Shannon Pogue was hit and run over by a light rail train at the Smith Martin-Apache light rail station, near Apache Boulevard and Smith Road around 11am. Firefighters and police struggled to free Shannon, who was trapped between the train and the rails and was suffering a serious head wound. Removal of the train's front bumper helped them to free her. She woke up in the hospital a day and a half later with a broken right wrist, extensive facial bruising, her mouth cut open, and a dozen stapes holding closed the back of her head. [Video]

2013 April 8
Light Rail Train Hit Pedestrian (Seattle, WA)
A southbound Sound Transit train hit a pedestrian, Dwayne Heier, near the Rainier Beach station at 5pm. Heier (in his 50s) was unconscious, but his heart was beating. He was taken to Harborview Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.The Seattle Times reported the conductor hit the emergency brakes and stopped as quick as he could, but Heier was hit and landed some distance away.

2013 April 7
Red Line Metro Train Derails... Mysteriously (Washington, DC)
A red line Metro train derailed between the NoMa-Gallaudet U and Rhode Island Avenue stations at 6:45pm. No injuries were reported.

2013 April 4
Gold Line Light Rail Train Derails... Mysteriously (Sacramento)
The front car of an at-grade gold line SacRT light rail train derailed along Sunrise Boulevard at13th and Q streets at 7:43am. The passengers chorused, "Oh, my God!" No injures were reported.

2013 April 3
METRORail Strikes Again (Houston)
A burgundy Ford SUV was hit by a southbound light rail train at Main Street and Remington Lane at 1pm. Two passengers of the SUV were injured and taken to the hospital. Six train passengers were treated for minor injuries at the scene.

2013 April 2
Light Rail Train Fight on Video (Sacramento)
Light rail is free. It's an honor system that many don't honor. Nothing is at risk, if you are kicked off something you didn't have to pay for. People do not have to be on their best behavior. Fights happen. Sometimes they are recorded and posted to YouTube, like this nighttime SacRT light rail train fight where a man intervenes in a domestic dispute.

2013 March 23
Hiawatha Light Rail Pushes Car One Block, Kills Driver (Minneapolis, MN)
A northbound Hiawatha light rail train hit a westbound car on East 26th Street at 6:30pm. The train pushed and crushed the driver's side of the white four-door sedan for 600 feet (two football fields) before coming to halt. A fire burned in and around the car. The car's driver, 49 year old Francisco Antonio Sanchez-Andrade, died at the scene, in front of the Metro Transit rail technical support center. One passenger described the impact as, “We didn’t even feel it, that’s how soft it was,” almost as if brakes were not applied.

2013 March 18
Car Slid Into Hiawatha Train Car (Minneapolis, MN)
Icy conditions on 42nd Street South caused a car to slide into the side of a Hiawatha light rail train at 1:30pm. The motorist left the scene but called at 2pm.

2013 March 13
Bicyclist Killed By TRAX (South Salt Lake, UT)
A male bicyclist was killed by a light rail train near 4100 South and 200 West at about 5pm. The bicyclist was later identified -- by his fingerprints -- as 27 year old Brandon G. Robinson. Officials guess that he saw one train but not another. The two trains were traveling at 55mph.

2013 March 11
Motorcyclist Hit By Light Rail (Midvale, UT)
Start seeing motorcycles. A red line TRAX light rail train hit a 62 year old motorcyclist at 7720 South and 58 West around 5pm. The victim was rushed to Intermountain Medical Center in serious condition.

2013 March 11
Woman Hit And Killed By Light Rail Train (Rancho Cordova, CA)
A 47 year old woman walking her bicycle was struck and killed at 6:40am by a westbound, gold line RT light rail train. The woman died on Folsom Boulevard near Mercantile Drive, just east of the Sunrise station.

2013 March 8
Light Rail System Closed For Repairs (Oceanside, CA)
The North County Transit District - Sprinter light rail trains are stopped for braking system repairs for at least two months and possibly as long as four months. Accelerated wear patterns were found on rotors in the central disc braking system. NCTD cancelled their five year anniversary plans for March 9th, due to the closure. Some are speculating the problem stem from a lack of oversight.

2013 March 7
Downtown Light Rail Power Lines Fall (Minneapolis)
A cable malfunction caused a construction crane to drop on the Hiawatha light rail power lines, causing the power lines to fall. Light rail train service was interrupted for hours.

2013 March 6
Man Hit By Light Rail Train In Critical Condition (Denver)
A male pedestrian was hit by a southbound RTD light rail train at the 10th Avenue and Osage Street station in the Denver's Lincoln Park neighborhood at roughly 4:50am. The train operator "hit the brakes" and struck the pedestrian. It was not reported whether the operator used only the standard brakes or if emergency or track brakes were applied.

2013 March 4
Sound Transit Light Rail Train Hits Car (Tacoma)
A Sound Transit light rail train hit a blue Buick at the intersection of 13th and Commerce streets at about 3pm. No injuries were reported.

2013 February 28
'Barely Moving' Light Rail Train Hits Car (Mesa, AZ)
A barely moving light rail train couldn't stop from hitting a car at Main and Dobson Road and pushing it into a second car at about 4:30pm.

2013 February 28
Muni Light Rail Train Hits Pedestrian (San Francisco)
A pedestrian was hit by a Muni light rail train at 19th Avenue and Junipero Serra soon after 3pm. The 25 year old woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition. "Muni" makes it sound small, and "light" rail makes it sound light, but the train probably didn't feel small or light.

2013 February 22
Hiawatha Line LRT Collides With Car (Minneapolis)
A south-bound Hiawatha Line light rail train collided with a car near the Hennepin County Government Center around 8:45am. There were no injuries.

2013 February 22
Stuck Car Blocks TRAX Tracks (West Valley City, UT)
UTA TRAX green line light rail trains were blocked in both directions by a car perched on a median between the tracks. The design-flaw delay interrupted morning transit for about 45 minutes.

2013 February 20
Missing Woman Hit, Dragged By Light Rail Train (Sacramento, CA)
Alice Alspektor, 66, was hit, sucked under, and dragged by a blue line SacRT light rail train approaching the I-80 - Watt Avenue station at 6:30pm.

2013 February 19
TRAX Light Rail Train Pushes SUV 100 Feet (Murray, UT)
A silver SUV was hit by a red line TRAX light rail train at 5900 South and 300 West, pushing the SUV more than 100 feet and injuring the driver. The injured SUV driver "had a huge gouge from his forehead all the way to the back, so the skin was open," according to another driver talking to KSL News. That other driver and the train conductor honked at the SUV before the crash. This is the fifth Utah Transit Authority (UTA) collision this year (3 vehicles, 2 pedestrians). UTA TRAX had 31 for 2012 with 5 fatalities.

2013 February 15-18
Flawed Light Rail Junction Closed For Repairs (Los Angeles, CA)
The busiest light rail junction in Los Angeles County closes for repairs this weekend. The tracks at Washington Boulevard and Flower Street were too wide, causing jarring and the potential for derailment. The junction had five temporary repairs done between September 2010 and June 2012. Repairs may include increasing the width of the diamond and changing its (frog) alignment in addition to decrease the track width. (AREMA and the FRA have no standards for embedded tracks or light rail. The LA Metro is on their own.)

2013 February 12
16 Injured After Train Hits Truck (Takasago, Hyogo, Japan)
A 6-car Sanyo Electric Railway Line passenger train derailed after hitting a truck on a level crossing near the Arai Station at 3:50pm. The train hit cars, utility poles, a house, and concrete walls before crashing onto the platform of the Arai Station and stopping.

2013 February 6
50MPH TRAX Light Rail Train Hits Car, Kills Man (South Salt Lake, UT)
A TRAX light rail train hit and killed 57-year-old Larry Aullman of Salt Lake City at 10:22am. Aullman was driving his gray car westbound through the 200 West on 2950 South crossing when the northbound TRAX train, traveling between 45 and 50 mph, hit the car and dragged it 120 feet. A passenger of the train reached in and talked to the driver, so he knew someone was with him. He died at the hospital Wednesday afternoon.This was the first TRAX death of 2013. In 2012, five people were killed by TRAX trains.

2013 January 31
What Caused A Light Rail Train Crash? Leaves! (Cleveland, Australia)
                         - or -
Train Leaves Track For Bathroom Stop
The crash of the T842 light rail train into a suburban Brisbane station toilet could not have been caused by a failure of the train operator to brake. Investigators from Australian Transport and Safety Bureau (ATSB) found the crash site contaminated with leaves: leaf residue, leaf oils, woody particles, and iron oxide. Seventeen passengers were on the train as well as the driver and a guard. Three people were on the platform, and five were in the station. At least one person had just left the dunny (bathroom) before the train entered it at 9:40am. (Preliminary ATSB report) [In September 2013, a Perth crash was blamed on millipedes.]

2013 January 30
Hundreds Stranded On Trains For Hours In Dark After Anacostia Metro Fire (Washington DC)
As Washington DC struggles to maintain its aging WMATA Metro system, a minor incident revealed the chaos. A smoking insulator sparked on the green line's third rail, near the Anacostia Metro station causing an electrical malfunction. WMATA officials then issued conflicting announcements and cut power to active trains, stranding multiple crowded trains in tunnels without power (or light). Passengers broke windows, urinated, vomited, and passed out. Some left the trains to walk the tunnels. No fatalities were reported.

2013 January 26
Man Killed By Light Rail Train (Sacramento)
A man walking between two SacRT light rail train cars was hit and killed near the Madison and Arcade station at 8:30am.

2013 January 22
Hiawatha Light Rail Train And Truck Collide (Minneapolis, MN)
A commercial truck and a blue line train collided at Fifth Street and Fifth Avenue South in downtown Minneapolis. The crash occurred at 1:35pm. The train was empty at the time. The crash disrupted train service for an hour. A passenger of the Minneapolis School District delivery truck walked to an ambulance and was taken to the Hennepin County Medical Center.

2013 January 21
Car And Light Rail Train Crash Injuring 3 Or 4 (Jersey City, NJ)
A Hudson-Bergen light rail train hit a car in Jersey City at about 7:20pm on Warren Street near Essex Street. Three train passengers sustained minor injuries, but four people were transported to area hospitals. The driver of the car, its sole occupant, was uninjured.

2013 January 21
Car Waits For Northbound Train, Hit By Southbound Train (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
A northbound car on 111th Street in south Edmonton, attempted to turn west (left) on 34th Avenue. The driver waited to cross the intersection until a northbound ETS light rail train cleared the crossing. The driver proceeded into the crossing and was then hit by a southbound ETS light rail train.

2013 January 18
Light Pole Injured By Light Rail - Car Crash (Sacramento)
A light rail train hit a car at North 12th Street and Sproule Ave, near the railyard, at 8am. Light pole was knocked down, but there were no other injuries reported. This crash occurred near the November 17, 2012 crash site at 12th and B streets. (KCRA news video)

2013 January 15
Light Rail and SUV Collide (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
A westbound downtown C-Train and an SUV collided at the intersection of Macleod Trail and Seventh Avenue at 6pm. The crash injured the female passenger of the SUV. "She screamed for about 30 seconds and then stopped," a witness described.

2013 January 15
Woman Steals Train, Slams It Into Apt Building (Stockholm, Sweden)
A woman suffered severe injuries after stealing a light rail train and driving it straight into an apartment building in Stockholm, Sweden. The 20-year-old cleaning woman sped the commuter train fast enough that the train continued for nearly 100 feet off-rail before it smashed into a three-story apartment building where three families were asleep.

2013 January 14
NYC Subway Union: "Slow Down When Entering Stations" (New York, NY)
After two recent deaths of people pushed in front of trains, the Transport Workers Union Local 100 has been distributing flyers recommending train operators slow down (10mph limit) and honk the horn when entering stations. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority opposes speed changes. The radio code "Command Center 12-9..." (a person is under the train) is too common in New York. In 2012, 55 people died after being hit by NYC subway trains. It was 47 deaths in 2011. Others are critically injured, like a man who jumped in front of a Brooklyn Q train on January 11th.

2013 January 9
O-Train Killed Pedestrian (Ottawa, Ontario)
An Ottawa light rail O-Train struck and killed a person who was on the tracks at approximately 7:20pm. Ottawa police and the Transportation Safety Board of Canada were called to investigate.

2013 January 9
Luas Tram Hits Pedestrian (Dublin, Ireland)
A pedestrian was struck and injured by a Luas light rail train at Benburb Street at 11am.

2013 January 9
Luas Tram Hits Car (Dublin, Ireland)
A Luas red line light rail train hit a car at the intersection of  O’Connell and Abbey streets at 10am. The light rail train operator and the four occupants of the car were taken to the hospital. This is the same intersection as the September 16, 2009 crash that injured 21.

2013 January 5
Light Rail Train Crushes Car in Cockeysville (Baltimore)
A northbound Maryland MTA light rail train crushed a burgundy Ford car at the intersection of Beaver Dam and Warren roads, Saturday morning in Cockeysville near Timonium, Maryland. The driver of the car climbed from the vehicle unharmed and said the sun prevented him from seeing the train and the flashing lights.

2013 January 4
Hiawatha Light Rail Train Hits Vehicle (Bloomington, MN)
A Hiawatha Line - Metro Transit light rail train hit a vehicle at 7:39 a.m. near American Blvd in Bloomington, a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. No details were reported.

2012 December 31 - 2013 January 1
Man Dies From Light Rail Injuries (Sacramento)
An 89-year-old man driving a white car made a left turn at Del Paso Boulevard and was hit by a southbound blue line, light rail train. The train pushed the car, crumpling the driver's door, until both vehicles came to a stop. People nearby rushed to help free the elderly man trapped in his car. The crash occurred after 3:30pm on Monday, December 31st. The man died from his injuries on Tuesday, January 1st. This death might have been averted by front-corner bumpers recommended in the 2009 FTA study FTA-CA-26-7007.2010.1.

2012 December 26
Woman Robbed on Hiawatha Line While Having Seizure (Minneapolis, MN)
A 25 year old woman riding on the Minneapolis Hiawatha light rail train had a seizure near the Lake Street Station. Three young men stole her bag and cell phone.

2012 December 21
Light Rail Train Hits and Kills Man (Sacramento)
Samuel Torres, 77, was hit and killed by a street-level light rail train at the intersection of 14th and R streets in downtown Sacramento. The victim had been missing from his senior community home for three days.

2012 December 21
Light Rail Train Hits Car, Injures Driver (Denver)
A car and RTD light rail train collided, injuring the driver of the car. The crash occurred at 8:12am at West Colfax Avenue and Kalamath Street, near the Colorado Convention Center.

2012 December 15
Light Rail Train Hits Man In The Head (Seattle)
A Sound Transit light rail train hit and dragged a pedestrian on the 4800 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Way near the Columbia Station. The man suffered multiple injuries to the face and head. This is why freight trains fence off tracks from pedestrian traffic.

2012 December 11
Bleeding Man Found Near Light Rail Tracks (Denver, CO)
The light rail train operator reported being unsure whether he hit something, after a bloodied man was found near the tracks at 6th and Mariposa. The train operator later told the police, “Clearly I hit a pedestrian. I heard the impact. But when I got out to look around, [I] couldn’t find the pedestrian; quite simply because he walked away."

2012 December 8
Light Rail Train Hits Bicyclist (Sacramento)
A light rail train hit a bicyclist at the crossing between Q and R streets and 15th Street. It is unclear whether the train was arriving at or departing from the 16th Street Station. The bicyclist was injured in the leg.

2012 December 4
Dim Warning Lights Blamed On Train Killing 4 Year Old (Nottinghamshire, England)
Four year old Emma Lifsey was being driven by her grandmother when they were hit by a 60 mph Network Rail train at the Beech Hill crossing. Emma died in the hospital. The grandmother survived, telling the Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) she "only noticed the lights and barriers when she was very close to the crossing." The RAIB tested the red warning lights (wig-wags) and reported they were obsolete and the 36Watt lights could not be seen against bright sunlight. The RAIB also reported the crossing barriers were not conspicuous against the background, and Network Rail had no procedures for checking existing wig-wags met their specification. The 1969 specifications said the lights should have a brightness of 500 cd (circular dichroism). The wig-wag signals on the north side of the Beech Hill Crossing had luminous intensities of between 101 cd and 222 cd. Hugh Barton, an optical consultant, said the 36Watt filament bulbs at the Beech Hill level crossing were the “worst red lights he had seen at a level crossing.”

2012 December 2
Hummer Knocks Out Multiple Light Rail Lines (Portland)
Crashing into a support pole on the west side of the Steel Bridge, a Hummer knocked out electrical service to the blue, red, green, and yellow line trains. Blue and red line trains resumed after a few hours. Green and yellow shifted to blue and red tracks where they are expected to operate for the next few days.

2012 November 28
Teen Killed By Tram (Hucknall, Nottingham, England)
Lindsey Inger, 13, was hit and killed by a tram near the Moor Bridge crossing called a death-trap by local residents. Adrian Vickery, the tram driver, said there was nothing he could do to avoid hitting her. In November 2008, Jean Hoggart, 56, and her grandson Mikey Dawson, 7, were killed when they were hit by a train at the same crossing. A footbridge, installed in October 2013 and still without good lighting, would have saved all their lives if it had been a design element of the Nottingham Tram.

2012 November 27
Man Mangled By Light Rail (Sacramento)
A man was sandwiched and killed between the first two cars of a blue line light rail train on Del Paso Blvd at Globe Av in northern Sacramento. His body was found when the train pulled into the Arden Way station.

2012 November 17
Your Horn Works, Now Try Your Brakes (Sacramento, CA)
A slow moving light rail train honked its horn at a Blue Diamond almonds semi-truck before plowing into the truck. The 25 mph northbound blue line train hit the second trailer of the truck at the intersection of north 12th and B streets at 5:50pm. Eleven people were injured and three hospitalized; one of the three was the train operator due to the nose of the train running under the truck, putting the truck through the train's windshield. The traffic lights may not have been timed long enough to allow a big rig to clear the intersection before the train entered it. If a train traveling at 25 mph takes 200 feet to stop in an area reported to have short visibility ("a block away") and no crossing gates, the train should have a slower speed limit in that area (Amtrak trains have 15 mph areas, L trains have 10 mph areas).

2012 November 16
Woman Pushing Wheelchair Killed By Light Rail Train (Sacramento)
A woman was pushing a man in a wheelchair through the intersection at 19th and R streets. Trying to cross the light rail tracks, he fell out of the chair (did the wheel get stuck in the tracks?), and she was hit and killed by the 5:30am northbound light rail train. (This is similar to the October 9, 2011 death of a Riverside woman pushing a stroller. AREMA and the FRA have no standards for embedded tracks or light rail.)

2012 November 15
Train Smashes Veterans' Parade Float; Kills 4, Injures 16 (Midland, TX)
Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan riding a parade float flatbed truck adorned by American flags and personalized signs were hit by an eastbound Union Pacific train at 4:35pm. Two veterans died at the scene. Two died at the hospital. Sixteen others were injured. [NTSB report]

2012 November 13
BMW Knocks Out Light Rail Service (Portland, OR)
A Vancouver driver of a black BMW launched off the U.S. 26 (westbound) ramp to Highway 217, through a pine tree, through the wires of the MAX light rail, and crashed down onto the light rail tracks near the Sunset Transit Center in Beaverton. The BMW stopped MAX service for 16 hours. That guy must really hate light rail.

2012 November 5
Metro Light Rail Hits Pickup (Houston)
A pickup truck was T-boned by Houston's Metro light rail train at the intersection of Bell and Main.The pickup truck was pushed more than 30 yards along the train tracks.

2012 November 2
Car Hit While Making U-Turn Across Light Rail Tracks; Train Operator Hits Brakes (Phoenix)
An 18 year old driver made a U-Turn on Central Avenue near Virginia Avenue in Phoenix when he was hit by a southbound light rail train. The weird part of the story is that the train operator hit the emergency brake, slowing the train enough to hit the back left door of the car instead of the driver's door, allowing the driver to be uninjured. Two passengers on the train sustained minor injuries. Again, the train operator is reported actually using the emergency brakes. Good job.

2012 October 25
TRAX Light Rail Hits Car, Injured Woman Pulled From Wreck (Salt Lake City)
An eastbound light rail train running along W South Temple hit a car northbound on N 300 West. The crash occurred at 6:15am at the street-level intersection with no crossing gates. The injured driver was extricated from her wrecked car and sent to the hospital. "Trains can’t swerve and cannot quickly come to a stop," Utah Transit Authority spokesman Gerry Carpenter told Bob Mims at the Salt Lake Tribune.

2012 October 24
One Dead After Green Line Light Rail Fight (Dallas, TX)
A fight, that started on a southbound DART green line light rail train, ended at the Lake June Station with Keith Edwards stabbing Samuel Riley Anderson in the neck with a piece of glass. Edwards was arrested on October 29th. He was convicted of manslaughter on August 16, 2013 and sentenced to 11 years in prison.

2012 October 17
Muni Light Rail Train Hits Pickup Truck, Injures 1 (San Francisco)
A San Francisco Municipal (Muni makes it sound so small and cute) light rail train crash into a pickup truck crossing its path, injuring one passenger on the train. The collision occurred near AT&T Park at 7:25am when the pickup turned left from King Street onto Third Street, crossing the street-level path of the Muni T-Third train.

2012 October 13-14
Dead Drunk Zombies Fight On Light Rail Ride (Minneapolis, MN)
Video captured the dead fighting the dead and the undead while catching a free ride on the Hiawatha light rail line. Beth Houston of Burnsville was one of several witnesses recording the brawl at 1am. "I've never, ever seen an officer or security on that train. I've never been asked to see if I'd paid and had a ticket. Ever," Houston said. Another woman reported being hit in the face in a fight at 3am. [video]

2012 October 10
Light Rail Train Hits Yeast Truck (Portland, OR)
A TriMet Max light rail train and a truck carrying yeast crashed at the intersection of North Interstate Avenue and Knott Street at 12:30pm. A light rail passenger said the train operator tried to brake to avoid hitting the truck but could not stop in time.

2012 October 10
Light Rail Stopped Due to Window Washer Rope (Portland, OR)
Window washers working on a building in the Old Town Chinatown neighborhood dropped a rope, at about 10:15am,  which became entangled in the contact wires which then destroyed the pantograph (the electrical guide arm at the top of the train). TriMet Max Blue and Red Line trains were shut down for several hours.

2012 October 7
Transient Stabbed at Light Rail Station (Phoenix)
The light rail station at 7th Avenue and Camelback Road was the scene of a light rail injury having nothing to do with braking systems or at-grade street implementations of light rail. One transient stabbed another. They may have been arguing about unsafe implementations or unsafe practices of light rail systems; the report didn't give the details.

2012 October 4
Car Disrupted TransitTracker Scheduled for Repair (Portland, OR)
A single-car crash at the Rose Quarter Transit Center damaged the TriMet TransitTracker that gives riders up-to-date schedules by cellphone. Repair parts are no longer available. Installing a brand new version is expected to take weeks.

2012 September 28
Elderly Woman Unconscious After Being Hit By Light Rail (Seattle, WA)
An 86 year old woman was hit by a Sound Transit light rail train at Martin Luther King Jr. Way and South Graham Street. She suffered critical injuries with severe head trauma. This was the twelfth Sound Transit light rail accident involving a pedestrian since the start of 2010.

2012 September 18
Light Rail Crash Sends Ten to Hospitals (Houston, TX)
A woman driving eastbound on Cambridge St. was attempting to clear the way for an ambulance, when the northbound Metro light rail train (street-level) collided with her vehicle. The crash occurred at 9:30am at Fannin St. near the Texas Medical Center. Ten people were taken to local hospitals. It is not known if the light rail train had a red light due to the ambulance or if the ambulance or the Texas Medical Center facilitated those injured.

2012 September 10
Luas Tram Hits The Trash (Dublin, Ireland)
A Luas red line light rail train hit a garbage truck at Benburb Street and Temple Street West at 7:35am Dublin time. The force of the collision knocked the tram off the tracks and caused the garbage truck to spin around and throw the driver onto the road. Six people, including both drivers, were taken to the Mater Hospital.

2012 September 8
Pickup Truck Flips Off Road, Lands on Light Rail Tracks (Charlotte, NC)
A pickup truck flipped off South Boulevard at the Scaleybark light rail station near Clanton Road at 2am. The driver was cut from the vehicle and taken to the hospital. The Scaleybark station had another crash at 2am on July 25, 2012.

2012 August 30
One Dead, Four Injured at Light Rail Crash (Long Beach, CA)
A Metro Blue Line train hit a 4-door sedan at the intersection of Long Beach Blvd. and 19th St. at 8:20 pm Thursday. The 26 year old driver of the car was pronounced dead at the scene. Three light rail passengers were taken to the hospital; one was treated at the scene.

2012 August 27
Metro Light Rail and Metro Bus Crash Injures 48 or 32 (Los Angeles, CA)
A Metro Blue Line light rail train hit the rear corner of a Metro 51 bus at Washington Blvd. and San Pedro St. at 6:58am. The collision pushed the bus into a traffic signal pole. One report said 48 were injured, mostly on the light rail train. Another report said 32 people were injured: 29 on the light rail train and 3 on the bus.

2012 August 15
Woman Dead, Husband Hospitalized After Light Rail Crash (Murray, Utah)
A TRAX light rail train crashed into a maroon Honda CRV, killing the driver 72-year old Lorna Boguslawski and hospitalizing her husband 73-year old Karron Boguslawski. The car was dragged between the train and concrete barrier blocks for 100 yards before the train could stop. The suburban Salt Lake City traffic lights for the southbound intersection of S 300 West at E 5900 South were a green arrow for straight (south) and a red arrow for left turns (east). The Honda CRV took a left, hit a railroad crossing arm (not shown in Google street view), and was hit by the southbound TRAX train, which presumably did not have life-saving front corner bumpers recommended in this 2009 FTA study.

2012 August 14
Light Rail Crashes Into BWI Airport; Injures 22 (Baltimore, MD)
The light rail train operator "blacked out" when arriving at the Baltimore-Washington International airport, causing the train to crash into a steel safety barricade. The crash injured 22 passengers on the train and damaged the roof of the terminal.

2012 August 9
Bicyclist hit by light rail (Hoboken)
Bicyclist suffered leg and head injuries after being hit by the New Jersey Transit light rail train at the Patterson Avenue street-level intersection in Hoboken. A man rode his bike around a southbound train but was struck by a northbound train. The light rail train was operating at low speed but could not stop in time to avoid hitting the bicyclist.

2012 July 31
Light Rail Train Door Traps Teen, Loses Leg (Berlin, Germany)
A teenaged boy was saying goodbye to his friends and got his arm in the S-Bahn light rail train, but the door closed on his arm and the train took off. He was dragged along the platform until he hit a barrier and his body was thrown on the tracks. Doctors later amputated one of his legs.

2012 July 25
Vehicles crash and bend track (Charlotte)
A taxi and another vehicle hit at Scaleybark and Woodlawn, south of the Scaleybark light rail station, and somehow bent the blue line light rail track at 2 am. The cab was thought to be following the other vehicle and was sideswiped, Charlotte police said.

2012 July 13
Light rail hits vehicle; schedules delayed 20 min. (Phoenix)
A light rail train hit a vehicle crossing the intersection of Camelback Road and 11th Avenue. One person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, and the vehicle was towed from the tracks. Metro trains were delayed by 20 minutes.

2012 July 3
Dog Hit By Light Rail; Dragged Quarter Mile (Aurora, CO)
A Denver FasTracks light rail train hit a dog at the Dayton Street station, then dragged it a quarter mile, mangling its body. To avoid negative impact on FasTracks, the dog was named Amtrack. After $1,600 of surgery from Dr. Nicole Bartley at the Aurora Animal Shelter, it is expected the live, despite being skittish and blind in the left eye.

2012 July 3
Test driver crashes into light rail train (Charlotte)
With the Drive Time car dealer in the passenger seat, a test driver of a used-but-in-great-condition, bronze Chevy HHR (car+suv+van) crossed the intersection at South Blvd and East Hebron Street and was hit by a Lynx light rail train. No fatalities. [video]

2012 June 30
Light rail gate pole involved in fatal accident (East St. Louis)
A stolen Chevy Malibu crashed into a light rail gate support pole near the Washington Park MetroLink station, killing the driver. A tattooed cross covered his back.

2012 June 26
Man Late For Interview Due To Rescuing Baby from Tracks (New York City)
The wind blew a mother's stroller off the train platform and onto the tracks. A fast approaching J train barreled down toward the injured baby still strapped (trapped!) in its stroller. Mr. Delroy Simmonds jumped down to the elevated tracks. He hoisted the baby and stroller back up to the platform. The train's horn blew. Simmonds climbed back off the tracks as the train lurched into the station.

2012 June 24
Cable from light rail dangles into traffic (Charlotte)
A cable conduit broke off a light rail overpass and rained metal brackets down on Woodlawn Road. NewsChannel 36 Charlotte counted "17 metal brackets missing from the overpass above the low-hanging conduit.  Several other brackets were broken loose.  Each bracket was as big as a man’s hand, and weighed several pounds."

2012 June 17
Video shows SUV crash (Charlotte)
The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) released a video of a Lynx light rail train hitting a white SUV at the intersection of South Boulevard and Remount Road. The video shows the front of the train looking forward, as well as the front of the train looking backwards.The video does not show how quickly the traffic lights switched for the train or the speed of the SUV.

Officials said the SUV driver was trying to beat the railroad crossing arm for the light rail rail when it smashed into her vehicle. It took a crew of 14 firefighters 12 minutes to free the victim from her car.

This is the seventh accident occurring in the same at-grade area since the system opened in November 2007. This is the same intersection as the April 25, 2012 accident that injured six.

2012 June 13
3 Hurt in Collision Between Car, Light Rail Train (Denver)
Three people were injured in a collision between a Chevy Malibu and the RTD light rail train 301 near the University of Colorado, Auraria Campus on Wednesday afternoon. The Chevy Malibu was traveling north on Speer Boulevard just before 2 pm, the traffic light changed for the train, the car ran the red light, and struck the front corner of a light rail train that was eastbound along Stout Street. On Feb. 17, 2015, a red Chevy Malibu was hit by a light rail train at the same intersection. . And the same intersection had a light rail train which killed Laura Triem on Nov 4, 2011.

2012 June 12
22 Accidents, 6 Fatalities for S. California's Blue Line This Year (Los Angeles)
A Blue Line train struck and killed 16 year-old Luis Manuel Martinez, Jr. while he walked the street-level tracks in Willowbrook.

2012 June 11
Two Killed In Separate NYC Subway Incidents (New York City)
A man on the M Station tracks in Brooklyn was hit and killed by the 8:16pm Q train. Another man on the tracks near the167th Street Station in The Bronx was hit and killed by a southbound D train less than an hour later.

2012 June 1
Light rail train slices open semi hauling Mountain Dew (Seattle)
A mountain of Mountain Dew spilled Friday in South Seattle as a light rail train sliced through a semi trailer, cutting it in half. Crews responded to the scene of the crash, at Martin Luther King Jr. Way and S. Holly Street, at about 9 a.m. after receiving a report of a collision. There were no injuries. Officials said the light rail train was southbound and had the green light when the truck driver attempted to turn in front of the train. The train crashed through the truck's trailer, causing hundreds of cases of Mountain Dew to spill into the street .

2012 May 27
Woman Killed By Light Rail Likely A Suicide (Denver)
Police say a woman was hit and killed by a light rail train at 11:45 p.m. Sunday after she entered a fenced-off area of track between Mississippi Av and Acoma St. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

2012 May 14
Woman Killed By TRAX Light Rail Train (South Salt Lake, UT)
A northbound TRAX light rail train hit and killed a woman at the Meadowbrook station.

2012 May 5
Light Rail Kills Man (St. Louis, MO)
A Metrolink light rail train struck and killed Casey Turner, 26, on the 3100 block of Spruce Street at 10pm. Turner was general manager of Club Fitness and was described as a very loving man.

2012 April 30
Light rail crash in Austin leaves 1 dead, 2 hurt (Austin)
Police say one person has been killed and two hurt after a Central Texas light rail commuter train hit a car during rush hour. Capital Metro spokeswoman Eric McKewen says the accident happened Monday morning at a rail crossing in north Austin. Authorities are trying to determine what led to the crash that killed the car driver and injured his two passengers.

2012 April 25
4 seriously hurt in light-rail collision at Remount Road near South Boulevard (Charlotte NC)
Four people were seriously hurt Wednesday night after a car collided with a Lynx light rail train in Charlotte’s Southend. Three others had less serious injuries. Around 8:40 p.m., the driver of a car had stopped on Remount Road near South Boulevard, police said. The crossing arms were down at the light-rail tracks, and the driver was waiting for the train to pass. Then a Jeep rear-ended the car, police said, forcing it onto the tracks and into the train, which was traveling toward uptown. Lt. Andy Harris said it’s unclear how fast the train was moving. Harris said police are investigating the possibility that alcohol may have been a factor in the crash. None of the injuries was life-threatening. Of the seven people taken to hospitals, three were in the vehicles. Police said 37 people were on board the train at the time of the crash. Paramedics took three passengers to the hospital, as well as the train’s operator, who was not hurt but was transported as standard procedure, according to reports.

2012 April 25
Light Rail train derails in Tacoma (Tacoma, WA)
Heavy rain caused a Light Rail train to derail in Tacoma Wednesday night. Rain washed gravel and rocks onto the tracks embedded in the pavement and caused the train to derail, said Sound Transit spokesman Geoff Patrick.

2012 April 24
2 seriously injured when MetroLink train hits car (800 block of Rosedale, St Louis, MO 63112)
Two people are hospitalized in serious condition after their car was hit by a MetroLink train this morning. Investigators say the vehicle slammed through a fence in the 800 block of Rosedale and ended up on the MetroLink tracks. An eastbound train could not stop in time to avoid the car. The two people inside the vehicle, a man and woman in their 20's, were both seriously injured in the crash.
Vehicle totaled, 2 seriously injured in MetroLink crash (900 Hodiamont Ave, St Louis, MO 63112)
Two people are in serious, but stable condition after their vehicle left the roadway, stopped on MetroLink tracks and was struck by an oncoming train Tuesday morning. According to authorities, the accident happened around 1:15 a.m. in the 900 block of Hodiamont. St. Louis police said a car with two occupants inside left the roadway, drove onto private property, crashed through a fence and ended up on MetroLink tracks.  A Metro train approaching was unable to stop in time and struck the vehicle, sending it off the tracks.

2012 April 16
MetroLink train crashes into car on tracks in Washington Park, IL (St. Louis)
A MetroLink train hit a car on the tracks early Monday on 37th Street north of St. Clair Avenue in Washington Park. At least one person in the car was taken away by paramedics. Rescuers said he was unconscious when he was taken to St. Louis University Hospital.

2012 April 14
Coroner release name of woman killed on Sacramento rail tracks (Sacramento)
The Sacramento County Coroner's office has released the name of the pedestrian killed by a Regional Transit light-rail train over the weekend. Leandra Lee Voss, 60, of Sacramento, was hit and killed about 8:45 p.m. Saturday near 19th Street, between Q and S streets, in midtown Sacramento. Witnesses told police a woman was lying across the grade-level tracks when the train hit her. The victim seemed to have been alone, police said.

2012 April 13
Man Hospitalized After Dragged by Light Rail Cars (Bloomington, MN)
A man was hospitalized Friday night after falling between moving light rail cars. Metro Transit Police say the accident happened around 10:20 p.m. at the American Boulevard Station off 34th Ave. S. in Bloomington. They say a man in his mid-20's was standing on a platform with some friends when he lost his balance and fell in between two cars of a moving southbound train. They say he was dragged for a short time before coming back to rest on the platform. A transit customer called 911. Officials say the man was conscious and breathing. He was transported to Hennepin County Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.

2012 April 9
Train hits car, injures 5 people (Baltimore)
Five people are recovering after a Light Rail train hit a car just after 6:00 p.m. Monday. Maryland Transit Administration spokesperson Terry Owens says a vehicle attempted to pass another near the intersection of W. Lexington St. and Howard St. when it entered onto the train tracks. The train was not going very quickly, but was unable to stop and hit the vehicle. Three people onboard the train received minor injures in the crash as well as the two occupants of the vehicle.

2012 April 9
Light-Rail Train Hits, Kills Man On Tracks, Train Couldn't Stop In Time (Sacramento)
A light-rail train hit and killed a man who was walking on the tracks Sunday night. He was identified Monday as David Johnson. His daughter called KCRA 3 with his name, which is also on the Sacramento County Coroner's website. Johnson's daughter said he was visiting family, and is originally from Indiana. The crash happened just before 10 p.m. The train was heading west when it struck the 51-year-old pedestrian near La Riviera and Folsom Boulevard, the California Highway Patrol said. The light-rail operator blew the horn and applied the emergency brake, but couldn't stop in time. The train was traveling about 45 miles per hour. The CHP is still trying to determine why he was on the tracks.

2012 April 4
Woman hurt in crash with light-rail train (Phoenix)
Phoenix Fire Department officials are on the scene of a crash between a car and a light rail train near Thomas Road and Central Avenue. A woman driving the car was injured in the collision, but the extent of her injuries are unknown at this time, Phoenix Fire Department spokesman Scott McDonald said.

2012 March 30
Anaheim Metrolink Death May Have Been Suicide (Anaheim, CA)
A woman fatally struck by a Metrolink train in Anaheim may have committed suicide, police said Saturday. The woman was struck near East Sycamore street about 5:30 p.m. Friday, according to Anaheim police Sgt. Frank Pinela. The victim’s name was not immediately available. At least one witness reported seeing the woman lay on the tracks in front of Metrolink train No. 604. Friday’s victim was the third person to die on Metrolink tracks in Orange County this month, according to the Orange County Register. A young man reportedly stepped in front of a Metrolink train in Dana Point earlier this month in another apparent suicide.

2012 March 29
5 Hurt After Car, Light Rail Crash (Sacramento)
The driver of a black BMW was pinned against his steering wheel, unable to move by the time Sacramento Fire rescue crews arrived at the scene of a collision between that car and a light rain train, said a Sacramento Fire spokesperson. The crash, which left five people injured, took place at the intersection of 10th and O streets just after 11:30 a.m. Sacramento fire crews said a second vehicle also either hit or was hit by the train. "I saw a silver car spinning. I looked up and noted that the stoplight was red," said Patrica Pickens, a passenger on the train at the time of the collision. Fire crews had to use the Jaws of Life to free the driver of the black BMW sedan involved in the crash. (KCRA news video)

2012 March 23
Pedestrian hit and killed by Metrolink train (Fullerton, CA)
Fullerton police were investigating Friday whether a pedestrian struck and killed by a Metrolink train was the victim of an accident or suicide. Officers responded at 3:15 p.m. to a report of a "train versus pedestrian fatality" at State College Boulevard and Valencia Drive, said Cpl. Tim Kandler. Kandler said late Friday that the victim was a white male, age 40 to 50, and that his death was being investigated as a suicide.

2012 March 17
Metro Light Rail Crash Injures Six (Los Angeles)
A southbound Metro Blue Line light rail train hit a black sedan at Venice Blvd. and Flower St. at 4:20pm, trapping the car underneath the front of the train. The six occupants of the car were taken to local hospitals. The same intersection had another light rail crash on September 5, 2011.

2012 March 13
Worker Injured at Light Rail Construction Site (St. Paul)
A worker was injured along the light rail system on University Avenue in St. Paul on Tuesday morning. Medic 14 and Squad 2 were dispatched to a reported man injured and down a four-foot hole on University Avenue near Hamline Avenue around 10:45 a.m. Medic 14 and Squad 2 arrived to find the man, suffering injuries from being struck by construction equipment, laying a couple of feet below grade. The remainder of the assignment was cancelled as the crews packaged the patient onto a backboard. He was carried up from the hole and transported by Medic 14 to an area hospital.

2012 February 26
Lynx Light Rail Train Hit & Killed Woman (Gastonia, NC)
A woman was walking across the intersection of Bessemer City Road and White Jenkins Road at 7:19pm, when she was struck and killed by a Lynx light rail train.

2012 February 17
Machete Carrying Passenger Unimpeded On Tri-Met Light Rail (Portland)
TriMet learned of a female light rail passenger carrying a machete by watching the news on TV (KOIN 6). They'll keep watching.

2012 February 13
TRAX Red Line Kills Another Teen At Same Intersection (West Jordan, UT)
A male pedestrian (17) crossing the intersection at 8600 South 3200 West when he was hit and killed by a TRAX red line light rail train. This is the same intersection where Shariah Casper (15) was struck and killed by a light rail train less than a year before.

2012 February 7
Second day in a row, car collides with TRAX train (Salt Lake City)
For the second day in a row Tuesday, there was a downtown Salt Lake City collision between a motorist and a TRAX light rail train. This time, according to Utah Transit Authority spokesman Gerry Carpenter, no one was injured when a truck crashed into the northbound "Red Line" train about 8:10 a.m. Tuesday near the station at 500 South and Main Street. The driver was cited for running a red light. Carpenter said the heavy-duty construction company pickup truck was northbound and got too close to the train, which caught the vehicle’s rear bumper — possibly as the driver attempted to make a late left turn. On Monday, a man was taken to the hospital with minor injuries after his pickup truck collided with, and derailed the lead car of a northbound TRAX train near 900 South and 200 West. Buses were used to transport commuters around the crash site for several hours. The driver of that pickup also was cited for running a red light, authorities said.

2012 February 4
Phoenix light-rail accident injures teen (Phoenix)
A 17-year-old boy was injured when struck by a light rail train Saturday night on Central Avenue near Campbell Avenue. Capt. Scott McDonald, a spokesman for the Phoenix Fire Department, said the teen had a head injury but is in stable condition at a trauma center. The teen was hit by a southbound light rail train at about 7 p.m. Officials say the train was traveling at about 30 miles per hour. "It is unknown how or why the pedestrian got in the train's path," McDonald said.

2012 January 30
3 killed in Sacramento SUV-light rail train crash (Sacramento)
The crash Saturday afternoon, killing two adults and an 18-month-old boy.  A fourth passenger, hospitalized with serious injuries, and six people on board the train suffered minor injuries.
Light Rail Accident Worst In Agency’s History (Sacramento)
The collision between a Sacramento light rail train and an SUV that killed three people over the weekend is the worst accident in the 25-year history of the capital city’s light rail district, a system executive said Monday, adding that the SUV driver’s impatience appeared to be the cause... Between January 2007 and Saturday’s crash, there have been nine collisions between light rail trains and vehicles at what the transit district refers to as protected grade crossings. Of those, only one other was a fatality, an April 2010 accident that killed one person.

2012 January 30
Woman walks into light rail train, Hospitalized in serious condition (Baltimore)
A woman was seriously injured Monday evening when she walked into the side of a moving light rail train at Lombard and Howard streets, just west of Baltimore's downtown, officials said. The accident occurred about 5:35 p.m., halting trains and forcing police to close off several streets during the evening rush hour. Trains were back and service and streets reopened about 6 p.m., police said.

2012 January 28
Light Rail Smashes SUV, Kills 3, Injures 7 (Sacramento, CA)
A Nissan Pathfinder was smashed, pushed 30 yards, and flipped by a 55mph southbound RT light rail train from the downtown intersection of 26th Avenue and 25th Street at 4:15pm. The SUV driver, Louis Leon Williams, 62, and passenger Shante Hope Williams, 25, were pronounced dead at the scene. The driver was ejected from the vehicle as part of the crash. Damian Antiwon Williams, a 21-month-old boy, also from the SUV, was transported to UC Davis Medical Center where he was later pronounced dead. Another female passenger in the SUV, the wife of one of the driver, was transported to the hospital in serious condition. Six passengers on the light rail train were also taken to hospitals with injures.

2012 January 13
Woman Trapped Under Light Rail Train (Houston)
A woman is en route to a hospital after she was trapped under a light rail train. The accident happened around 6:35 p.m. Friday on Polk and Main, according to Houston METRO. A woman was standing on the tracks when a southbound train approached. METRO says the woman was walking towards the train. The train’s operator saw the woman and sounded the train’s horn, but it was too late. The train was not able to stop. She wound up under the train, but was still alive, breathing and conscious.

2011 December 23
Car Hits Light Rail Train (Minneapolis)
No one was seriously injured when a car hit a light rail train in south Minneapolis Friday afternoon. Metro Transit says the accident happened around 2:30 p.m. at Hiawatha Avenue and East 42nd Street. A car traveling southbound on Hiawatha turned on to westbound 42nd Street, going under a gate arm and hitting the side of a train. The person driving the car was not injured, authorities say. One person inside the train complained of chest pains.

2011 December 12
Woman Struck and Killed by Light Rail Train (Baltimore)
A woman was found dead after being hit by a light rail train near Lutherville.

2011 December 6
Man hit by light rail loses leg (Baltimore)
A man was seriously injured when he was hit by a Light Rail train in South Baltimore Tuesday afternoon. According to MTA spokesman Terry Owens, a  man on the tracks was hit by a train just north of the Patapsco Station a little before 4:00 p.m. Fire officials said one of the man's legs was severed and the other leg was dislocated. The victim was taken by ambulance to shock trauma. There is no word on his condition.

2011 November 20
Car Hit By Light Rail Train (Minneapolis)
Metro Transit Police say a car went under a gate arm and was hit by a light rail train Sunday afternoon. They say the car and train were both traveling south on Hiawatha when the car turned into the train's path on 35th Street.

2011 November 4
Mom of woman struck by light-rail train knows she'll "see that smile again" (Denver)
Laura Triem was on her way to work at the Cheesecake Factory in downtown Denver when she stepped in front of a light-rail train. Triem was listening to music using earphones as she waited for one train to pass through the intersection of Speer Boulevard and Stout Street the afternoon of Nov. 4. She stepped into the path of a second train, coming from the other direction, Triem's mother, Mary Chadwick said. Triem was critically injured. The accident shut down Speer Boulevard in both directions at Stout Street. "Laura Triem, she's a fighter, and she's the brightest thing in the world, and I know she is coming back to me, and I'll see that smile again," Chadwick said.

2011 October 31
Utah ranks high in TRAX accidents, but UTA says Salt Lake's light rail is unique (Salt Lake City)
On Monday, a tow-truck driver was injured when his vehicle was smashed by a TRAX train in a spectacular accident. In a separate incident later that night, another car was damaged in a minor collision with a TRAX train at 300 West and South Temple. The two collisions marked the eighth and ninth incidents involving TRAX trains in 2011 and the third and fourth incidents in October alone. From 2007 to 2010, UTA had 94 incidents on its TRAX lines resulting in 84 injuries and seven deaths, according to the National Transit Database.

2011 October 19
Worker loses hand, foot in Central Corridor construction accident (Minneapolis)
A worker on the Central Corridor rail project was rushed into surgery after his piece of equipment tipped over late Tuesday morning east of downtown Minneapolis. The Ames Construction Co. employee was working on an overpass above Interstate 35W, where the Central Corridor rail will connect with the Hiawatha light rail line, said project spokeswoman Laura Baenen. Other workers at the site used a front-end loader to move the equipment off their trapped colleague's right leg, Baenen said. The worker underwent surgery at Hennepin County Medical Center, where his right hand and right foot were amputated. This is the second "time-loss" injury since work on the Central Corridor project began in September 2009. In June 2011, a worker for a subcontractor severely injured her hand while operating a drill on the Washington Avenue Bridge, Baenen said.

2011 October 13
Light Rail Doesn't Stop At End (Portland, OR)
TriMet MAX yellow line light rail train 417 crashed into the end of the line at Expo Center terminal at about noon. Neither of the two people on the train were injured. Train operator Joel Maunu, who started his shift at 3:45am, fell asleep at the controls of the 100-ton train. [video]

2011 October 9
Woman Killed in Metrolink Accident (Riverside, CA)
An investigation is under way Sunday after a mother pushing a stroller was struck and killed by a Metrolink train. It happened just before 7 p.m. Saturday night in Riverside. Eastbound Metrolink 860 struck Susan Dibene at the Mary Street/Brockton Avenue grade crossing. Dibene, 33, lived in Riverside. According to investigators the crossing arms were down, and the warning lights were flashing. Dibene had been pushing her two year old toddler when the wheel got stuck in the track. The mother was able to push the stroller out of harms way, but she lost her own life. Remaining passengers were to taken by bus to their final destinations. (This sounds like the November 16, 2012 death of a Sacramento woman pushing a wheelchair. AREMA and the FRA have no standards for embedded tracks or light rail.)

2011 October 4
Houston light rail accident injures 15, Train strikes dump truck that ran red light (Houston)
Authorities say 15 people were injured when a light rail train derailed after striking a dump truck that ran a red light in downtown Houston. Houston Metro officials say the train operator, 13 passengers and the driver of the dump truck were transported to hospitals with minor injuries after the accident Tuesday morning. Metro officials tell the Houston Chronicle the truck driver couldn't see the red light because of the reflection of the sun.

2011 September 22
Woman hit by Lynx light rail train at Scaleybark station (Charlotte, NC)
Lakysha Erwin, 31, was struck by a southbound Lynx train at the Scaleybark station. She was transported to the Carolinas Medical Center in serious condition. A Youtube video shows her being hit by a light rail train at the same station as the November 2011 light rail vs. pedestrian accident.

2011 September 21
Friends say woman killed in Denver light-rail accident "was the smile on your face" (Denver)
Friends of a woman who died Tuesday in a light rail accident gathered around a makeshift memorial near the track this afternoon to pay tribute to the victim. Jessica Lubken, 26, of Denver, died after being dragged by a light rail train near the intersection of Welton and 24th Streets. She was identified by the Denver Office of the Medical Examiner this morning.

2011 September 19
Light Rail Services Disrupted After Train-Pickup Accident (Bloomington)
Buses were called in to transport light rail riders Monday evening after a train hit a pickup truck in Bloomington. The accident happened just after 5 p.m. Near 34th Ave. and I-494. Metro Transit officials say the pickup was hit after the driver tried making an illegal lefthand turn over the tracks.

2011 September 9
Cyclist killed, northeast LRT shut down after collision (Calgary, Canada)
Police shut down the C-Train line at 36th Street and 20th Avenue N.E. after a cyclist was struck dead this morning. Commuters lined up for city transit shuttle buses as police investigated the fatal collision that happened shortly after 7 a.m. A man in his 50s was standing with his bike inside the barriers on the northbound track watching the southbound train go by when he was struck by the northbound train. He was killed instantly.

2011 September 5
Metro Light Rail Train Hits Pickup (Los Angeles)
A northbound Metro Blue Line hit a white pickup truck, injuring one. The pickup may have been driving on Venice Blvd. when it was hit by the train and dragged onto the 1500 block of South Flower Street. Another crash at the same intersection would occur on March 17, 2012.

2011 September 4
Man killed in LRT collision (Calgary, Canada)
Calgary cops are investigating an LRT collision that cost one man his life Sunday morning. The man, who has not yet been identified, was struck and killed near the intersection of 36 St. and 32 Ave. N.E. around 6:15 a.m. Duty Insp. Keith Cain said it is unclear at this time how the man ended up in front of the train.

2011 August 10
TRAX Kills Pedestrian (Midvale, UT)
Kimberly K. Merrill, 46, was hit and killed by a TRAX light rail train on 7200 South near 200 West. The light rail train was approaching the nearby platform at between 30 and 40 mph when the woman was hit and killed.

2011 August 11
Tide Light Rail Has Second Collision Before Grand Opening (Norfolk, VA)
The grand opening of the Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) Tide light rail system wasn't until August 27th, but already there were two collisions. The first collision involved a bicyclist on June 24th, when the light rail trains were making test runs, so it was an unscheduled test crash at York and Botetourt streets. The second collision was on August 11th when a train and car collided at 2nd Street and West Brambleton Avenue. [video]

2011 August 3
A White Minivan and Light Rail Train Collide in Downtown (Minneapolis)
On Wednesday, August 3, 2011 at approximately 4:50pm a white minivan and a Light Rail Train collided. This accident took place at the cross section of 5th avenue and 5th street. The Light Rail Train # 116A (LRT) came to a halt with passengers on board.

2011 August 1
Light Rail Hits Van Making Illegal Turn (Minneapolis)
Metro Transit police say a light rail struck a van that made an illegal turn in front of the train on 34th Avenue. The crash took place north of the Interstate 494 bridge as the train was traveling southbound from the Humphrey Terminal toward the stop at American Boulevard.

2011 June 27
Man killed by MAX train at E. Burnside & 122nd Av 'a clear suicide,' investigators say (Portland)
Authorities believe a man who was killed about 9:15 this morning when he fell in front of a MAX light-rail trail at 122nd Avenue and East Burnside committed suicide. The train was traveling at about five miles per hour as it pulled into the station when it struck the man, said TriMet spokeswoman Mary Fetsch. The man had been spotted kneeling on the bumpy white safety strip at the edge of the platform, possibly praying, when he fell into the train's path, Fetsch said.

2011 June 24
Passenger Train & Truck Collide, Kills 6 (Miriam, NV)
A passenger train and a truck crashed at a rural highway crossing 70 miles east of Reno at 11:19am. Five passengers on Amtrak's California Zephyr and the John Davis Trucking driver Larry Valli died from the crash. Fifteen people were injured. The NTSB made 20 safety recommendations based on the crash and blamed the crash on the truck's brakes and the condition of the driver. At the trial in 2014, the trucking company questions the condition of the crossing gate and "will present evidence that the day after the crash, Union Pacific officials removed data cards from a housing unit that controlled the crossing gate after being told not to by the National Transportation Safety Board." [2014 update: a jury awarded $4.5 million to Amtrak and $210,777 to Union Pacific Railroad for damages due to negligence.]

2011 June 8 
TRAX accident kills teen girl in West Jordan (Salt Lake Valley)
A teenage girl died Wednesday after she was struck by a TRAX train near the intersection of 3200 West and 8600 South. The girl was identified as Shariah Casper, 15, of West Jordan. According to witnesses at the scene, Casper and another girl crossed under the traffic safety arms and warning lights and attempted to cross the tracks. The girls apparently did not realize that two trains were traveling in the area within seconds of each other, going in opposite directions. After the first train had passed, the two girls began crossing the tracks unaware of the second train. The second girl stepped off the tracks in time to avoid the second train. Shariah, however, was hit. "She was outgoing. She's fun. She'd do anything for you at any given moment," Kira Sanchez said of her friend Shariah. "She didn't care what people thought of her." Shariah had just completed the ninth grade. (U.S. Dept. of Transportation Accident Report) (Utah Steps Past Industry Standards)

2011 June6
Man struck and killed by light rail (Compton, CA)
A 20 year-old man was killed when he fell or jumped in front of a northbound Blue Line light rail train near the Del Amo Blue Line station at Santa Fe Avenue.

2011 April 10
Assault And Disturbance on a Light Rail Train (Denver)
Denver Police officers investigated an assault on a light rail train at 855 S. Broadway. No arrest was made.

2011 February 20
Authorities identify man killed by light-rail train (Minneapolis)
Authorities have identified the man who was struck and killed by a light-rail train in Minneapolis Sunday evening. George Freeman McPhail, age 74, was hit by a Metro Transit train traveling northbound just before 6:45 p.m.. Freeman was struck at the VA hospital LRT station at 5504 Minnehaha Avenue South. This will be the 8th fatal accident that has occurred on the Hiawatha line which began service June of 2004.

2011 January 31
Woman hit by Portland MAX train dies (Portland)
A woman has died after being hit by a MAX light-rail train in downtown Portland Friday night. The woman's cane made contact with the approaching train and she fell between two cars, TriMet's Mary Fetsch said Saturday. Emergency crews were called to the area of NW 6th Avenue and Davis Street, in Old Town, at around 9:30 p.m. They found the woman conscious but trapped by the train. She was taken to a Portland hospital, where she died Saturday morning.

2011 January 18
Truck Collides With Baltimore Light Rail Train (Baltimore)
A Baltimore fire spokesman says a truck and a light rail train collided in downtown Baltimore. Fire spokesman Kevin Cartwright says several passengers and the driver of the truck suffered non-life-threatening injuries in the collision Tuesday afternoon. The accident occurred in the 100 block of S. Eutaw St.

2011 January 13
Man's Leg Amputated After Apparent Metrorail Suicide Attempt (Miami)
 To save a man trapped underneath a Metrorail train, rescue workers amputated one of his legs. Police believe the incident may have been the result of a botched suicide attempt. The station at Douglas Road, where the incident occurred, was closed while police investigated.

2011 January 6
Light-rail death ruled a suicide (Seattle)
Seattle police said a 49-year-old man who died after he was struck by a Link light rail train in Seattle’s Industrial District on Thursday committed suicide. The man was hit by the light rail train at the intersection of South Holgate St and Fifth Av South.  He was thrown or possibly dragged 30 to 40 yards before the train could stop. Police said the light rail operator couldn’t stop in time.

2010 November 10
2 killed by Edmonton LRT train ID'd (Edmonton, Canada)
Family members and former classmates have identified the two teens struck and killed by an LRT train south of the Coliseum station Tuesday night as Jamie Kootenay and Delia Papastesis, both 19. They were hit by the train just after 8 p.m. Kootenay died at the scene. Papastesis was trapped under the train, and emergency crews spent almost an hour trying to free her. She died in hospital.

2010 September 17
Chicago Metra Chief Kills Self With Metra Train (Crystal Lake, IL)
Metra chief Phil Pagano  was hit and killed by a Metra train at 8am. His body was found with procedural instructions on handling Metra service disruption due to a suicide. He had been put on administrative leave due to the discovery of financial irregularities including misappropriating $475,000 in vacation pay and.a $56,000 bonus he gave himself.

2010 August 6
Fire on Light Rail (Cleveland)
An eastbound Red Line train caught fire sending 27 people to the hospital, after it left the West 65th Street station.

2010 July 8
Bicyclist Killed By Light Rail Train (Sandy, UT)
Michael Kody Wright, 32, was bicycling to a job interview when he was hit and killed by a northbound TRAX at about 8am. Utah Transit Authority spokesman Gerry Carpenter told KSL News, the train operator "was sounding his horn. He did go into emergency braking. These trains, even though they're traveling only 25 or 30 miles an hour as they're approaching the station, are still very large. They have a lot of inertia, and they just can't stop very quickly." Wright left behind a fiancé and a 9 year old son.

2010 July 7
Light Rail Train Runs Red Light; Hits Police Car (Long Beach, CA)
A southbound Metro Blue Line light rail train ran a red stop signal and crashed into a Long Beach Police car at Long Beach Boulevard and Pacific Coast Highway at 1pm. The police officer was hospitalized in stable condition after being treated for moderate injuries. Ten light rail train passengers were injured and taken to local hospitals.

Long Beach Police officers investigating the collision said they viewed onboard video from the southbound train as well as a train stopped on the northbound tracks. The videos show the police car and pedestrians crossing Long Beach Blvd. with a green light. The video from the southbound train shows a red light for southbound traffic and a stop signal for the train.

2010 March 28
Light Rail and SUV Collide (Los Angeles)
A Metro Blue Line light rail train hit a sport utility vehicle at 1234 E. Washington Av. at 12:15pm.

2010 March 23
1 hurt in light rail crash (Cockeysville, MD)
A light rail train conductor was taken to a trauma center after a crash with a tractor-trailer Tuesday morning in Cockeysville that disrupted service between Timonium and Hunt Valley. The accident happened about 9:20 a.m. According to Baltimore County police spokesman Mike Hill, a tractor-trailer heading north on Gilroy Road attempted to make a right turn against a signal into McCormick's Hunt Valley plant when a southbound light rail train struck the truck, pushing it down the tracks and splitting the truck's trailer in half. A gray Honda traveling behind the tractor-trailer was also caught in the collision. Hill said the intersection is not gated. The train operator was trapped for 25 minutes.

2010 March 15
Houston Light Rail Accident: Collision Injured 19 People (Houston)
A Houston light rail train collided with a metro bus at Main and St. Joseph Parkway in downtown Houston. A total of 19 people were injured. Police and metro officials are investigating the collision from video recordings. The Houston light rail collision happened at around 2:15 p.m. The northbound light rail train collided with the westbound bus on St. Joseph. The bus driver, light rail train operator, and 17 other passengers were injured the accident. Metro officials are carefully investigating the incident to determine if there is systematic or design flaws at the intersection. Six weeks ago on Feb 8, a light rail train hit a bus and derailed at the same location, injuring 12.

2010 Feb 8
Bus Derails Train (Houston)
A Metro light rail train collided with a Metro bus and derailed in downtown Houston, injuring 11 passengers and the bus driver. The northbound light rail train running on Main Street hit a westbound bus on St. Joseph Parkway at 3:30 pm. [video1, video2]

2009 December 26
Metro light rail train struck and killed man (Los Angeles)
Ramon Villanueva, 65, was killed by a Metro Blue Line train at 10:05am at the intersection of Long Beach Blvd. and Vernon Av. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

2009 September 20
Light-rail train hits car near Star Tribune building (Minneapolis)
A light-rail train hit a car in downtown Minneapolis Sunday morning, but the car's driver and passenger were not injured. The car's driver, Nate Becker of Sioux Falls, said he was coming down Fifth Street on the right side of the tracks and tried to make a left turn into the Armory . He did not realize there were train tracks and said he was unfamiliar with the area. Becker and a friend in the car were not injured.  One train passenger was taken away to be checked for injuries.

2009 September 16
Luas Tram Hit Dublin Bus, Injuring 21 (Dublin, Ireland)
A Luas light rail train collided with a Dublin #16 double decker bus at the intersection of Abbey and O'Connell streets. Twenty passengers and the train operator were injured, three seriously. A report from the Rail Accident Investigation Unit (RAIU) says the crash was caused by the train moving forward at the junction (despite signals not giving the go-ahead) due to a lapse in concentration of the Luas light rail train operator. This is the same intersection as the January 9, 2013 crash.

2009 September 7
Minneapolis Pedestrian Hit by Metro Transit Train (Minneapolis, MN)
A pedestrian was hit by a Light Rail train on Sunday night, about 10:30 p.m., on Hiawatha Avenue near 32nd Street East. Metro Transit Police and Minneapolis Police are still trying to determine why the man was walking so close to the tracks. The man suffered a leg injury. He was conscious and talking at the time he was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center.

2009 August 13
Hiawatha Light Rail Train Kills Pedestrian (Minneapolis)
The Hiawatha Line light rail train struck and killed a pedestrian at 1:35pm. The train was traveling at 50 mph. The operator made eye contact with the man before hitting him. Eye contact. Next time, try the brakes.

2009 August 3
Man in Mpls. Light Rail Crash Dies (Minneapolis)
A 22-year-old man involved in a light rail train crash in Minneapolis on Aug. 3 has died from his injuries. The Hennepin County Medical Examiner says Abdirahman Sharif Hirsi, of Minneapolis, died Saturday from multiple blunt force cranial injuries. According to Minneapolis Police, Hirsi attempted to move his vehicle around the stop arm across the track at 35th Street East and Hiawatha Avenue when the train collided with him.

2009 July 18 2:50pm
Two light-rail trains crash in San Francisco, injuring 44 (San Francisco)
Forty-four people were reportedly injured Saturday in a crash involving two light-rail trains at a boarding platform on San Francisco's west side. Authorities said three people were severely injured in the 2:30 p.m. crash as an L Line train rear-ended a K Line train at the West Portal Station. A San Francisco Police Department spokesman said none of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening. Witnesses said the westbound L train had just emerged from a tunnel that connects the downtown area with the city's western neighborhoods when it struck the second train. Both trains were fully loaded with passengers. Muni operators routinely switch trains from automatic (with safety buffers) to manual control before entering West Portal Station, a violation of Muni safety rules that may have helped caused the crash, a union official and a former light-rail train operator told the San Francisco Chronicle.  [Railroad Accident Brief 1104 for NTSB accident DCA-09-FR-010]

2009 July 5
Teens' Deaths On Light Rail Called Accident By MTA (Baltimore)
The two teens fatally struck Sunday near the Lutherville light rail station were hit as they walked in the middle of the tracks with their backs to a train, the Maryland Transit Administration has determined. MTA police made the judgment that the deaths were accidental after viewing video from the train that hit the pair about 2:55 p.m. Sunday, agency spokeswoman Jawauna Greene said Tuesday. She said family members were briefed by the MTA on that conclusion. At the time, the system was in two-way operations on one track because a train had been damaged earlier that afternoon; it had run into a highway guardrail that apparently had been placed on the northbound tracks. Greene said the boys probably thought the approaching train was using the other track. "When you hear a train coming from the southern direction you expect it to be on" the northbound track, Greene said, noting that trains travel 40 mph to 45 mph in that area. "It can lull you into a false sense of security." Still unexplained was how the operator of the train that struck the pair could have missed seeing them. Greene said the investigation is continuing.

2009 June 22
Washington Metro Red Line train collision (Washington, DC)
The Washington Metro train collision was a subway train-on-train collision between two southbound Red Line Washington Metro trains during the afternoon rush hour of June 22, 2009, in Northeast Washington, D.C. A moving train collided with a train stopped ahead of it; the train operator and eight passengers were killed, making it the deadliest crash in the history of the Washington Metro. Several survivors were trapped for hours, and approximately 80 were injured. [August 8, 2013 update - Responding to a Washington Post motion to unseal settlement agreements, U.S. District Court Judge Reggie B. Walton has ordered the release of the court documents. Alstom Signaling & ARINC are trying to stop the release of settlement amounts. October 21, 2013 update - Metro settled its dispute with the insurance broker Aon.]

2009 May 21 8pm
Metro Light Rail Drags Woman (Los Angeles)
A Metro Blue Line light rail train hit a woman at the intersection of Venice Blvd. and South Flower St., dragging her onto the 1500 block of S. Flower St. Firefighters found the woman trapped underneath one of the train cars. Firefighters removed her, and she was taken to California Hospital Medical Center with serious head injuries.

2009 May 21 2:30pm
Metro Light Rail Kills Man (Los Angeles)
A 55 year-old man trying to cross the tracks at the intersection of East 48th Place and Long Beach Av. was struck by a northbound Metro Blue Line light rail train. He was dragged by the train onto the 1600 block of East 48th Place and pronounced dead at the scene.

2009 May 8 7:14pm
Two Green Line Light Rail Trains Collide, 68 Injured (Boston)
Near the Government Center station, two green line Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) light rail trains collided at 7:14pm, injuring 68. The striking train operator, Aiden Quinn, was texting his girlfriend. [Railroad Accident Brief 1106 for NTSB accident DCA-09-MR-004] [The lawsuit of Samantha Mattei began May 21st and ended June 10, 2013 with a jury awarding $461,902. In 2012, a Scituate woman, Colleen Fyffe, was awarded $1.2 million. Nine of the 24 cases against the MBTA have settled for an average of $31,000.]

2009 February 8
Muni Light Rail Killed Bill Brand; Will Pay $900,000 To Widow (San Francisco)
Former Oakland Tribune journalist Bill Brand was struck and killed by a San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (Muni) light rail train at King and Second streets at 9pm. In a closed door session to settle the wrongful-death lawsuit on Tuesday, March 19, 2013, Muni agreed to pay Bill Brand's widow, Daryl Brand the sum of $900,000.

In a lawsuit filed in San Francisco Superior Court, Daryl Brand said Muni driver Anthony Harge had seen her husband in the crosswalk but "believed that Brand was stopping to yield to the train and, therefore, continued without slowing or signaling Brand of the train's presence." The light-rail vehicle hit Brand, knocking him into a light pole. He fell into a coma and died 12 days later.

2009 January 5
Crossing Arm System Failure, Pickup Hit By Light Rail Train (Tempe, AZ)
Tempe's new light rail system had its first design flaw and second accident. After less than ten days of operation, a Metro light rail train smashed into a white Chevrolet pickup truck full of furniture.The truck had stopped at a light-rail crossing on University Drive and McAllister Avenue. A light rail train passed. After the light turned green and the crossing arm rose, the driver drove through the intersection and was hit by a second train. The train smash the pickup truck and scattered furniture over the area. Here's video from the second train.

2008 September 19
Metro Light Rail Train Hits Bus, 14 Injured (Los Angeles)
A Metrolink Blue Line light rail train hit an out-of-service bus near the corner of Washington Blvd. and Griffith Av at 6am. The impact derailed the front train car and injured at least 14 people.

2008 September 12
Metrolink Chatsworth train collision (Los Angeles)
A Metrolink commuter train collided head-on with a Union Pacific freight train in the Chatsworth district of Los Angeles, resulting in the death of 25 people and 135 others injured, 46 of them critically. The Metrolink train ran through a red signal before entering a section of single track where the opposing freight train had been given the right of way by the train dispatcher. The NTSB faulted the Metrolink train's engineer for the collision, concluding that he was distracted by text messages he was sending while on duty. [Update: in February 2014, Metrolink installed a Positive Train Control system to prevent catastrophic crashes.]

2007 November 21
Light-rail train hits, kills man (Minneapolis)
A pedestrian was struck and killed by a light-rail train Wednesday afternoon in south Minneapolis. A northbound train hit a man at 2:45 p.m. at the 46th Street Station, Metro Transit Assistant General Manager Julie Johanson said. It's still unclear what led the man to be on the tracks, but officials said they believe all safety warnings were working at the time. The victim, who died at the scene, was not carrying identification, and as of Wednesday evening, officials said they were still trying to identify him. It was the second death at the 46th Street Station, and the fifth along the full line since light rail started running in 2004. In August 2006, a bicyclist was killed after crossing diagonally through the rail arms and flashing lights.

2007 June 8
Commuter falls to death between cars at LRT stop (Minneapolis)
Waiting passengers at the Franklin Avenue station tried to grab Evelyn L. Cotton as the 79-year-old woman stumbled and pitched forward toward the oncoming light-rail train Friday afternoon. But they couldn't stop her in time and Cotton plunged onto the tracks between two cars of the train headed downtown. The Minneapolis woman was run over and died at the scene. While police continue to investigate, it looks like Cotton simply lost her balance and stumbled about 1:30 p.m. as she walked toward the train, said Minneapolis police Capt. Mike Martin. "It clearly appears to be an accident," Martin said Friday afternoon. Her death is the fourth fatality involving a light-rail train since the Hiawatha line began operating in June 2004, and the first time a customer was killed, said Metro Transit spokesman Bob Gibbons.

2005 January 29
Paramedic Unit & Light Rail Crash, Train Derails Into Camera Store (Denver)
An RTD light rail train and a Denver Paramedic truck* (with lights and siren, responding to a call) crashed at 15th and California at 4:40pm. The light rail train derailed, ran the wrong way on a one-way street, hit four other vehicles, and smashed into a Wolf Camera store (1545 California Street). Six people were injured, including two paramedics and the driver of a car hit by the derailed train. Although the paramedic unit was responding to a call with its lights and siren on, the ambulance driver was ticketed for causing the crash. Wouldn't this be a design flaw that failed to yield priority to the emergency vehicle?

* Reports based on RTD information said it was an ambulance. Photographs showed a paramedic truck.

2005 January 26
MetroLink Glendale train crash (Glendale, CA)
A total of 11 passengers were killed in the collision of southbound Metrolink commuter train #100, a sport utility vehicle, a stationary Union Pacific freight train, and a northbound Metrolink train #901. Between 100 and 200 people were injured. In terms of casualties, the crash had the same death toll as the Bourbonnais train accident on March 15, 1999, making it the deadliest U.S. train crash in almost six years.

2005 January 2
Portland's light rail runs red light, smashes fire truck (Portland)
... with pictures (that's a compacted fire engine in the upper right)
A fire truck racing to someone's rescue was destroyed by a light-rail train in the Portland suburb of Hillsboro. The accident took place Sunday afternoon, January 2, and about 4:15pm. Several people were injured, including a firefighter and the train driver. Only ten to fifteen people were on board the two-car train (capacity = 300+) and most were uninjured. The fire truck, however, was apparently totaled. Though no photos are available, The Oregonian reports that the "entire back end of the fire engine was crushed and twisted like an empty soda can," totaling the nearly new $300,000 truck. One of the two light-rail cars also suffered severe damage after being derailed and smashing into a tree. Witnesses said that the tree probably saved a nearby home from destruction. Emergency vehicles and light-rail cars both have "signal priority," which means traffic signals change to accommodate them. Given a conflict, the emergency vehicles get priority over the rail cars. A follow-up story reports that the fire engine's signal system was working properly and officials speculate that the light-rail car was simply unable to stop for the red light. Even at a speed of just 15 miles per hour, say transit officials, a light-rail train can take 50 feet or more to stop.

2004 March 1
Light Rail Train Hits Car, Kills Woman, Severs Driver's Arm (Los Angeles, CA)
Abraham Tovar was driving his wife Sara and 9-year-old son Steven, when he made a left-hand turn at the intersection at Wilmington Avenue and Willowbrook Avenue East. Abraham Tovar did not see the flashing lights of the gate or hear the bells of the approaching train. Because of the angle of Willowbrook Avenue, the train operator did not see the Tovar car until it crossed the track, hitting it at 55 mph (despite the frequency of left-turns at that intersection). Sara Tovar died of her injuries, and the right arm of Abraham Tovar was severed. The Tovar lawsuit.

1999 October 5
31 Killed, 520 Injured in Paddington Crash (Ladbroke Grove, London, England)
Two passenger trains crashed due to operator and signaling errors. Here is the incident report & joint inquiry of train protection systems. One of the injured was Pam Warren (here is her book, From Behind The Mask). Paddington Survivors Group.

1902 September 3
Trolley Injures President Roosevelt, Kills William Craig (Pittsfield, MA)
Trolley Motorman Euclid Madden Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter
Hundreds of spectators witnessed the presidential carriage crushed by an electric trolley operated by motorman Euclid Madden and conductor James T. Kelly. The crash occurred on South Street near Howard Hill after 10am. The left side of the carriage was crushed, throwing President Theodore Roosevelt, Secret Service guard William Craig, secretary George Cortelyou, governor Winthrop Crane, and coachman David Pratt. President Roosevelt landed on his face, cutting his lip, bruising his cheek, and giving him a black eye. William Craig was run over by the trolley, the first Secret Service agent killed in the line of duty. Secretary Cortelyou had a severe head injury. An injured horse screamed until it was put out of its misery. Euclid Madden plead guilty and was jailed for manslaughter.

light rail

Video Compilation of Houston Light Rail Crashes
from Destroyed in Seconds & YouTube
"It's one of the most accident-prone light rail systems in the United States. The reason? All seven and one-half miles of it run on city streets..." (from 2009) [Houston had over 60 light rail train collisions with cars in 2004.]
Rail crossing & trespass fatalities rose in 2014 - Operation Lifesaver 3-11-2015 & Progressive Railroading 3-12-2015

2014 USA Today study of US Passenger Train Crashes

2009 Federal Transit Administration Study (FTA-CA-26-7007.2010.1) recommended "Collision Safety Improvements of Light Rail Vehicles Operating in Shared Right of Way Street Environments"
The study addressed light rail trains hitting cars and SUVs. The study recommended improved front and front-corner bumpers for light rail trains. The study did not address protecting pedestrians.

1998 Federal Transit Administration Study (FTA-VA-26-7004-98-1) "Event Recorders for Rail Rapid Transit Systems"

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reported in December 2011:
Rail fatalities increased from 742 in 2009 to 813 in 2010, with the majority at grade crossings, though deaths on light, heavy and commuter rail rose from 229 to 253. The NTSB reported in February 2015 that rail fatalities increased 6% from 840 in 2012 to 891 in 2013.

For injuries within light rail trains, the United States Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) reports:
National Transportation Statistics (Oct 2013) Tables 2-37, 2-36, & 2-34:
In 2011, light rail had 696 accidents with 766 injuries and 31 fatalities.
In 2010, light rail had 636 accidents with 730 injuries and 21 fatalities.
In 2009, light rail had 854 accidents with 918 injuries and 32 fatalities.
In 2008, light rail had 872 accidents with 950 injuries and 14 fatalities.
In 2007, light rail had 1,190 accidents with 838 injuries and 32 fatalities.
In 2006, light rail had 1,138 accidents with 659 injuries and 23 fatalities.
In 2005, light rail had 1,130 accidents with 618 injuries and 35 fatalities.
In 2004, light rail had 931 accidents with 633 injuries and 60 fatalities.
In 2003, light rail had 938 accidents with 539 injuries and 47 fatalities.
In 2002, light rail had 1,105 accidents with 557 injuries and 73 fatalities.
In 2001, light rail had 1,299 accidents with 1,201 injuries and 59 fatalities.
In 2000, light rail had 1,319 accidents with 1,338 injuries and 80 fatalities.

The Wikipedia page of International Rail Crashes - lists very few light rail crashes.


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